Dad Gets Brilliant Revenge After Coach Gives His Daughter “Good Job” Slap On The Butt

Never ever mess with a girl’s father. When it comes to the protection of one’s daughter, dads become more dangerous than others and that is the reason why daughters look upon their fathers as superheroes. Read the story of the coolest father on earth who screwed up the guy who tried touching his daughter’s butt.

The father was himself a coach and had decided that he would take a year off and would cheer his daughters who were players of the softball game. The actual coach, Steve, was a very much liked person in the town and had great terms with his players.

Being a regular audience to his daughter’s matches, the father noticed that Steve had started getting overly affectionate with the girls and that he would hug and pat them, which he would find really odd.


With all these things going on, in a fine match, the father noticed that the coach had slapped his daughter’s butt as a “good job pat” as she cranks a left field fence. The fatherly instincts knew that it was not a right thing that the guy did.


After the game ended, Steve was taken to a peaceful corner and was warned by the father that he should never do that butt slap thing again as he didn’t like it. The guy agreed but was again caught by the girl’s father doing the same thing a few days later. Raged, the father again warned the idiot coach from a distance to stop.

Steve, embarrassed in public, started bitching about the father’s behavior and told how insensible he was. To his shock, people were not by his side.

Steve had a Civic Centre and Little League running which usually gets a good donation from a club where the girl’s father was a member. That year, the donation to both these centers were declined which made the coach go mad and he spoke ill about the father and his daughters. The superhero dad also knew that the coach had a fraud case with these centers.

Pissed at the way the guy spoke about his daughters, the daddy knew what he had to do next. He wrote an anonymous letter to the FBI and told them everything about the missing receipts, ledgers etc. Within 3 months of FBI raiding in all local charity organizations, Steve, his daughter, and son were charged with fraud. The guys had over $80,000 over them. This supercool dad took the best revenge ever.

Read the whole story here

Please don’t slap my daughters ass from ProRevenge

This Man Posted Video Of ‘Haunted’ Hotel Room Online And People Don’t Know What To Think

Do you love watching and hearing about paranormal happenings? We normally derive a strange pleasure in getting scared. Many people enjoy going to haunted houses and watching scary movies as they trust that whatever they are watching is not real and hence that seems to be fun.

But, what happened with this man in the hotel room will surely give you goosebumps.

Frank Ramirez from Corpus Christi, Texas was shocked to observe a paranormal activity happening inside his motel room in Harlingen, Texas. He observed the objects in his room shifting and moving a little and hence he decided to record the strange occurrence.

He was lying on his bed watching CNN when suddenly the phone fell off its cradle and he had no idea how that happened.

Ramirez described in the video that the same thing happened a couple of times which prompted him to record the incident. Frank walked around the room describing the incidents happening which stunned him. The footage shows the phone flung from its hook, a clothes hanger thrown on the ground and a towel on the other side of the room swept by itself onto the floor.

Frank was terrorized by the presence of what he called “spirit” in his room and he repeatedly asked for the ghost’s name while opening the door for the invisible entity, asking it to leave.

When he called out several times and received no response, Ramirez believed that it had left the room and he finally shared the video over the social media.

The video shared over the social media has been viewed by 9.7 million users and some of them accused Ramirez of using a fishing wire for making the things move.

Another user decided to book the same room after watching the video and that ghost proved the skeptics wrong. The room was really haunting with television turning on, towel moving and even toilet getting flushed.

Watch the video Ramirez shared which had over 110,000 shares over the Facebook and tell us whether you think the ghost is real.

8 Most Insane Waterslides In The World

Water Slides are a great source for fun and also to beat the heat. They are fast, wet and wild and you don’t have to go far to find them. The greatest thing about these slides is that they come in different shapes and sizes. Some can be tall and straight while others can take you through several curves giving you a pleasant experience.

These are some of the craziest, coolest and innovative water slides in the world, that you can plan to visit.

The Summit Plummet water slide at Blizzard Beach in Walt Disney World has a high-speed, very intense water slide with a height of 120 feet and a top speed of around 50 mph (for kids) and 60 mph (for adults).

The world’s tallest water slide at over 130 feet as tall as a 14-story building will give you a great view of the Atlantic Ocean while you climb up there.

The feature of this slide is that it passes through a pool filled with sharks. The glass you pass through is strong enough to protect you from hungry jaws.

The rider on Kilimanjaro drops from a height of 164 feet, the second highest in the world and accelerate to a speed of 62 mph.

The two longest water slides are found in one amusement park. Wildebeest slide was opened in 2010, the record of the tallest slide was beaten by the opening of Mammoth slide in the same park.

