17 Amazing Places To Go On The Gold Coast That Aren’t The Beach

Everyone knows the Gold Coast for its beaches and parties. And rightfully so.

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Really, who can resist the good surf, and chill culture? It’s the quintessential Australian way of life. But there’s more to the Gold Coast than its seaside fair.

Jenny Bonner / Getty Images

1. Why not watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon?


2. As the fog clears, marvel at the beauty of the Hinterland.


A hot air balloon ride between Beaudesert and Canungra.

3. Abseil down this heart-shaped natural pool in Killarney Glen in Lower Beechmont.


4. Re-acquaint yourself with nature at Curtis Falls in Tamborine Mountain National Park.


5. Get lost in the Lamington National Park and find yourself refreshed at Moran Falls.


6. Lie on your back and watch the stars at Jacobs Well.


7. This is the road to O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat…


8. …And this is the trek that you’re treated to in its forest.


9. Really, the Gold Coast is blessed with natural wonders. It’s just waiting for you to explore it.

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This Lay Down Bike Is Designed So You Could Ride It On Your Stomach

This lay down bike is ridiculous. It’s called the Bird of Prey and it looks more uncomfortable than I’d care to experience. Some of the upsides to this bike include increased agility through a lower center of gravity, an improved aerodynamic profile, and increased power production.

It’s been in production since 1991. I wonder why it took so long to finally hit the market.I think I’d rather just ride a bike the old-fashioned way.

Before this bike, there was a trick you could do on a bike that’s kind of like how you ride this one. The only difference was that it took careful coordination and you couldn’t peddle while laying down.

This is a pretty cool bike, I can’t deny that. But I won’t even consider buying it until it’s price of $8,500 goes way down. And I mean way, way, way down. When I can find it on clearance at Walmart, that’s when I’ll think about buying it. Take a look at the pictures. Is this ridiculous or genius? Let us know in the comments.

Because you’re parallel on the lay down bicycle, your center of gravity is much lower which gives you more speed and control in turns

because of the added responsiveness, you’re more likely to avoid accidents and in the chance you do get in one you won’t fly above the rail like in traditional bikes

The bike comes with a high price tag of $8,500 so it’s not for everyone at this moment, it’s the first racing laying down bike on the market and it will probably be more affordable in a few years

Check out the video below on the Bird Of Prey and see if it’s a thing you will like:


19 Traveling Expectations Vs Reality That Will Totally Ruin Your Next Vacation

Who doesn’t like traveling, when it comes that time of year when we can finally take a few days or a week and visit one of the world’s most beautiful places…it’s what’s life is all about right? But what happens when your expectations of the trip don’t measure up? Most of the time the beautiful pictures we see on the internet or in the ads are not exactly what you see when you get there. Below are 19 examples of travel expectations vs reality that will ruin your vacation

1: Trying to take a cool photo of the leaning tower of Pisa, Italy

And this is what you come up with

2: Admiring the Mona Lisa in peace, Paris

I don’t think so…

3: Having a romantic picnic next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France


4: Enjoying a relaxing day on the Rio De Janeiro beach, Brazil

This is more realistic

5: Taking a peaceful gondola ride in Venice, Italy

More like being stuck in sea traffic…

6: In the Maldives surely you will get some R&R

Might also get a horrible infection, your call

7: Browsing through the beautiful streets of Santorini, Greece

Sure if you can walk around with thousands of people together

8: The breathtaking glory of the Taj Mahal, India

Sorry to disappoint, most days it looks like this

9: Nothing beats the private beaches of Thailand right?

Wrong, this is a typical day there…

10: The stunning Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

All i see is people here, where is the water

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19 People Who Are Moving To Australia Now That Britain Is Leaving Europe

Look out Bondi.

1. This guy who was ready before the votes were even counted.

2. And this guy who had it all planned out.


3. This lady who likes to have some choices.

4. This dude who is even prepared to deal with the wildlife.

5. This lass who was fucking angry.


6. And this woman who went from fear to anger in four tweets.

7. This person who will have some explaining to do to her mum.

Fuck it, sorry mum I’m moving to Australia.

