Crushing Batteries With Hydraulic Press Is EXTREMELY dangerous.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve got you these crazy experiments! So, before we begin with the experiment, let me tell you that it’s obnoxious and you should never try this at home given that it’s also fatally dangerous!

So, the experiment shows what happens when you try to crush batteries with the hydraulic press! Starting from the normal AA batteries, this experiment has gone up to some very powerfull LiPo batteries. It is only been demonstrated to caution you of the extremely dangerous impact and in no way, it is meant for fun. So, you should never get fascinated with such stuff and try it out yourself!

The video shows how on crushing the batteries, they explode to cause fire all around which if left unmediated can cause serious harm to everything in its vicinity.

Here’s the entire video of different types of batteries being crushed under the hydraulic press demonstrating the catastrophic impact as well. So, be safe and don’t try this yourself!

Here Are Some Deep Dark Secrets About Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg And Elon Musk

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk,  the three true kings of the innovation and technology in the contemporary world are very well admired for their hard work and successful careers! But well, they’re human indeed! They also had their share of difficulties in their life which they had overcome to reach where they belong! With no intention of malice or defamation, we have here brought some of the craziest stories from their life thinking it might interest some of you!

Steve Jobs

Where to begin, I don’t know! We must not speak ill for the dead ones, but we’re just telling you the facts, so be it! Steve Jobs, an American entrepreneur, businessman, inventor, and industrial designer, as we know him, was also infamous as an idea thief who stole and patented concepts and features at every opportunity he got!

One of the many vilifying things that he has done in his lifetime includes abandonment of his own daughter, Lisa! He was 23 when he denied any part in Lisa’s birth, spending over two years while denying paternity. He said that “He couldn’t be Lisa’s father because he was ‘sterile and infertile, and as a result thereof, did not have the physical capacity to procreate a child.” Later, however, he improved his relationship with her.

Another of his condemnable act was his deceit to Wozniak over Atari Game Breakout that both of them created together after working for four continuous days! Wozniak was given his half due $350 cut as promised. But decades later, Wozniak got to know that Jobs was paid $5,000, and not $700! Upon hearing this, Wozniak reportedly broke down in tears.

Mark Zuckerberg

His story came into the limelight when “The Social Network” was released. Apparently, Mark stole the idea of Facebook from his friends and conveniently got rid of them when they served no purpose. He has been ordered to pay huge sums to his friends by the court for his act of deceit.  At one instance, he also said his much-quoted phrase, “You can be unethical and still be legal; that’s the way I live my life.”

This statement is his life mantra, as he has been accused of using Facebook login details to read private emails. He has also been charged with hacking a rival social network site to vandalize social profiles and break their searching tools.

Elon Musk

His flaws are very blatantly described by Ashlee Vance, a business columnist’s, comprehensive biography on Musk: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future. He has given various insights on the ultra obsessive behavior of Musk at the work and how he never took “NO” for an answer no matter what the situation is! He is known to be severely uncompromising and demanding while forcing his employees to work long hours so that he could mint profit out of them! Vicious, I must say!

What do you have to say about all these not so famous truths about the tech giants?! Let us know in the comments below!

These Pictures Of Hong Kong’s Coffin Like Rooms Will Leave You In Distress

Most of us often crib about not having individual rooms at our houses, or the backyard at our home or may be a larger kitchen area! We always aspire for better and bigger homes and are almost never thankful that we’ve got a roof over our head without much hassle! However, I am sure this one post is going to change your views over most problems in your life, it will show you how trivial they are actually!

In the underdeveloped countries, most people are forced to live in obnoxious slums where you wouldn’t leave even your pet for an hour let alone you trying to live there! You may imagine a tiny trailer house as a rather difficult place to live, but even the thought of these coffin cubicles of Hong Kong will convince you to be thankful for your blessed life.

So, take a look at the reality called life in the underdeveloped parts of the world!

Doesn’t it make you creep?

Everyone craves for a roof on the head even if it’s as small as a coffin!

In the wealthy state of Hong Kong, over 20000 people are forced to live in such distressed conditions because they can afford only this little space!

Legally, the property is so expensive that people are forced to live in these tiny flats which are illegally divided into spaces as small as 20 square feet.

The houses measuring around 120 square feet which are just slightly bigger than this coffin cubicle can cost the inhabitants around $580 in rent and utilities.

