10+ People Who Did Horrible Experiments With Food And You Would Be Lucky If You Can Scroll Down Without Barfing

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen.

I get it, people have weird tastes in food sometimes. But it can’t be “Pop tart and cheese sandwich” weird. It just can’t.

But once you’re on the Internet, you’ll see all sorts of people doing crimes against food. Try not to barf seeing these “experiments”:

#1 Who COOKS cereal?

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#2 Chocolate and cheese. No. Just no.

via Twitter: @h_xxda 

#3 Chocolate mac and cheese.

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#4 Make it stop!

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#5 You’re lying. You did NOT drink milk with ketchup.

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#7 Oh, how the tables have turned.

via Twitter: @lykebutts 

#8 No, please.

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#9 Hell food: CANDY CORN ON PIZZA.

via Twitter: @therealasswolf 

#10 Looks like a desert.

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Anti-LGBT Lawmaker Caught Making Out With A Man In His Office, Resigns And Irony Just Committed Suicide

Wes Goodman has resigned.

We may want to think he resigned because he could finally see where he was wrong and how he should not have tried to ruin other people’s lives. In reality, however, he is just a hypocrite and apparently a cheater.

As he was caught having sex with a man, cheating on your partner is bad enough. What puts the cherry on the top is the fact that he was also an Anti-LGBT Lawmaker.

Rosenberger later confronted him about his ‘inappropriate behavior’ which led Goodman to resign officially.

Brad Miller, Rosenberger’s spokesman, explains that the ‘interaction’ was wholly consensual and it didn’t indicate any kind of sexual harassment.

Some claim that there is also video proof.

Apparently ‘natural marriage’ didn’t apply to him.

His campaign is literally about bashing the LGBT community and promoting ‘strong Christian values’. It has since been removed.

Healthy, vibrant, thriving, values-driven families are the source of Ohio’s proud history and the key to Ohio’s future greatness.

The ideals of a loving father and mother, a committed natural marriage, and a caring community are well worth pursuing and protecting.

He apparently wants privacy and yet always liked to butt into other people’s lives and how they lived it.

He has, however, issued an apology and wanted privacy for him and his family. I don’t think that apology is going to do him any good.

Photographer Captured Pictures Of Her Friends In 2000 And 2017 Depicts How People Age Differently

Time doesn’t stop for any of us.

The only thing we can do is try to stay with it and not lag behind. Photographer Josephine Sittenfeld wanted to highlight the change time can bring. So in 2000, she created portraits of her college classmates and then re-created them in 2017. The difference was huge and yet subtle at the same time.

Sittenfeld was a junior at Princeton University. She had photographed her friends on medium-format film in 2000. The shots, however, ended up collecting dust in her parents’ closet.

Last spring though, as her fifteen-year college reunion was approaching, she remembered the old photos and decided to recreate them during the reunion.

#1 Sophie.

Via Josephine Sittenfeld

#2 Ann.

Via Josephine Sittenfeld

#3 Jess.

Via Josephine Sittenfeld

#4 Katie and Amanda.

Via Josephine Sittenfeld

#5 Chris.

Via Josephine Sittenfeld

#6 Josephine.

Via Josephine Sittenfeld

#7 Ethan, Ellie and Christina.

Via Josephine Sittenfeld

#8 Chris, Connor, Sam and Seth.

Via Josephine Sittenfeld

#9 Craig, Denise, Amy and Jess.

Via Josephine Sittenfeld

#10 Olympia.

Via Josephine Sittenfeld

Comics Sum Up The Difference Between Harry Potter Books & Movies & They’re Hilariously Legit

There’s a lot of difference between the movies and the books.

While it irritates a lot of fans, the more mature ones understand that it’s inevitable. A book can take a week to finish, maybe longer for some, whereas a movie is done in one sitting. There’s just not enough time to cram that much in such a small sitting.

But despite that, there are bits and pieces that even the more lenient fans will have trouble forgiving. Brought to you by George Rottkamp and Andrew Bridgman of Dorkly, these little comics are here to ruin your day!

Source: Dorkly and Dorkly.

#1 Harry’s eyes.

#2 Ghosts.

#3 Ginny.

#4 The Goblet of Fire.

#5 The Half-Blood Prince.

#6 Neville Longbottom.

#7 Peter Pettigrew.

#8 The Prophecy.

#9 S.P.E.W.

#10 St. Mungo’s

10+ Simple Yet Brilliant Comics That Take Surprisingly Hilarious Turns We Didn’t See Coming

I’m pretty picky about art styles.