— cc (@cmch04)

8. This guy who kept it minimalist.

9. This person who was so prepared to move to Australia that they already did it.

10. This person who, rightfully, chooses Australia.

When we leave the eu I’m moving to Australia if we can’t be in Europe 💯

— ㅤstevo (@TLOStevo)

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26 Weird And Bizarre Facts About North Korea That Reveal The Horrifying Truth About Life There

North Korea remains among the world’s most repressive countries. Under the Kim family’s rule, basic freedoms and access to needs have been severely restricted and continue to get frighteningly worse. Akin to Hitler’s Germany, North Korea operates secret prison camps where people are violently tortured, abused and forced into hard labour. There is no religious freedom, dissent is silenced through nefarious means and society continues to break down. North Korea shuns the idea of collective co-operation to help itself and others, and may just be a literal hell on earth, isolated as it is from the rest of the world. We bring you 26 weird and bizarre facts about North Korea that will make you thankful that you don’t live there.

1.North Korea follows a “three generations of punishment” rule, meaning that if one person violated the law or sent to prison, their children, parents and grandparents are sent to work with them.


Anyone found guilty of committing a crime (which could be as little as trying to escape North Korea), is sent to the Kaechon internment camp along with their entire family. The subsequent two generations would be born in the camp and must also live their entire lives in servitude and die there.(source)

2. In the 1990’s, it was made compulsory for all teachers in North Korea to learn how to play the accordion.


The accordion was often called the ‘people’s instrument’ since it was easy to carry along anywhere. There would be accompanied singing to tunes such as ‘We Have Nothing to Envy in the World,’ which was a rehash of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’.(source)

3. A fake propaganda village called Kijong-dong was built in the 1950’s after the Korean war to put up the front of a peaceful, prosperous place and to encourage people from the South to defect. 


In the last 60 years, over 23,000 North Koreans have defected to South Korea whereas only two South Koreans have gone to the North. According to the North Korean government’s official story, Kijong-dong is a collection of multistory buildings that house 200 families who spend their days happily engaging in normal, day-to-day activities.


In reality, the buildings’ windows have no glasses in them and the electric lights (a luxury that is unheard of to rural North Koreans) are operated on an automatic timer. The only people in sight are maintenance workers who sweep the roads once in a while to give the impression of ongoing activity.(1,2)

4. Kim Jong-il kidnapped prolific South Korean director Shin Sang-ok and forced him to remake famous Hollywood films in propaganda style.


The kidnap plot was masterminded by Kim Jong-il who was in charge of North Korean film industry before he took up office as the country’s leader. He had Shing Sang-ok and the actress Choi Eun-hee kidnapped and the both were kept separate from each other in prison for five years until the former relented. Kim Jong-il’s aim was to compel them to create movies that would wow the world. They worked together and produced a series of films, the most notable one being Pulgasari, a socialist, propaganda-fueled version of Hollywood’s Godzilla.(source)

5. North Korea’s most popular attraction is visiting Kim Jong-il’s preserved body.


The North Korean dictator’s embalmed body rests in a state mausoleum and is open for visitation even to foreign tourists. The local guides have a comprehensive knowledge of Kim’s life and eagerly point out details about his great achievements and godlike abilities.(source)

6. Elections are held every 5 years in North Korea, but only one name appears on the ballot list. If a voter wishes to choose someone else, they can do so by crossing the name out, but without any anonymity and privacy.

source: KCNA / Reuters

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Shut Up And Take My Balls! China’s Glass Walkway Opens In Tianmen Mountain

China has opened a 100-metre-long glass skywalk stretching around a cliff on the side of the Tianmen Mountain in Hunan province. The skywalk provides a view of a 300-metre drop and overlooks Tongtian Avenue, a mountain road with 99 turns that snakes up the mountain. When translated in English, it means “Avenue to the Sky”. The 1.6-metre wide glass-floored skywalk has been dubbed “Coiling Dragon Cliff” and is the third of its kind in the area.

Photo by VCG / VCG via Getty Images

The area is incredibly popular with tourists and has a range of attractions including a cable car that transports people from the nearby train station to the top of the mountain. The first of Tianmenshan’s skywalks opened in November 2011 and has since become a tourist hotspot. The world’s longest glass-bottom bridge is set to open soon in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. The bridge will be 430-metres long and six metres wide.