Most of these cubicles do not even have the space enough to stretch out the legs without messing up the other things!

It is indeed distressing to see all this!

Think of them before cribbing over your home next time!

What do you have to say about this? Let us know in the comments below!

9 Comics That Depict The Non-Cheesy Side Of Love and Keeping It Real Af

Love isn’t all a romantic Hollywood fantasy. For instance, if you’ve ever been to the Eiffel Tower, the first visit is ecstatic. But, the 3rd or 4th visit isn’t quite the same. Same goes for love. As the time passes, you start to notice the cracks in the sidewalk.

24-year old illustrator, Tuna Dunn, living in Bangkok, Thailand, created comics that show love at its realest.

1. The moment when you finally reveal your no makeup look.

2. In sickness and health.

3. In the absence of high heels.

4. The non-cheesy side of love. 

5. Trying to lose weight while in a relationship.

6. Speaking of your ex….

7. Parting ways. 

8. ……….

9. Endless Love.

9 Brain Itching IQs And Riddles With Answers For Kids And All

Our brain is one of our most vital organ of our body. So, it is important to keep our brain muscles healthy. Just like our body our brain, too needs some exercise. Activities that are new and complex are good brain exercise.

Here we have consolidated some amazing IQ questions and riddles, which are bound to force you to wear your thinking cap.

Question: What do you call a bear that doesn’t have any ears?

Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 12.35.55 PM


Answer – The answer would be the letter ‘B’. When you take ear from the word Bear, all you are left with is the letter “B”.Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 12.37.12 PM


Question: Which of the following statements is correct ‘9 and 5 is thirteen’ or ‘9 and 5 are 13’?

Answer- Neither is right. 9 and 5 equal 14. This was a mathematical question and it was not based on grammar.

Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 12.38.55 PM

Question: What always stays hot even if you put it in the fridge or the freezer?

Answer –  Guessed it yet? It’s Hot Pepper. You are not going to get rid of a hot peppers heat even in the fridge.

Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 12.43.16 PM

Question: Imagine you have a drawer of socks. In that drawer, you have 4 black socks, 8 brown socks, 2 white socks, and 8 tan socks. There is no light and you are unable to see. How many socks would you have to pull out in order to get a match?

Answer – Since there are only 4 different colors to choose from, you would only need to take 5 socks out.

Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 12.46.11 PM

Question: Can you think of a word that is only seven letters long, but can be rearranged to spell at least 10 other words?

Answer – The word is ‘Therein’. This word can be rearranged to create the words there, here, in, rein, ere, here, he, her, herein, the.

Question: The more you take away from this, the bigger it becomes. Do you know what it is? Too bad it’s not a bank account.

Answer-Answer you are looking for is a hole. Don’t believe me? Just take the dirt away from a hole long into the night and the hole will only get bigger and bigger.

Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 12.54.02 PM

Question: There are many different types of stones in the world, some of them even travel around in the oceans and rivers. However, there is one type of stone that you will never find in the water. Do you know what it is?

Answer- A dry stone can never be found in water since, when they touch the water they immediately become wet.

Question: Can you think of a word that would still sound the same even if you removed the first, middle, or last letter from the name?

Answer – It is EMPTY. In case, you take away the E, P, or the Y, the word can still be pronounced. For instance ‘MT’ still sounds like the full word and so does ‘EMPT’ if you put emphasis on the T.

Question: Imagine you’re in a room with no doors and no windows. All that you have is a table and a mirror. How can you escape?

Answer- You look in the mirror and see what you saw, then you take the saw and cut the table in half. Two halves make a whole, so you put the hole on the wall and climb out.

Close Encounters of 11 Huge Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

While watching a movie, we are so engrossed in it that we miss out on some specific details. But, there are few people out there who are keen observers, having a very good imagination. They tend to examine and dissect every single frame in the movie.

In this article, you can check out some of the mistakes from few famous movies, which you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.


Remember the scene when John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson mark Mia Wallace chest with a magic red pen marker in order to give her the adrenaline shots? So, just after the shot the red mark magically disappears.


In The Curse of the Black Pearl installment, there is crew member seen in the background of a scene, wearing sunglasses and a white Tee- shirt instead of a costume.



This epic movie had one of the stormtroopers clumsily bang his head on the door frame while breaking into the control room.  Although, there was a thump added to match the bump in the DVD version of the movie.


