The Story of Yowie and Yahoo – Australia`s Bigfoot Mystery


A lot of data about Yowies could be found on the internet. Many people claimed to have seen this cryptid inhabiting the Australian wilderness. The latest sighting is dated back to last year. What is a Yowie anyway? We will come to that soon.

Long back in the year 1804, John Pinkerton published a book called Modern Geography- A description of the Empires, Kingdoms, States and Colonies: with the Oceans, Seas and Isles: In all parts of the world. In this book he commented on a population of Australian Aborigines that shared the Sydney Harbour with another tribe. He described him as “flat-nosed with wide nostrils; thick eyebrows and sunken eyes. Their mouths were of ‘prodigious width’ with thick lips and prominent jaws.The Aborigines regarded them as another people entirely: the Yahoos or Yowies meaning “hairy people””

Yowies or yahoos or many other local names that it is referred as, have their origin in the Aboriginal oral history where many accounts describe it like a Himalayan Yeti or a North American Sasquatch. It is usually a hairy ape like creature standing straight at a height of 6-11 feet. With a focus on Aboriginal legends, people like Robert Holden stated several stories that can be attributed in the nineteenth century. Its first sighting is believed to be from the 18th century.

The statue of a Yowie, Kilcoy, Queensland, Australia
(The statue of a Yowie, Kilcoy, Queensland, Australia)

Many scientists are of the opinion that it a hominid that escaped  evolution somehow. How? That is what surprises them the most. It is more aggressive and primate than the Yeti or Sasquatch and has big wide feet whose number of toes are disputed. It is also considered as Australia’s Bigfoot by some because of its huge figure and big foot size.

You can find many personal accounts of encounters with this cruptid online. Yowie hunters, researchers and what not! It is in fact claimed by a researcher, Rex Gilroy, that Bigfoot has Australian genes it in and that could explain their origin. He reported that it could be a Homo species or a primitive population of extinct ape.

Unraveling this mystery could explain a lot many questions related not only to the Yowie but similar cryptids spotted worldwide. In can the answer for the existence of Lochness Monster if nothing else!

(A mysterious photo taken by Rich Jones in New South Wales That some considered as a yowie)