Photo by Imaginechina / Rex Features / Shutterstock
Photo by Imaginechina / Rex Features / Shutterstock
Photo by VCG / VCG via Getty Images
Photo by Imaginechina / Rex Features / Shutterstock
Photo by VCG / VCG via Getty Images
Photo by Imaginechina / Rex Features / Shutterstock
Photo by Reuters / Stringer


This Swedish Pilot Does Yoga Around The World And Her Selfies Are Taking Internet By Storm

We don’t often get to see the casual side of commercial airline pilots, but Maria Pettersson isn’t an ordinary airline pilot. She’s also an internet sensation who inspires her 200k+ followers on Instagram with her yoga loving, globe-trotting exploits.

The 32-year-old Swede from Gothenburg is a commercial pilot with Ryanair. She says she started her Instagram page after moving to Italy (she now lives in Palermo, Sicily) so that she could share her adventures with her family back home. But since then she’s amassed an impressive internet fanbase and it’s easy to see why when you look at her pictures. Whether she’s doing yoga on the beach in some far-off tropical paradise, paddle-boarding through turquoise waters, or posing for a picture while sitting in the cockpit on her Boeing 737NG, Pettersson is living the life that most of us can only dream of. Head on over to Instagram to catch up on her latest adventures.

More info: Instagram | pilotmaria.com

















How Traditional Wedding Outfits Look Around The World

In western cultures, brides traditionally wear a white dress on their wedding day. Look beyond the west however and you’ll find a wide variety of wedding attire according to different countries and cultures. Some brides adorn themselves in colorful garments, others paint their hands and faces in accordance with local traditions, and some hide their faces completely behind layers of jewelry or veils.

Indian Wedding

In Indian culture, pink or red wedding dresses are often the garment of choice for brides. Married woman in the north of the country can often be identified by a red dot in the middle of their forehead.


Kazakhstani Bride

In a traditional Kazakh wedding, brides typically wear a headdress known as a “Saukele” as well as a facial veil. The Saukele is usually prepared long before the girls reach the age of marriage.


Nigerian Bride

Nigeria is a big country with around 250 ethnic groups and over 500 languages. Wedding ceremonies therefore change according to region, religion and ethnic background. However, Nigerian brides often wear brightly colored wedding clothes. They also often wear a Nigerian head tie called a Gele.


Traditional Wedding In Ghana

Traditional weddings in Ghana are often very colorful, and each family has its own cloth pattern that features on the bride and groom’s wedding outfits.


Russian Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Milky Way Mirrored On Salt Flats In Bolivia

In May 2016, Russian photographer, Daniel Kordan, traveled to the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia – the world’s largest salt flat and took some photos that look out of this world. He managed to capture the Milky Way being reflected on the flooded salt flat at night, and the results are absolutely breathtaking.

Daniel Kordan is a landscape photographer, who travels around the world searching for magical spots to take photos. From stunning bamboo forests’ in Japan to rocky mountains in Canada – he has captured it all.

Russian Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Milky Way Mirrored On Salt Flats In Bolivia

Russian Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Milky Way Mirrored On Salt Flats In Bolivia

Russian Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Milky Way Mirrored On Salt Flats In Bolivia

Russian Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Milky Way Mirrored On Salt Flats In Bolivia


Remember China’s Elevated Bus That Drives Over Traffic? Well, They’ve Actually Built It

We never believed that the Transit Elevated Bus would actually get made. Which is why we’re pretty surprised to tell you that the TEB has literally just taken its first test drive in Qinhuangdao, Hebei!

The idea was first proposed at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo in May. Despite having nothing but a miniature model, developers Jinchuang Corp said they could have the bus ready by August. And true to their word, the TEB hit the road yesterday. It was only tested on 300 metres of track, but the fact that they could even make it – and in such a short amount of time – is impressive enough for us.

The developers say it’ll only take a year to finish. And this time, we believe them.

Remember China’s Elevated Bus That Drives Over Traffic? Well, They’ve Actually Built It

Remember China’s Elevated Bus That Drives Over Traffic? Well, They’ve Actually Built It

Remember China’s Elevated Bus That Drives Over Traffic? Well, They’ve Actually Built It

Remember China’s Elevated Bus That Drives Over Traffic? Well, They’ve Actually Built It

Remember China’s Elevated Bus That Drives Over Traffic? Well, They’ve Actually Built It