I either like art that’s incredibly detailed, or just barely there. Super minimalist. Even my taste in tattoos is similar. And with comics, there’s only so much you can do. You earn a following by having an endearing but simple style, and consistency. Well, Shanghai Tango is an artist that creates black and white comics that are both thought out and super simplistic.

Like the style or hate it, you can’t deny that the person behind these comics is a creative and inventive genius.

Source: Shanghai Tango

#1 In a while, crocodile.

#2 Bird art.

#3 Guitar cat.

#4 CATM.

#5 Fantasy chairs.

#6 Champagne fizz.

#7 NIKE showdown.

#8 Bone dog.

#9 Tanning.

#10 Crime scene.

#11 Weight loss.

10+ Ex Husbands Reveals When It Was Finally Enough For Them, Grab Popcorn

If you’ve wondered how far a man has to be pushed before they say enough,

Then this article will answer it for you. Most divorce stories online are because of something scandalous or heartbreaking, like cheating or falling out of love. And it’s often from the female perspective too, so these stories are extremely eye opening. These are stories of men who have been through something devesating, and there’s no way you can read these without feeling for them.

These were shared on Reddit, and almost none of them have a happy ending. Divorces aren’t exactly Disney endings. They’re agony, and legal court systems favour women, with the wife getting custody of the children 84.4% of the time where the husbands become ATMs to provide child support checks regullarly.

Get popcorn, get tissues, because this is going to be an emotional ride.

Source: Reddit

1. Affairs.

“She let me know she was pregnant and wanted my permission to tell all her girlfriends during a girls’ night out.

Since I knew there was no possible way it was my child, she was also unknowingly admitting to having an affair. I can do math and deduce, and she clearly couldn’t. It was with her boss.

Lawyered up the next day, and he ate her alive in court. I got primary custody of our child we already had, and child support, and a sheriff’s notice that she had to vacate my home in 30 days.

I never knew she could be that dumb.”

2. The abusive mom wins custody.

“I always refused to raise my voice during arguments, which usually made her crazier and scream louder. After one such argument, during which our 3-year-old daughter was playing upstairs, she started coming down at the same time her mother was storming up the stairs like a child of comparable age. Our daughter was in the way and her mother got in her face and screamed, ‘GOD, I FREAKING HATE YOU, MOVE!’

Of course, my daughter came to me, hurt. That was the moment I decided it was over.”

3. Thanksgiving.

“We were already not speaking. It was Thanksgiving. I knew she wasn’t going to bother, but I made a turkey and whatever goes with turkey for my then 8-year-old daughter. I had the turkey out on the counter to rest after roasting.

My beloved bride walked in, calmly threw the turkey in the kitchen trash can, and walked out.

I had to take my kid to freaking Golden Corral for Thanksgiving. That was it. I was done.”

4. Afghanistan.

“When, after being in Afghanistan for 8 months (May ’02-Nov ’02), she was missing, but had my car, I found two random women, with kids and pets, living in the apartment I paid for, the electricity cut off, had no money in my bank account, a pay advance authorized by my commander, and a friend telling me to go easy on her because she was 5 months pregnant with HIS kid.

OH! And he had had heart surgery to remove some kind of cysts from his heart just before I left. He was 23, had a pacemaker, and basically half a heart. If I scared him, he could die.

I’d say that was the moment.”

5. Narcissist.

“Besides the narcissism, random violence and violent outbursts, it was her strange punishments. Her last one doomed her. My crime? I forgot milk on the way home from work so she didn’t talk to me, not one word, for a week. PURE BLISS, for a week. When she asked if I was ready to apologize, I handed her the divorce papers.


‘Because you rob me of solitude, but provide me with no companionship.’”

6. Abused for years.

“I endured a physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive relationship for over six years with my first wife, four of which we were married. There were many, many instances that should have caused our marriage’s demise.

The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, though, was eight days after I had major oral surgery. Due to a freak medical occurrence, I had to have 28 teeth cut out and two holes drilled into my sinus cavities from top of the back of my gums.

She and I were in a grocery store parking lot, and I asked her not to start an argument in the store because it’s a small town and I was so tired of being ‘those people.’ Her reaction was to backhand me in the mouth. Six times.

Or at least, I counted six times because I’m pretty darn sure I lost consciousness. I just remember waking up when we were pulling into our driveway while she was freaking out because my face was against the window and blood was coming from my mouth like a fountain.”

