Women And Men Across The World Are Sharing Their Stories Of Sexual Assault & Reading Them Will Make Your Blood Boil

Sexual assault has gotten alarmingly common.

The only difference is, people are learning to speak up now. Following the Harvey Weinstein incident, singer/actor Alyssa Milano tweeted something that went viral so fast; it took everyone by surprise.

This was her tweet:


#MeToo started trending, and the response was almost unbelievable!

The post was retweeted 9000 times and received 27,000 comments. The tweet received a very heartbreaking response.

There were lists.


Hairdressers thinking they have the right to touch you without your consent.


People threaten you with rape on the smallest of things.


It is rare to meet someone who hasn’t gone through this.


Fear of the legal system shutting you down.


Some people left notes for men.


Even some celebrities spoke up.


People shared their stories.


Men spoke up too, finally.


The tweet gave everyone a reality check.


You don’t have to speak about it if you don’t want to. There is nothing wrong in wanting privacy.



10+ Weird Things All Girls Secretly Do For Each Other

Once in a while – we all need to show our girl friends a little appreciation. It’s safe to say that they’ve got our backs through thick and thin. You always get by with a bit of help from your friends.

But, if you really need reasons why female friends make the best of friends, here’s why:

1. They feel your grubby legs for you and tell you if you need to shave.

Twitter: @Sizzlebitz

2. And if you need, they’ll even shave it for you.

Twitter: @shelbyfarmerr_

3. They give you the casual, supportive lift when you need it.

Universal Pictures

4. Zipping each other’s dresses has been a sacred bond between women for centuries.

Twitter: @HannahMendez16

5. Helping your head out of a tight squeeze.

Twitter: @megangibbonsx  

6. When your hair is caught in a zip – they’re a survivalist genius.

Twitter: @paisleyeah

7. They’ll smell your pits for you

Twitter: @Lomaaaa

8. They’ll go above and beyond to take flattering photos of you.

Twitter: @jaanemao

9. They will form a wall around you in public so you can sneakily pick out a tricky wedge.

Twitter: @isobelmcintosh7

10. They help you look busy to avoid altercations with men.

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

11. Check each other for period stains.

Comedy Central

12. Carry spare pads and tampons – just in case.

Comedy Central

10 Times People Got Busted Hilariously For Taking Fake Sick Leaves

Work can be too much to handle sometimes.

Waking up early every day and continuing your robotic routine can be hectic. Some days you just need a break when you’re sick (of work.)

And what is the best way to run away from work? Faking sick leaves of course! I mean, everyone does it. You’re lying if you’re saying you don’t. However, just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean everyone is good at it. Some people are just naturally bad liars.

So, here are 10+ times people got busted for taking fake sick leaves:

#1 Matt thought faking a sick leave was just a Google search away.


#2 Kyle Doyle made the rookie mistake of posting on social media.


#3 Marking excuses on calendars. “Blood work.”

#4 And this employer loves spreadsheets so much; he made one with excuses.


#5 The employer shared his experience on  Reddit, “It’s a fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, go fuck yourself if you get caught kind of thing.”


#6 This guy told his employer something came up and he needs to go to New York for some days.

That “something” was a Halloween Party.

You’ve got to admit; the wand is cool.

#7 “Traffic.”


#8 This guy backed himself up quite well.


#9 This employee got caught because her boss viewed her Snapchat story, and then called her a “lying c*nt”.

Danny Andersen 


#10 A couple in 2008 took five paid leaves each to spend time on their honeymoon.

Eventually, they got caught and had to pay a heavy fine of $7,500

9 Really Gross Things That Happen To People Everytime They Go Swimming

Swimming is a great way to beat the heat.

It’s excellent exercise, and it’s a fantastic recreational activity. It burns the most calories per minute, but it can be so freaking gross. The “chlorine” smell isn’t exactly the smell of chlorine. It’s actually urea that’s produced when urine reacts with chlorine.

That’s right.

The nostalgic smell of swimming pools is actually just urine. And that’s not even the grossest thing you have to deal with! Artist Becky Barnicoat created a series of illustrations that were published on Buzzfeed, and jeez. It makes me want to reconsider swimming.

Source: BuzzFeed

#1 The puffy eyes and cap/goggle marks.

#2 Changing in a freezing cold room with a wet floor.