The ride was built in 2012 and can give you an awesome experience doing a 360-degree loop on a water slide. You have to be really brave to take this ride.

This water slide is a part of the world famous Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin, USA and is spread in the 70-acre park. It is ten stories tall, 400-feet long, and the first drop will rocket you to a speed of more than 50-feet per second!

The Verrückt in Kansas City is the world’s tallest water slide at 168 feet high. It is as tall as a 17-story building with 264 steps to get to the top.

Have you been to any of above-mentioned water slides? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.

Beyonce’s Push-Up Bra Picture Has People Talking, While Jay-Z Enjoys The View

Celebrity couples are always followed by their lovable fans. The celebrities at times don’t realize, which of their public appearance or activity can become viral over the social media. Recently when Beyonce and Jay Z made a public appearance together, they didn’t even know that Beyonce’s outfit can get her trolled over the internet.

That Women’s Single Match was not the first or the last time when Jay was caught red-handed drooling for his wife.

On September 4th, 2016, when Queen B was celebrating her birthday with her loving husband at the Budweiser Made in America festival, people there witnessed that both were affectionate towards each other and were dancing near the stage.

One more lovable moment from back 2013 when the rapper husband surprised his wife with a kiss while she was performing at the Chime for Change Concert in London left everyone’s heart filled with sweet emotions.

And remember that moment when he put a ring again on the red carpet of 2014 Costume Institute Gala in New York and staged a mock proposal for the cameras to please his loving wife. He actually himself went on the knees and took Beyonce’s hand to slip on the lost ring back into the place.

On Thursday, the couple attended the second round of Women’s single tennis match where their really good friend, Serena Williams won two straight sets against Vania King. While the power couple was busy enjoying the match, people around the Lemonade star got little distracted by her well-structured chest.

Though she was adorning a beautiful pink dress over a sensuous push-up bra with white flowers over, it gave a little more pop attention than usual.

Although one would think that her husband Jay Z would be used to his wife’s curvy attributes, he was observed enjoying Beyonce’s choice of clothes.

So, guys what do you think it is? For me, it’s true love that the couple shared while being in the public. They actually appeared normal and looked madly in love.

Music makes beer taste better

The music played in a bar can impact how much you enjoy your drink. By Samantha Bradey,  Music can influence how much you like the taste of beer, according to a study published in Frontiers in Psychology.

Their findings suggest that a range of multisensory information, such as sound, sensation, shape and color, can influence the way we perceive taste.

The Brussels Beer Project collaborated with UK band The Editors to produce a porter-style beer that took inspiration from the musical and visual identity of the band.

The ale had a medium body and used an Earl Grey infusion that produced citrus notes, contrasting with the malty, chocolate flavors from the mix of grains used in production. This taste profile was designed to broadly correspond to The Editors latest album, ‘In Dreams’.

Then, a team of researchers led by Dr. Felipe Reinoso Cavalho, from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and KU Leuven, designed an experiment to see if the influence of music and packaging design would result in a more positive tasting experience.

They invited 231 drinkers to experience the beer in three different conditions.

The first served as a control group and drank the beer along with a bottle without a label. In this case, they didn’t listen to any specific song.

The second group, testing the influence of packaging, tasted the beer after seeing the bottle with the label.

The third group drank the beer presented with the label while listening to ‘Oceans of Light’, one of the songs on the band’s latest album which the beer was created to reflect.

Before the test the participants rated how tasty they thought the beer might be. Then after tasting they rated how much they had actually enjoyed the drink.

The results showed that those presented with the label and track reported both greater enjoyment than those presented with the beer and label alone.

Filipe said: “We have been able to see that people tend to feel more pleasure when experiencing beverages along with sounds that are part of the beverage’s identity.

“In this case, we have shown that people that previously knew the song that was used in the experiment, not only liked the multisensory experience of drinking beer more while listening to it, but they also liked the beer itself more.

“It seems that the added pleasure that the song brought into the experience was transferred into the beer’s flavor.”

Speaking about the next steps for this research Felipe said: “We want to keep assessing how sounds can modulate perceived flavor attributes of food and beverages, such as bitterness, sweetness, sourness and creaminess.

“We also want to understand how sounds can influence our decision making process, in order to see if different sounds could, for example, lead people towards healthier food choices.”

Research into the interaction of different sensory information on taste has opened up the way for food and beverage retailers to create a range of novel eating and drinking experiences.

“We believe that this is just the beginning;” said Felipe, “Next we will be able to work with other food and beverage types and progressively include other senses in this pairing process, such as vision, smells, touch.”

