Why Physicists Make fun of Engineers: Are YOU Team Physicist or Engineer?

We’ve all heard different kinds of stories about engineers, physicists and mathematicians. The fight between them is a never-ending one, really! Remember the story when a mathematician, engineer and physicist went into a bar? Oh, we all know this one! But do you know what happened when they were locked inside the separate burning buildings?Here’s what happened next. So, the physicists ran to find a chalkboard, calculated the amount of water that he needed to put out the fire, ran to find the water, found exactly the same amount, used it to put out the fire and survived. An engineer, however, took out the calculator from his pocket, calculated the amount of water he required to put out the fire, ran to find exactly ten times of the water, used all of it to put out the fire and survived. While both of them survived the fire, a mathematician instead ran to the chalkboard calculated the amount of water and declared that there IS a solution to this problem and then burned to death!

This love-hate relationship between an engineer and physicist dates back to the philosophers of Ancient Greece who considered the reality of their surroundings to be extremely perfect and hence anything that is man-made is never good for them. This extended to the stone-workers who craved tools out of the stones. However, they were merely regarded as artisans. So, when these artisans used the achievements of someone else to construct their own things, for example using a beam to built a home, it was considered utterly offensive.

Physicists believe that engineers actually lean completely on their achievements using their old ideas to develop something useful. That it is the advancements in physics that allow engineers to experiment with new “toys”. On the other hand, engineers have a different insight to this. They believe that it is actually them who facilitate the physicists to make new discoveries and that it is through their efforts that unfeasible and wild ideas can be transformed into useful and intractable things.

How-much-so-ever these two fights, we all know that in the end, it is not about proving oneself right, but it is about making the world better which both of them does in their own ways!

This Duck got electrocuted while trying to save ‘best friend’ monkey’s life, sadly both died

True friendship is a gift one always cherishes. Lucky are the ones who are gifted with true friends in their lives. Sometimes the animals are the ones that teach these civilized barbarians the real meaning of friendship. In this world full of social media, where our accounts house around 500+ friends, none of whom prove to be real friends for life.

Read below a true incident of true friendship that is getting viral all over the social media.

The incident which is going viral all over the Internet is about true friendship between a duck and a monkey. They were best friends since their birth and always stayed together.


According to sources, the monkey had been playing around when he came in contact with a naked live wire that was not handled properly and was lying on the ground. The poor monkey came in contact with it and started screaming as he could not get himself off the wire.


Hearing his best friend screaming in pain, the duck went forward to help him, only to get electrocuted with his friend. Screaming and withering in pain, the best friends left for heavens together. It was really painful to see them like this. How beautiful their friendship was.


This tragic end of these animals left their owner in tears and utter sorrow. He could not hold back his tears after he saw their dead bodies and broke down.
Their true friendship is going viral all over the social media spreading the message of true friendship and humanity in today’s inhuman world.

It would not be wrong if we say that one must learn from these speechless beings, who only with their innocence and loyalty, prove to be better beings than us. May the innocent souls of these two best friends rest in peace. And may our barbaric civilization learns more about awareness and take measures to avoid such unfortunate accidents in future.


Toddler Poses With Teenage Parents, 17 Years Later Looks Closely At Photo And Exposes Truth

You might have seen many teenagers becoming parents. At such a young age, they have a huge responsibility for raising their child and they even have to make many sacrifices for it.

And, the kids who belong to such families are so lucky to have parents like them. One such family recently came into account on social media, who being teenagers had their first child, Madeleine.

Despite their age, they conquered all the challenges of being young parents. And, now they all together make a beautiful family.

Recently, Madeleine shared a heart touching story of her family from her high school to graduation with the “Love What Matters’ page on Facebook. She wrote something along with the pictures explaining why it meant for her beautiful family.

She shared that both her parents were teenagers when she was born to them. Her mother was just 16 and her father was only 17. Despite their young age, they decided to bring Madeleine in their life.

She also wrote in her note explaining how both her parents lived with their families after her birth. But, they simultaneously cared for her as well.

She even shared an old picture on Facebook from June 2000, portraying why it meant so much to her!

She also expressed that ever since she had seen that old picture, she always wished to recreate it but it’s been a long time and she couldn’t make it happen.