This movie has a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio makes a request for 10 chocolate chip cookies. This movie was set in 1928, and cholate chip cookies were invented only two years after that.



While Edward Cullen sparkles when exposed to the sun, he doesn’t do so in the last scene of the movie when Edward and Bella are sitting in the sunny field.


This movie has a scene where Dorothy and Scarecrow are fighting with the trees, Scarecrow says “I’ll show you how to get apples” and he gets hit by the apples. But, in the very next scene, you can see Dorothy wearing black sandals instead of her ruby shoes.


There is a scene in this movie where Jack tells Kate a story about how he and his father once fished in Lake Wissota. Unfortunately, this lake was formed only after a dam was built in 1917, i.e 5 years after the Titanic sank.


“Battle of Carthage” in the Colosseum, has one of the chariots turn over, during which, after the dust settles down one can observe a gas cylinder in the back of the chariot.


This movie had Mel Gibson playing the part of William Wallace in1300’s. However, the character William Wallace wears kilts in the movie which was not invented until the 16th century.


In one scene this rebellious girl gets herself a new tattoo, which magically disappears during her prom scene.


The lamp in one of the scenes has an electrical wire coming out of it. But, since electricity was not available at homes back then, this seems all wrong.


Noticed any other interesting mistakes from other movies? Do share them in our comment section.



17 Annoying Things That Every Girl Has To Deal With

No songs, movies or even speeches can define the essence of being a woman. While there is still a big raging debate happening on feminism, one cannot expect change from the world overnight. Being born a girl puts you on a different side of the spectrum, where some situations can be only dealt by a girl.

Let us now check some hilarious, embarrassing and cringe worthy moments every girl has to deal with.

If you haven’t broken into your shoes at home, you are going to endure a f***ing painful walk with those blisters on your feet for a company.

 walking walk stone sharon sharon stone GIF



When your thighs stick to the chair and it feels you are losing a layer of your skin when you stand up again.

K. Michelle stand up kmichelle mindful mitv GIF


The trauma of accidentally burning yourself with a straightener or a curler.



Be ready to pull a fistful of hair along with your hair ties when they get tangled with them.

 pain tears the girl who leapt through time GIF



Having a residual wet pee in your underwear all day, when there is no toilet paper to use while peeing.


You can as well get stabbed in the boobs than, have an underwire wedged into you, which popped out from the bra.


The pain of attacking that hair with those tweezers. Ouch! Ouch!

 girl black and white sad black alone GIF



Taking a dry tampon out is a dirty business. It just grosses you.


When you have an important event and a thick, spiky hair has popped out of your chin.

 girl crying pretty little liars pll pain GIF


When you are in public, the dilemma to behave like a lady when your pubes get itchy.

Aurelie Pollet dance girl twinpeaks audrey horne GIF


Pulling out hair from your buttcracks after the shower.


The under boob sweat in summer keeps the girls away from wearing sweat staining clothes.

 dancing girl missy elliot GIF


The need to peel those thongs out of the butt cracks, everytime you use the bathroom.

 beyonce girls GIF


When you are almost done with makeup, but poke your eyes with the mascara wand. Result- eye waters ruin makeup!

 sad girl GIF


Feels like you are getting a bikini wax everytime the sticky side of the pad, folds up to your pubes.


Having a stray hair would to your toes is not at all pleasant.


When you are just getting about your business, your underwear shifts having one of your labia pop out and rub up against the crotch of your clothes.

 struggle GIF


Share your views on this in the comment section.




9 Inventions that would transform our lives

Necessity may be the mother of all inventions, but imagination is certainly the father. Likewise, there is an onset of a new world filled with technology which, we were only privileged to see in sci-fi movies.

Check out these amazing inventions which are revolutionary.

Although this tool resembles a prosthesis, its purpose is not to replace the missing limbs but, to further expand human abilities. The tool designed by Royal College of Arts alumnus Dani Clode is controlled by senses which can be built in a shoe. It efficiently helps in holding various devices.

A bag which would clear unwanted odor and germs with a press of a button. This smart bag takes about 35 minutes to complete this task and uses ultraviolet light and ozone to do this. This Paqsule can be controlled by iOS and android apps alike and has about 20 features.


This machine has combined features of a treadmill and water aerobics which would help people to loose weight. This can be used in different modes like spa, etc. And this can be installed even at homes.