Read the full article in Frontiers in Psychology.

REPUBLISHING GUIDELINES: At Frontiers, open access and sharing research is part of our mission. Unless otherwise noted, you can republish our articles posted in the Frontiers blog – as long as you credit us with a link back.  Editing the articles or selling them is not allowed.

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This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others

In 2003, Rick Simpson healed himself of skin cancer using cannabis oil. This is the recipe he perfected and recommends to others seeking to heal holistically.

Someday, everyone will know the name ‘Rick Simpson’. Why? Because, according to sources, the man rediscovered the cure for cancer. After being diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer in 2003, Rick underwent conventional treatment and surgery. The Western method of ‘treating’ the issue, however, did little to benefit his condition. 

Getting desperate, Rick decided to do something drastic – at least in the eyes of the mainstream.

Rick remembered that thirty years prior, the University of Virginia discovered that cannabinoid in cannabis THC could kill cancer in mice. He figured, “If it works for mice, why not for me?” Therefore, began applying cannabis oil to his skin cancer.

He figured that if the oil didn’t help within four days, he would give up the practice. Amazingly, in just that short period of time, his cancer disappeared. That’s when Simpson knew he was onto something.

Simpson’s success inspired others to give cannabis oil a try as an alternative treatment for cancer. And guess what? The therapy has proven to be wildly successful for a wide variety of ailments.

In fact, even the U.S. National Cancer Institute recently admitted that marijuana kills cancer cells.

Because of such, the public’s perception of the herb as a medicine has changed drastically in recent years.

Which means, if you or someone you know is suffering from cancer, it might be the time you try out Rick Simpson’s personal cannabis oil recipe.

IMPORTANT: These instructions are directly summarized from Rick Simpson’s website. Be VERY careful when boiling solvent off, the fumes are extremely flammable. AVOID smoking, sparks, stove-tops and red-hot heating elements. Set up a fan to blow fumes away from the pot, and set up in a well-ventilated area for whole process.

Homemade Medicinal Cannabis Oil

By Rick Simpson

Start with one ounce of dried herb. One ounce will typically produce 3-4 grams of oil, although the amount of oil produced per ounce will vary strain to strain. A pound of dried material will yield about two ounces of high quality oil.

  1. Place the completely dry material in a plastic bucket.
  2. Dampen the material with the solvent you are using. Many solvents can be used. You can use pure naphtha, ether, butane, or 99% isopropyl alcohol. Two gallons of solvent is required to extract the THC from one pound, and 500 ml is enough for an ounce.
  3. Crush the plant material using a stick of clean, untreated wood or any other similar device. Although the material will be damp, it will still be relatively easy to crush up because it is so dry.
  4. Continue to crush the material with the stick, while adding solvent until the plant material is completely covered and soaked. Remain stirring the mixture for about three minutes. As you do this, the THC is dissolved off the material into the solvent.
  5. Pour the solvent-oil mixture off the plant material into another bucket. At this point, you have stripped the material of about 80% of its THC.
  6. Second wash: again add solvent to the mixture and work for another three minutes to extract the remaining THC.
  7. Pour this solvent-oil mix into the bucket containing the first mix that was previously poured out.
  8. Discard the twice washed plant material.
  9. Pour the solvent-oil mixture through a coffee filter into a clean container.
  10. Boil the solvent off: a rice cooker will boil the solvent off nicely, and will hold over a half gallon of solvent mixture. CAUTION: avoid stove-tops, red-hot elements, sparks, cigarettes and open flames as the fumes are extremely flammable.
  11. Add solvent to rice cooker until it is about ¾ full and turn on HIGH heat. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and set up a fan to carry the solvent fumes away. Continue to add mixture to cooker as solvent evaporates until you have added it all to the cooker.
  12. As the level in the rice cooker decreases for the last time, add a few drops of water (about 10 drops of water for a pound of dry material). This will help to release the solvent residue, and protect the oil from too much heat.
  13. When there is about one inch of solvent-water mixture in the rice cooker, put on your oven mitts and pick the unit up and swirl the contents until the solvent has finished boiling off.
  14. When the solvent has been boiled off, turn the cooker to LOW heat. At no point should the oil ever reach over 290 degrees F or 140 degrees C.
  15. Keep your oven mitts on and remove the pot containing the oil from the rice cooker. Gently pour the oil into a stainless steel container
  16. Place the stainless steel container in a dehydrator, or put it on a gentle heating device such as a coffee warmer. It may take a few hours but the water and volatile terpenes will be evaporated from the oil. When there is no longer any surface activity on the oil, it is ready for use.
  17. Suck the oil up in a plastic syringe, or in any other container you see fit. A syringe will make the oil easy to dispense. When the oil cools completely it will have the consistency of thick grease.For dosage information, you can check out more on Rick’s website.