7. Thankless.

“Not me, but one of my best friends. He got a pretty substantial year end bonus from work. He decided to use most of it for his wife’s Christmas gift and pay off her remaining student loans (~$14,700).

Christmas morning (he was nice enough to let me stay at his place when I traveled for work, as he lived 20 minutes from the airport) we all woke up and had breakfast. His family and her parents came over and we started exchanging gifts.

Besides paying off her loans, he had gotten her a few times items. She opened the card saying her loans were paid off she just sat there for a minute. After the silence, and assuming she was kinda in shock, she asked, ‘Did you seriously not get me anything else? I bought you that stupid keyboard (the wrong one, btw) and you only got me a few things?’

At that point, his brother-in-law and myself decided to go hang out in another room for a while they ended up getting into a huge fight. A day later, when he was dropping me off at the airport, he told me that he was going to visit a lawyer and get a divorce.”

8. Bisexual wife.

“She woke me up in the middle of the night to grab the extra blanket off the bed. I expected to find her disgruntled on the couch alone the next morning. I found her in the guest bed with another woman- both naked. No forewarnings or clue-ins. Just despondent betrayal.

I woke her for answers and got a whole lot of mumbles. Decided to split for ‘space.’

That weekend, we both ended up at the same bar on the same dance floor. I thought she’d followed me there to make amends. She’d brought the same girl and completely ignored me when I called out to her. When I walked up to her, she pretended I was a stranger…I told her I’m not going to play any games and didn’t know what was going on. She said she didn’t want to be married. I gave her the ring back and went to tell my friends goodbye that night. I didn’t want to tell them why, I felt so embarrassed.

She saw me talking to my friends and decided to make out in front of us with her new woman directly on the dance floor eight feet away from where I stood while everyone stared.

Looking back now, I realize she probably was scared to come out. I can give her credit for that. But she was an awful person for the way she did it and for never having the courage to say to my face whatever she was feeling. I thought we were best friends. I thought we were going to be together forever… She asked me to marry her.

Now I’m just grateful for not being with a liar and a coward. I’ve made a fresh start. Sold everything. Traded my entire wardrobe and style to feel like I’m in a new life. Sure, I’ve lost more money than I ever thought imaginable. And the dog… I just keep optimistic that I’ll find someone who deserves my time. I don’t focus on the past and I have faith in God and the future.

Whoever I marry next will be grateful for a man like me and loyal. But until then I’m gonna enjoy the single life again and just play.”

9. Wes Coast.

“We met and spent the first seven years of our married life on the West Coast, then moved East. Five years later, I took a job back on the West Coast, but it was the middle of the school year, so I went out ahead and lived on my own until everyone could join me.

Things hadn’t been very good between us for a while, but I hadn’t articulated it to her—or even myself—beyond vague feelings of dissatisfaction.

One weekend, out there on my own, I decided to take a day and drive to one of my favorite towns, a town in which I had lived long before I knew her, a town we had visited often while married. It was late afternoon and I was about to head back to my hotel when I realized that I could visit a particular beach that had special meaning to me from my earlier life there.

I stopped at a convenience store, grabbed a Grolsch like I used to drink on that beach, and drove out there. Hiked out to a specific spot I remembered, sat down, popped the beer, and looked out over the ocean. And it hit me that I hadn’t done that in over 20 years. Whenever we’d visit the area, I’d suggest stopping at the beach, but she wasn’t interested and would always veto the idea.

I’m sure reading this it seems like the tiniest thing, but it was the catalyst for me, realizing just how completely dissatisfied I was with our relationship. I think from the time I sat down, I knew it was over within maybe 10 minutes. Just sitting there, sipping my beer, looking at the ocean.”

10. Always absent.

“My wife was around less and less…had to be free to live her life, go out with her friends. More often than not, she would call me to pick our daughter up from daycare, even though she’d promised to pick her up and have some girl time…’Just tell her I’m working late or not feeling well.’

She always had something better to do and the kids were old enough to know better. I went to pick our daughter up one day. When they called her name, she came running over until she saw it wasn’t mom, again. Her shoulders drop and she slowly walked over to ask, ‘What’s her excuse this time?’ That was the breaking point. Told her to get out and even helped pay her security deposit to get her out.”

Comedian’s Twitter Rant Defending Depression And Demolishing A Troll Is A Must Read And Going Viral For Good

Andy Richter is a comedian and a late night show host.

He’s often seen sitting next to Conan O’Brien with famous celebrities, and making the audience laugh. A week ago, someone had the bright idea of telling people with depression that they’re choosing to feel like they want to die. Richter saw this post and it got a lot of raw emotion out of him.