#3 Pulling your cap off also yanks off your hair.

#4 When you overtake someone and accidentally feel their hairy leg.

#5 When you inhale water when going for a breather.

#6 Producing copious amounts of snot.

#7 Watching a kid walk in with Veruca socks.

#8 When you didn’t dry your towel properly and it now smells terrible.

#9 Seeing someone else’s bandaid in the shower.

TL;DR: you basically swim in a pool filled with other people’s sweat, snot, and pee, and you ingest it without knowing.

10+ Hilariously Offensive Halloween Costumes That You Should Not Wear, Ever!

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time for that annual PSA.

You’ve probably been to a Halloween party  before, and every party has that one person that goes as the most offensive thing they can think of. Most times, they believe that being offensive is as good as being funny when it’s mostly just not. So while you’re wondering about what to go as this year, be mindful of the following costumes.

No one’s going to stop you from going as them, but you might want to reconsider knowing that it’s offensive.

#1 Anna Rexia, a play on anorexia.

#2 Baby Hitler.

#3 Everything’s bigger in Texas.

#4 Bill Cosby.

#5 Blackface.

#6 A used Tampon.

#7 BlowUp doll.

#8 Call Me Caitlyn.

#9 Chris Brown and Rihanna.

#10 Day Of The Dead.

#11 Down For The Count.

#12 Sexy Dreamcatcher.

This Artist Summed Up What Divorce Is For Kids In One Comic & It’s Painfully Accurate

Divorce isn’t so rare anymore. Every other day, you find a family, who seemed to be perfectly happy, breaking apart because the parents decided to file for divorce,

Now, it’s understandable that some parents have problems and do not wish to continue living with each other, but the impact it has on the children is devastating.

This perspective was perfectly illustrated by artist “Mac.” Here are seven of his comics that sum up divorce:

There it is, your happy family.

Oh no. Dad, don’t look there.

He’s gone. In love now. And not with mom.

The shock sets in. The rest of the family tries to hold itself together.

The kids are scared. Mom is heartbroken, but they’re still holding on.

Oh no…

The only ones left behind.


The comic touched a lot of broken hearts.

However, some people didn’t have it that bad.

Internet Is Dying Over This Epic Poem On Feminism Written By A Third Grader

Children are smarter than we think. They observe the world around them, and they can comprehend everything that’s going on.

A poem on Twitter has recently gone viral.

It is not just an ordinary poem; a third grader wrote it on Feminism. It is actually hard to believe that it’s been written by such a small child because this kid is definitely on another level.

Here is the poem:


The poem is titled “The True Feminine”, and this is what it reads:

“I am not sugar and spice and everything nice.
I am music.

I am art. 
I am a story. 
I am a church bell, gonging out wrongs and rights and normal nights. 
I was baby. I am child. I will be mother. 
I don’t mind being considered beautiful, I do not allow that to be my definition. 
I am a rich pie strong with knowledge. 
I will not be eaten.” 

Wow. You’ve got to admit that is amazing.

Twitter loved the poem, and it’s clear to see why.


The poem was anonymous, so we can’t give anyone credit. However, the poem got the recognition it deserved. It is a beautiful piece of art. So, we’re all happy about that.

10+ Funniest Tweets About Halloween That Will Make Your Sides Hurt

Halloween Is Closer Than Ever.

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited. Now, I know Halloween usually means decorating your house in spiders and skulls. And yes, who can forget about trick and treating? But you know what else Halloween brings?

Apparently, people love to make jokes on Halloween. Who knew? (Well, People like to joke all year but we will just ignore that.) Today, we have brought some of funniest tweets about Halloween. These are sure to get you in the mood for some pumpkin carving.

#1 Yup, I Am Not Spending That Much Money Without Getting Any Result.

#2 I Though I Had A Heart Attack For A Second There.

#3 That Must Be A Lot Of Work.

#4 Me Too. Very ‘Creative’

#5 Me Either.

#6 You Should Have Told Us Sooner.

#7 They Are Also Quite True.

#8 Really? Have To Try It This Year With My Internet Bill.

#9 Now, That Would Send A Chill Down My Spine.

#10 Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Hate Candy Corn?