Please share this article to spread the important information far and wide. With 1 in 2 people expected to develop cancer in their lifetime (in the UK), this information could be potentially life-saving.

Learn more about Rick Simpson and support his efforts by visiting his website. 

What are your thoughts? Please comment below!

This article,  Amanda Froelich,  (This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and  Image credit: Credit: / and MedicalCannabisSpain.

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Bees Prove They Are Highly Intelligent To Amazed Scientists [Watch]

Bee videos have been making waves on social media as people begin to realize that the tiny insects are actually much more intelligent than anyone has ever given them credit for–as smart as apes and birds apparently. Researchers at the Queen Mary University of London conducted experiments with bumblebees to test their intelligence and the little critters did not disappoint.

The experiments are usually used on apes and birds, but the bees’ quick learning showed for the first time that an invertebrate is capable of reacting in the same way in order to accomplish what they want.

We wanted to explore the cognitive limits of bumblebees by testing whether they could use a non-natural object in a task likely never encountered before by any individual in the evolutionary history of bees,” said Dr. Clint Perry, joint lead author and also from QMUL’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences.

In one experiment, scientists trained 23 out of 40 participating bees to use their legs and feet to pull a string to reach their food. The food was placed atop a small disc which was inaccessible because it was underneath a plastic covering. However, if the bees pulled the strings that were attached to the discs, they were able to pull the food out and eat it.

The training part of the experiment was crucial, researchers found, as only 2 out of 110 bees from a separate group that was not shown how to pull the strings were able to figure it out. Researchers allowed yet another group of bees observe the already-trained bees perform the task and 60 percent of them were able to learn it as well.

What’s even more fascinating is that the bees are able to pass this knowledge on to future generations. The researchers put the trained bees into colonies and the skills were spread successfully throughout the colony’s worker bees.

“Cultural transmission does not require the high cognitive sophistication specific to humans, nor is it a distinctive feature of humans,” said Perry.

In another experiment, the scientists essentially taught the bees how to play soccer by training them to move a ball to a certain location and then receiving food as a reward. The first group was first taught where the correct location was and then shown how to move the ball from elsewhere onto the location. Other bees learned under different conditions, such as with a “ghost” demonstration that didn’t involve a live or model bee showing them how to do it, but these attempts proved unsuccessful.

Joint lead author Dr. Olli J. Loukola, said: “The bees solved the task in a different way than what was demonstrated, suggesting that observer bees did not simply copy what they saw, but improved on it. This shows an impressive amount of cognitive flexibility, especially for an insect.”

With the population of bees dwindling rapidly, it’s important to make sure bees stay in the news, even if it is for something unrelated to their decline. Bees are extremely important for food production, wild habitats, and the environment and humans as a whole, and recognizing them for their great achievements and intelligence is crucial.

Watch the videos below to see the bees perform the “tricks” they learned.

What are your thoughts on the intelligence of bees? Please share, like, and comment on this article!

This article,  Brianna Acuesta,  (Bees Prove They Are Highly Intelligent To Amazed Scientists [Watch]) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and True Activist. Photo credit: Credit: Olli Loukola

A quick note from our founder-

Over the past year, my friend Dave at PaleoHacks has been working on a secret cookbook with world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu chef Peter Servold.

Well, today this new this new incredible Paleo Cookbook is finally available to be shipped right to your door for FREE

That’s right as a special launch promotion, we’re offering our brand new Paleo fat loss cookbook to you for free (Chef Pete lost 60 lbs using these recipes!) All you have to do is just cover a small shipping cost (international shipping is a bit more).

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Dog Owner Made Their Dog A Harry Potter Room Under Their Stairwell And Twitter Is Into It

People Love To Spoil Their Pets.

I don’t blame them either. Why shouldn’t you? However, this owner took his love for his dog and Harry Potter and combined it. The result was something else entirely.

A Twitter user by the name of Al Chris took to Twitter to tell us about how his brother designed a Harry Potter inspired bedroom under their stairwell for his beloved dog.

Twitter Was Obviously Loving It.

Some Resorted To Using Snoopdog Meme’s.

It Is Creative. Makes Me Wish I Thought Of It First.

So The Dog Never Feels Alone.

I Would Be Jealous Too.

Well, At Least It Is Cozy?