His initial response had class.

But he later went on to clarify.

It was important to him that people understood.

He went off on a powerful twitter rant describing and defending those with depression.

It’s an illness that people do not choose.

Saying it’s a choice is blaming the victim.

Because depression is a sadistic killer.


10+ Tumblr Posts That Take Unexpected Turns And Will Just Fuck Your Mind Hilariously

Does Tumblr ever go in a direction you’re expecting it to go? Spending hours on Tumblr can reveal some of the most hilarious conversations known to mankind. And our brains can only handle so much at a time. But, the thing about Tumblr is that it is bound to take unexpected turns. Tumblr is basically flooding with outlandish confessions and ridiculous fantasies.

Here are 10+ Tumblr posts that take unexpected turns and will fuck your mind hilariously:

1. Everything including grapes has the right to feel beautiful.

2. I sure hope too.


3. We need answers.


4. Nice monster hospitals would be amazing.


5. Truth has been told.


6. Life is sad – for a few.


7. Because why not?


8. Desired insanity.


9. We all do, we all do.


10. That escalated sooner than expected.


11. It was an accident.


10+ Times People On Tumblr Roasted The Shit Out Of Each Other & Made Everyone Gasp

If you ask people to make fun of you over the Internet, they’ll gladly oblige. But beware, because the hilarious one-liners are armed with a good roast! Therefore, just in case, it’s always good to have a few comebacks and insults ready. There’s nothing worse than being stuck for words. Only to kick yourself after you think of a good comeback far too late.

Below are 10+ times people on Tumblr roasted the shit out of each other and made everyone gasp:

1. This is called dragging someone’s outlook completely!


2. They didn’t see this as very impressive.

3. The time when math failed to impress anybody.


4. He asked for it.


5. The bun witnessed it all.


6. People just weren’t having it.


7. Something a 90-year-old barn owl would say.


8. And then this happened.


9. Here’s an effortless burn.


10. Ripe for roasting.


10+ People Shared Dark Secrets They Found Out About Their Close Ones That Completely Changed Their View

There are people who trade in secrets.

Information to the right person, at the right price, can be devastating. There’s a reason why Snowden is such an important piece of the puzzle, why it must be discussed and talked about. A person’s secrets can be very important to them, and very valuable to others.

Because sometimes, they have something that completely changes the perception of their existence. Some redditors went through the same situation, and they found out that the people they thought they knew, they didn’t actually know at all.

Grab some popcorn, friend. It’s story time.

#1 Mexico border.

I was near the mexico border while on a work trip.

One of my co-workers wanted to go over the border for dinner and so he could buy an authentic Mexican poncho. He really wanted that poncho. Couldn’t stop talking about it to the point where it got annoying.

We all decided to go to Mexico, had dinner, split up for shopping in the touristy area, then met back up. While he was heading back, I saw that he had his poncho. Good for him!

But then I saw him walk by a woman begging on the side of the street. It was a chilly night, and she seemed cold with just a thin, ratty blanket around her shoulders. My co-worker stopped, gave her his poncho, and she put it on and seemed to express thanks. He then came to where we were, not knowing I had seen him.

We asked if he got his poncho, and he said “Nah, couldn’t find one.” And that was that.

Average annoying co-worker became good-guy Greg on the spot.

Source: Empire-Lakehouse

#2 The Big Bang Theory.

Recently found out that my wife enjoys The Big Bang Theory.

….I’m not sure how I’ll get through this. Prayers are appreciated.

Source: tallmidn

#3 D&D Redhead.

I had a guy in my D&D gaming group with a smokin’ redheaded girlfriend. All of us thought the red head was gorgeous but, you know, guy code… until it was revealed that the slightly-annoying-but-tolerated powergamer of the group made it clear that he thought he was “next in line” to date the redhead if Guy #1 left the picture.

Utterly destroyed our gaming group.

It all came out at a party, in a chat about relationships. She just simply laughed at him and said she’d never get together with him regardless of how things turned out with her and the SO. His reaction was simply to swallow his pride for the rest of the night but the consequence was immediate. We never gamed with him again after the party.

Redhead thought it was hilarious in a /r/sadcringe kind of way and hurt his feelings, and I personally (as the Dungeon Master) was aghast that a human being’s mind could operate that way. Like, dude, she’s not a friggin’ carnival prize! I couldn’t stand to play or even speak to him anymore, but it was pretty clear he wasn’t coming back anyway. Good riddance!