10+ Times Tumblr Totally Roasted The Shit Out Of Men For Not Understanding How Periods Work

Let’s face it; no one wants to talk about periods, blood or tampons. “Surfing the crimson wave”, as Cher likes to call it, isn’t what you pesky men think it is. If you’re a good boyfriend, partner, gay best friend or a one-night stand, you need to know what it’s like going through the gruelling and painful experience of menstruation.

Here is the thing: PMS is real.

1. The feeling is mutual.

2. If condoms can be free, so can tampons. Period.

3. Dobby, you’re free!

4. 50 minutes pronto.

5. Struggles of being a girl.

6. I hope the teacher got fired.

7. Enjoy that life.

8. *Facepalm*.

9. Strugglin’ yet hustlin’

9. He said what?

10. Why don’t you just die?

10. He sure is dumb. And I’m not kidding.

This Mom Couldn’t Afford To Buy The Only Thing For Her In Her Cart, So A Stranger Steps In

Being a mom is one of the most difficult things you can be.

But it’s also one of the most rewarding. The love you feel towards another human being, albeit a miniature one, and the love they feel towards you is irreplaceable. That isn’t something you can get anywhere. There is absolutely no way to reproduce that feeling, no matter how much money you have, or how successful your life is.

There’s just nothing like the intimate love between a mom and her child. But because it’s so valuable, there’s a lot that goes into it.

House budget management, for example. See, one mom, Erin Bennett, was going to buy herself a pumpkin spice candle and some makeup, before she realised she couldn’t. She had gone over her budget, so went to put her things back. After all, as a mom, she chose to put her children over herself. That’s when something incredible happened.

Bennett went to Facebook to write about the interaction.

She began:

“To the man in line behind me at the Gainesville Target, who saw that after hitting my grocery budget limit I decided to put back my Pumpkin Spice candle and the makeup I had picked out, You didn’t know that I always save my stuff for last and usually end up putting it back.

“You didn’t know that the two fussy kids I had with me, were only two out of four.”

The heartfelt post continued.

“You didn’t know that I have postpartum depression from the youngest babe and that I use scent as a way to boost my mood.

“You didn’t know that this week has been full of sick kids, parent teacher conferences, emergency dental visits and I was so looking forward to lighting that candle at nap time and just taking a minute to relax,

“Even without knowing that, you saw me. You saw me as a human, not just the mom in front of you that was distracted and going way too slow.”

She provided some context outside of the post as well.

In an interview with ScaryMommy, she recalled the events.

To the cashier, she said. “If I reach my budget at the end, I’m going to go ahead and put these back.”

And a man behind her intervened, “I’m going to get it.”

Bennett refused, but the good Samaritan insisted, “No, I’m going to get it.”

He just refused to take no for an answer.

To ScaryMommy, she wrote:

“People see the kids, they see your kids spilling something, the mess, and they don’t always see the mom. See her as a human. They see the chaos going on around them,

“He wasn’t sitting there being annoyed that I was going slow, or mad because he had to wait while I used a gift card, two coupons, and my credit card. He was just seeing me as a person, and it felt really nice. We’re in this together.”

About her Postpartum Depression, Bennett elaborated.

After all, they’re the reason why she was going to buy those pumpkin spice candles in the first place.

“I was diagnosed when my middle child was seven-months-old. I told my doctor I was running out of patience and I was anxious, they told me it was definitely postpartum depression,”

“When I’m with the kids we’ll count to four, raise our hands up, then count back down from four with our hands going down. If we don’t feel better, me or the kids, we do it again,”

It isn’t easy, but they’re making do.

“I make an effort to everyday, when my husband comes home, he takes over, and I take a shower. Oftentimes, I can’t leave the house and do something. So I take my time in the shower and have no noise stimulus for a while.

“Feeling unseen, whether by your spouse and your family, or rest of the world, is common. It’s important to know it’s not just you, whether everyone talks about it or not.”

She even had a message for other moms.

“Moms, you’re worth it, do something for yourself, even if it as little as getting a shower every day because it’s your alone time, or going out for a run, to remind yourself  that you are a person, that you’re not just so-and-so’s mom.”

And you can see her love and devotion in all of her actions.

It isn’t easy dealing with so many kids at once, but that smile tells me that it’s more than worth it.

You can check out the Facebook post here:

To the man in line behind me at the Gainesville Target, who saw that after hitting my grocery budget limit I decided to…

Posted by Erin Bennett on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Source of all images:
Erin Bennett Facebook