She wrote:
“We made it TOGETHER. My mom was 15 while pregnant with me, she had me at 16. My dad was 17. The original picture is from June 2000. My parents were judged a lot during this time but stayed strong together. They both lived with their parents but were raising me together. They were determined to make it and provide me with a future. My dad worked full time in construction and my mom was still playing soccer. Today, they have a strong, loving marriage. They purchased a beautiful home. My mom is a stay-at-home mom and my dad has a great career as a longshoreman. I have two little sisters that are following in my footsteps. The original photo has always been an inspiration to me. I wanted to recreate this photo since the beginning of my senior year but especially after I accepted my offer to college. I also wanted it to be a reflection to show them how far we’ve come together as a family. My parents have always been my motivation to be successful in high school and now strive to do well in college. I couldn’t ask for a more loving, supportive family than the one God gave me. Yeah, that’s right, we made it TOGETHER.”

Even though this family was doubted by many people around them, but Madeleine’s parents never stopped encouraging her. Now, this beautiful teen is headed to her college.

It’s true that without the love and support of her parents, Madeleine’s future would not be so bright as she is now. What a beautiful family they make!

Husband Hadn’t Cut Hair Since His Mom Died, Wife Can’t Even Recognize Him

Parents are the ones who are always there whenever we need them. Their life experiences always help us to deal with situations. It’s very difficult to imagine our life without them.

We never know what we have until that is actually gone. Losing a parent is like losing a part of our self.

Read out this post to know what a person did after losing his mother.

Kevin had to watch his mother die of cancer. He made all efforts to save her but lost her to the typical disease.

16 years ago before passing away, she whispered into Kevin’s ears to shave her head. She wanted those to be donated to charity.

In agreement to what his mother did, Kevin also vowed to grow his hair and donate them to charity to help out the needy people in their treatment concerning hair loss.

From the time he lost his mother, he had donated his hairs for three times. Every time they grew, he would chop them off and donate to a charity named Locks of Love.

That was a noble cause which kept him look ragged and with disheveled appearance. His wife Toni had not seen his bright side for years and was willing to give up on see how her loving husband looks like without his locks.

That was when his wife decided to meet Rachel Ray to design a new look for her husband, Kevin. Rachel and Stacy London heard about him and planned to go with Toni’s idea. They gave Kevin an offer which he could not refuse.

He was advised for a complete makeover, revamp his head hair, beard, and clothes, to give him a modern and a clean appearance. Though Kevin was nervous as he had not seen himself in years, he agreed to go for it. Toni was overjoyed with his decision.

The plan really worked and with his new appearance, the ladies were spellbound. Toni was really happy to see his new look.

Wearing a blazer and sporting a new look, Kevin turned into a clean handsome and sophisticated man although he still maintained some of his edges.

Kevin would now be donating his hair for the fourth time.Let us know your comments on his amazing transformation.


You Сan Get Rich Right Now if You Have One of These 8 Things

Who doesn’t want to get rich quickly and easily? Although it seems impossible, there is a tiny window of opportunity open for all of you out there to give this money making scheme a try. All you need to do is clean out your house and find stuff to sell off on online auctions and social networks. You never know which item might fetch you a sky high price.

We have consolidated a list to get you started.


The Vintage food is in trend now. You can find the gourmets and collectors hunting down products like old cereal boxes or Szechuan sauce. These items when traded om social networks fetch a huge amount. For instance, this energy drink is estimated at $16,999.



The first Harry Potter edition of “Harry Potter and thePhilosophicall Stone”  which sold 500 copies with the mispelled authors name is now a collectors item. Apparently it was auctioned off for £43,500.


If at one time you were a devotee of specialized oddities, you most likely have two or three superfluous mobile phones. For instance, the primary iPhone era or massive mobile phones of the ’80s and ’90s set are available to be purchased for a few thousand dollars. Here the appearance and effectiveness of the phone are valued. For instance, 2 unloaded iPhone 2Gs are marked down for $12,999.


Today the primary entertainments of the advanced are in demand. Obviously, they have to work appropriately, and it’s better in the event that they have never been utilized. The most prevalent are Tamagotchi (up to $2,000), portable game boy (up to $6,500), and, obviously, the star of auctions: Nintendo NES with cartridges.


The Lego collector’s item of the Darth Vader prototype was sold for almost $9,999. And the interactive Furby toys (up to $1,000).


If you have collected coins or any tradeoff cards or stamps you need to have them valued. They are in for a high value based on the appearance and the number of copies.