This Person Has The Right Idea!

Are you inspired now to make your pet the room they deserve? Because I know I am. Or do you already have an amazing room built especially for them?

This Guy’s Boss Ordered Him To ‘Overcharge Customers’ But He Took A Stand That Changed His Life Forever

This Man Took A Stand Rather Than Listening To His Boss’s Orders.

I know it can be very hard to do what you think is right while your boss say’s otherwise. However, a Reddit user told his story where his boss told him to overcharge customer.

He thankfully didn’t follow his ridiculous order and took a stand. What happened after was amazing. Just goes to show how a little encounter can change your life. His post is as follows.

He Was A Hard Worker.

I worked for a Midas garage, one week we got a new service manager, and up until that point we always inspected, estimated and sold our own jobs.This new guy wanted to inspect the cars and then check the estimates. Early on a Saturday morning, a girl in her 20’s with a baby came into the shop and said her brakes were making noise. I took the ticket, test drove the car, and then pulled it in the shop and then inspected the car.

Also, I found the LR brake shoe had gone metal to metal, i miked the drum, it was okay, wheel cylinders and springs,hardware all okay. I estimated the ticket, it came out about $150 to fix the car. I went to the new service manager and handed him the estimate, he went and looked at the car. He didn’t even take 30 seconds, and he said i needed to add wheel cylinders, hardware kit and 2 drums to the estimate.I told him all the parts he wanted to replace were okay, he said do it, i just shrugged my shoulders and walked away.

Then He Did Something Unexpected.

He went back to service desk, I walked into a completely crowded waiting area, stood in the middle and the room, and proceeded to tell everyone in the room, what the new service manager wanted me to do. I turned around and went to go get my truck to load my toolbox and leave.The service manager tried to stop me from loading my box on my truck. At the time about 5 customers came out and helped me lift the box into the truck, and then started streaming at the service manager.

They all wanted their cars put back together and taken off the lifts.It got so bad, one customer called the cops, the service manager called the owner.The cops and the owner showed up, i was putting the girls wheels back on, the owner came over to talk to me, i told him what happened and what i did.The owner went over to the service manager who was surrounded by all the pissed off customers, and fired him.I decided at that point i was still going to quit, because the owner was just acting, he told that service manager to do it. At that point, a few other techs were packing their shit up too.

He Did The Right Thing Standing Up.

As i was walking up my to truck to leave,The girl walked up to me, and thanked me. She asked if i knew another shop that could fix her car, i decided i would fix it myself, so we went to the parts store,got the parts, went to my house, and redid the brakes. Not to make this whole story even longer, That was in 1989, we’ve been married for 24 years now. That service manager, couldn’t get a job at any shop around. i still see him every once and awhile, gathering up the grocery carts


He seemed like a great and I am ecstatic that it ended well for him. Guess there are such things as happy endings in this world. Do you think if you were in his position, you would have done the same thing? Or would you have tried a different approach?

This Texas Woman’s Heartwarming Gesture To Fulfill A Promise To Her Dog Will Make You Cry

Relationships flourish with gestures of love and kindness towards each other.

Nothing is more beautiful than a loyal friend and dogs that happen to be our best friends so far. Their irresistible love and unparalleled loyalty are one of its kind.

And for all that love that we get from them, it’s just fair to put a smile on their faces with our proper attention and care.

A woman from Texas has a beautiful dog and they have share years of joys and cuddles together in Wisconsin.

The unfortunate part of it is that dog was diagnosed with cancer.

Spunky, once a pup, has all grown up through all those years of friendship and loyalty and was now slowly dying of cancer.

The Dodo

Their best memories were adventuring through the snow in winters and cuddling in frosty nights.

The Dodo

It’s really hard to say goodbye to your best friend but she knew just the perfect idea to farewell her beloved pal.

She decided to bring the good old day’s frosty adventures in Spunky’s life just one last time. The problem was that in summers it’s just impossible to have snow in screeching hot Texas.

However, the dog owner was determined to do anything to put a smile on her dying friend’s furry face. Together, with the help of some residents, she rented a snow machine for her best pal and lo and behold!, its start snowing in Texas right under the blazing sun.

The grin on her dying dog’s face was worth all the efforts put in.

Here is the full video where you can see Spunky enjoying his last winters.

Every single gesture of love no matter how small or big it may seem brings about the real joys of life, strengthen our relationships and create the everlasting memories.

And every bit of effort of putting a smile on our loved one’s face is totally worth it. We would love to know your thoughts about this heartwarming farewell the dog owner arranged for her dying friend.