This gadget toothbrush helps in cleaning teeth in ten seconds. This comes with a mouthpiece, a handpiece, and a toothpaste capsule and can be operated by iOS and Android app to set different vibration modes and cleaning times.

This backpack comes with hidden zippers, secret pocket and made up of extra-strong waterproof fabric that is hard to cut. The USB charging port, a luggage strap, and illuminating safety stripes make this the perfect anti- theft backpack.

This sleep apnea controlling device generates air pressure inside the inhalation vent so that the patient can breathe evenly and without stopping while sleeping.

Image result for Airing Micro-CPAP


With a hit of a button this lightweight, waterproof, and breathable sweater will heat you up in 10 seconds. Available for both men and women this is ideal for skiers, runners, and fans of cold weather walk.

This device will save you a trip to the dentist. Just take a picture of the teeth using this MTG dental camera and send it to your dentist through a special mobile app. the dentist will diagnose the condition and decide if it requires making an appointment.

This synthetic mouth was constructed by engineers at Kagawa University, Japan, and contains silicone windpipe, vocal chords, tongue, and even a nose, which has a crucial impact on how we talk. It can even produce sounds and pronounce some words. Although the use of it is yet to be known, this synthetic mouth is able to teach itself through the sounds it hears and produces.


What did you think of this article? Please share your opinions in the comment section.

No, that’s not a roller coaster! It’s a bridge in Japan

Roller coasters are fun and more fun if you experience them on a real road.Imagine sitting in your own car and experiencing a roller coaster ride, with your heart in your mouth and guts flying away. Freaked out? Thinking about what actually is going on?

Then continue reading about Japan’s Eshima Ohashi Bridge, a bridge known to be the scariest among all bridges in the world.

The bridge, because of its scary steep look, has been given the name, “The Roller Coaster Bridge” by many. Its construction was started in 1997 and it was finished in 2004. It is said that even the most confident drivers get chills before riding over this scary beauty.


The bridge seems to be like a steep bridge and you’d feel as if your car would fall down and that you would have no control over it. It is actually 1.7 km long and 11.4 m wide, making it the third-largest rigid frame bridge in the world and the first largest in Japan which spreads a mile over Lake Nakaumi. It connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato.


The bridge’s look about being scary is all about perception and photography. Though it seems to be a steep bridge, it actually isn’t that dangerous. The pictures are taken from a straight angle making it look like a steep bridge but if you look at the picture from a side-angle, you’ll know it is like an ordinary bridge with a relatively steep incline and is not that dangerous. Engineering marvel it is. Such a beauty!


The reason behind constructing a tall bridge of 44 m tall was so that the large ships could easily pass underneath. It has a gradient of 5.1 on Tottori Prefecture side and 6.1 on Shimane Prefecture side making it a safe bridge to ride on. So, do make this bridge in “Things To Do Before You Die” list and do tell us about that experience.

This Is What Happens When You Eat Celery Every Day For A Week – I Had No Clue

When we talk about superfoods we often tend to miss out one little marmite like food, Celery, despite its nutritional and medicinal benefits.

But, we are here to tell you about the reasons why you should eat it and we are sure you will love it going forward.

Celery is one of the foods that don’t taste so well and that is the reason why we often miss out including this on our plates when there are sandwiches, chicken wings etc present in the party.

But, if you get to know the benefits of eating celery, then you will not ignore this food next time.

It was recently found that celery can whiten your eyes, make them look brighter and more youthful.

Eating one large stalk of celery delivers up to 10% of your daily need for Vitamin A, which is necessary for preventing age-related degeneration of vision. So, why not try out this vitamin-rich food?

There are other numerous benefits of consuming this food. For example, celery also helps with bloating. It also reduces blood pressure and not to worry about calories as it is just 10 per stick.

If you have high cholesterol, then just two stalks of celery will bring it down by 7%.

You know water is good for your body and celery contains more water content which will also improve your digestive system.

Still not motivated as why you should eat Celery? Here is one of the most important benefits of eating Celery, and that is Weight Loss. The water content keeps you full and you tend to avoid fattier foods.

Athletes and others mostly consume it to remain energetic and retain more water in the body. Along with maintaining a balanced diet, celery also helps in maintaining regular PH levels.

If you thought you have heard all about this green stick, let us tell you that it also helps improve your love life. You can also make celery juice and have it anytime.

Hope you liked the article. Don’t delay and hop onto your nearest grocery store for that celery bunch.