A copy of The Beatles’ collection Yesterday and Today with a shocking cover is viewed as uncommon. They were portrayed in white butchers coats with headless infant dolls and bits of crude meat which is the reason it was called “The Butcher Cover.” The ideal vinyl with such a cover was sold at sell off for $125,000.



The Grace Kelly coins were in circulation in 2007 and just 20,000 of them were made. The cost of these coins is anywhere between 600 and 1,000 euros.










10 Greatest Modern Day Engineering Marvels Of The World

Marvels are those wonderful things that make you look at them in awe of their beauty. While nature excels at creating marvels most of the times, sometimes even the man-made things such as bridges, tunnels or skyscrapers also qualify to be that awesome. These feats of engineering are absolutely wonderful masterpieces which deserve to be seen by the world. Hence, we have brought ten such greatest modern day engineering marvels from across the world, let’s have a look at them

 Millay Viaduct (Millau, France)

It is world’s tallest cable-stayed road bridge having towers as tall as the Empire State Building. Completed in December 2004, this project aimed at reducing the traffic congestion between Paris and Barcelona during the summer vacation months. The technique used in the construction of this bridge is as amazing as the bridge itself. Since it was to be constructed at an incredible height of 900 feet,  The roads were built on both side of the towers and then rolled out to the middle instead of the bridge being installed in sections. Amazing, isn’t it?

The Venice Tide Barrier Project (Venice, Italy)

This project is the world’s largest flood prevention project preventing the city of Venice from flooding. Started in the year 2003, the project consists of 78 rotating gates, each with an area of 6,500 square feet. The gates of the barrier project are the large metal boxes that usually rest at the bottom of the sea. However, when the tide rises above 3 1/2 feet, the water is removed from the gates, causing them to float.

Three Gorges Dam (Sandouping, Hubei, China)

It is the world’s largest hydroelectric power station and also the world’s largest concrete structure. This dam is about one and a half mile wide and therefore it creates electricity equivalent to 18 nuclear power plants.

National Stadium (Beijing, China)

Also called as “Bird’s Nest”, National Stadium is the world’s largest steel structure. Built for the 2008 Olympics, it looked no less than an intricate work of art.

Palm Islands (Dubai)

Located off the coast of the UAE in the Persian Gulf near Dubai, Palm Island is the world’s largest man-made island and probably the largest project on this list.

The Large Hadron Collider (Geneva, Switzerland)

This is world’s largest and highest particle-energy accelerator which is located underground in a 574-foot long tunnel with a circumference of 17 miles. The purpose of building the Large Hadron Collider was to develop technologies such as medical imaging and electronics among many other.

Channel Tunnel

A 32-mile long underwater tunnel linking Folkestone, Kent, in the United Kingdom, with Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, near Calais in northern France, beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover, Channel Tunnel is the world’s longest stretch of underwater tunnel.

Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Chandra X-Ray Observatory is a Flagship-class space observatory launched on STS-93 by NASA on July 23, 1999. It enables the scientists to obtain the X-ray images from high-energy regions of the universe.

The Bailong Elevator (Zhangjiajie, China)

The Bailong Elevator is the highest and heaviest outdoor elevator in the world and is built off the side of an enormous cliff in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China. This elevator is 1,070 feet high and consists of three double-story glass elevators which take exactly two minutes to ride from the base to the top and it can carry 50 people in one trip. Wanna go on a ride, then?

The New Valley Project (Western Desert of Egypt)

The New Valley Project is one of the largest development projects in Egypt consisting of building a massive irrigation system to reclaim a half-a-million acres of desert. Scheduled for the completion in the year 2017, it aims at building a second Nile Valley to transform 500,000 acres of desert into agricultural land.

8 Cool Dry Ice Experiments That You Can Try And Play With At Home Whenever You Buy Ice Cream!

Every time we order ice cream from the nearby ice cream parlour, they deliver it to us with some dry ice. And the little scientist in each one of us wants to experiment with the dry ice. So, we add a little bit of water to it and giggle over the fizzy aura it creates. It is a wonderful thing to do even when you’re hosting a Halloween party since it creates a fizzy foggy kind-a-space. But there are some other really cool things you can do wit dry ice. We’ve here compiled a list of 8 cool dry ice experiment, but some of them should not be performed indoor. So, be safe!

The Warm-Water Detergent Experiment

All you need for this experiment is a bowl, warm water and some detergent. Add detergent to it and stir well. Now add some dry ice and see the magic!