Source: rpgZenMaster

#4 Best friends.

When my best friend told me she was in love with me. I wasn’t at all in love with her (even though I loved her as a friend) so I could never treat her the same way. I am a very affectionate person who likes to touch and even hug people often (obviously with their permission), but I no longer felt comfortable doing that with her as I did not want her to get her hopes up.

Things just got akward afterwards, our friendship was damaged somehow. It is very unfortunate because I liked her, just not the way she was hoping me to like her

Source: MissMexicomod

#5 Kink shame.

I have a friend who’s sexually aroused by the idea of torturing those who they feel have earned it.

Source: Bike_shop_owner

#6 Part time dominatrix.

My wife’s bestie confided in us that, while short of money, was moonlighting as a professional dominatrix.

Until then we had thought that she was super vanilla.

Source: generic_brand_cola

#7 Witness Protection Program.

That my friend from middle school was in the witness protection program, and his last name was fake.

Source: Zweepy

#8 Cancer.

There was a woman, whom I considered my friend for many, many years. She had cancer, survived it, but it was still there and created many problems.

She even appeared on tv shows as an advocate for cancer patients, did a lot of political activism, was very much opposed to euthanasia. Published some books.

Then one fine day, through a series of coincidences, it turned out that her cancer had never existed. She had completely made it up. A big fat whopping lie.

I would feel ashamed because I fell for it for so long – except that a lot of other people fell for it too, including professionals – doctors, nurses, priests…

Needless to say, it ended that friendship. And it made me think a lot about how easily fooled we all are.

Oh, by the way, she has died by now. Of cancer. I’m not kidding. Not the cancer she had made up, of course. Karma can be such a bitch!

Source: bretzelkeksthrow3343

#9 Innocent friend.

I had a seemingly innocent friend who normally kept to herself about her issues. Then one day she told us that she couldn’t tell if she had a sore throat because she was sick or because she swallowed too much cum the other night. That was the only thing I associated her name with afterwards…

Source: SirGoji

#10 Shy girl.

There is a very shy girl at work, pretty but quiet and mousy, and I stumbled across her on /r/curvy.

Made me see her in a new light.

Source: Emily_Starke

#11 Parental white lies.

As a kid, I found out my friend had lied to me and the whole school saying that he had trained real pokemons and that he flies on the nimbus cloud. Broke my heart as a kid, not because he lied but because I really wanted to fly on the nimbus cloud.

Source: tonsofpuns

#12 Ex horror stories.

had an ex, he was one of those “im so gentle and kind uwu i love pastel colours and flower crowns uwu” types, who went on to date a friend of mine. this friend goes on to tell me they broke up because he admitted to getting sexual with his dog on multiple occasions and asked if my friend wanted to watch him jack off that dog on skype call i was like, shit dude,

i just broke up with him because he was fucking annoying.

Source: wowlame

#13 The sexual deviant.

Had a friend who hung out with two friends who were girls (and he was male). All went well according to him, but the girls told me he said “its getting hot,” and proceeded to take off his shirt and masturbate and finish into a cup, got all sweaty, then just left. Couldnt look this man in the eye ever again and cut off all contact

Source: skrt123

#14 Drugging daddy.

When I found out my dad smoked weed it didn’t really change my opinion on him that much. I had thought he might have been a stoner for a few years leading up to the reveal, but finding out he still actively does LSD, Shrooms, and occasionally cocaine made our relationship a little bit weirder. Especially after tripping with him a few times. I still love him and he’s still a great guy usually, but I can’t look at him the way that I used to anymore.

Source: Evan_dood

#15 The sister and the pig.

Had a work friend back in the day. His wife was really mean to him. She always would tell me his kids hate him (even though they would run to the door excited when their daddy was home) and when she was really mad at him she would flip out and say that he fucked his sister and fucked a pig. He would just ignore her and not say anything back. Now I just ignored it because she would always try and make him look bad when she was mad at him. Well one night we were drinking and he was pretty drunk. His wife got mad and did it again but this time the heated exchange went like this……

“You fucked your sister and you fucked a pig once!!!”

Long pause………….

” You know what!!!!!! Fuck you!!!! That shit happened like 3 years ago. You need to just drop it and move on, I don’t deserve to have it rubbed in my face all the time”

Then I realized why she held such resentment towards him and I noped the fuck out of there and never talked to them again. I feel so bad for their kids. It was a really dysfunctional situation for them. Luckily I heard they aren’t together anymore.

Source: tyrshand90