The Dry Ice-Balloon Experiment

For this one, you just need a small balloon and some dry ice. Put some dry ice into the balloon and whoa! It is amazing to see them swell up by themselves!

The Hot Water- Dry Ice Story

Put some dry ice in a pot and keep the pot in the sink. Now add some hot water to it. It is enough to make the whole place foggy. It gives a nice spooky look to the Halloween party.

The Plastic Wrap Experiment

For this, you will need a plastic wrap, a knife, rubber bands, warm water and a few cups. Now cut out a small hole on the base of the cup and wrap the top of the cup with the help of plastic wrap and the rubber bands after placing some dry ice in the cup. Now add some warm water to the cup. The setup is ready to shoot some smoke rings from the cups.

The Detergent- Water Experiment

You’ll need some detergent, some water, a piece of cloth and a bowl. Now, add about 5 tbsp of detergent to the water in the bowl and stir it well. Pull the cloth through the detergent mix. Add some dry ice into the bowl and see the magic!

The Ethanol Experiment

Put some ethanol in the funnel tube. Add some dry ice to it. Now dip a jelly worm to it. Take it out from the mixture after a few minutes and see it turn rock hard! You can do it with a flower also.

The Crushed Dry Ice Experiment

Crush the dry ice into extremely fine pieces and take it into a bowl. Blow some bubbles into it and see the bubbles levitate on their own!

The Craziest One

Okay this one, you should not try at home! In a bottle half filled with water, some amount of dry ice is added and then the bottle is carefully closed. Just guess what could happen to it! Or else, see in the video underneath!

Here’s the video tutorial for all these crazy experiments!




Woman’s Car Bangs Into Leonardo DiCaprio’s Car, This Is What The Actor Did In Return

Expectations from celebrities are sometimes unreal and imaginary. When these come true especially when dealing with the common people, such rise-to-fame stars win hearts for their kindness and benevolence.

The most renowned star, Leonardo Dicaprio is winning hearts of millions of his fans all over the social media sites. Let’s take a look as to what had happened actually.

It was a bright day when the Oscar winner, Leonardo Dicaprio was driving his Range Rover with his 24-year old Danish girlfriend, Nina Agdal and suddenly a Mini Cooper banged into his vehicle from behind.

The model, Nina, and the lady driver both went into a state of shock and discomfort for a couple of minutes until the heartthrob played his part.
Thankfully, no one was hurt!

Instead of losing control and raging out in anger, the actor stood up to comfort his girlfriend who was completely scared of the sudden accident.

He hugged and smiled to calm her down.

His act of kindness did not end with his girlfriend he stepped down to help the lady too. He patiently asked the lady to unlock her door and come out of the car.

He took her to guardrail to rest a bit. His initiative helped her to come out of the miserable state. He took both the ladies under a shade and helped them relax for a while.

Consoling the lady love along with the other lady was something which won hearts of the general public. This being one of the live examples that such people really exist, and humility does exist even when people soar to fame.

Not only soothing the women, he even maintained his chivalry while dealing with the case legally. Even before the cops, the 41-year old actor kept his calmness and helped to solve the case completely in peace.

Instead of going through the troublesome procedure, he rather went through a few paperwork and on-call conversations.

Look at the car what it looked before the accident happened. Thank God, they all are safe and we as Leonardo’s lucky fans were able to see his kindness.

Blanket Looks Just Like His Dad Michael Jackson…

Michael Joseph Jackson is a name that will always remain in our heart! Though he died soon, he left his super cute three kids to follow his rocking footsteps! His youngest kid ‘Blanket’ is 14 and surprisingly looks a lot like his father.

Michael Jackson is a name that is being worshiped around the globe. He had an unforgettable career. His moves, especially the Moon Walk, had set a benchmark for all those dance lovers. And the music industry renamed him as King of Pop.  Along with being an absolutely incredible singer, he was also a very loving father.

Prince Michael ‘Blanket’ Jackson II was born on February 21st, 2002 and is Jackson’s third child. It was his father who entitled him with ‘Blanket’ surname. He was merely a seven-year-old when his father descended to heavens.

Blanket is a 14-year-old teenager now and attends an elite Buckley school in Los Angeles and is also learning martial arts and has always kept a relatively low profile since his father’s death in 2009.
But Blanket is in headlines now for a very strange yet a reasonable reason.

Blanket is now known by the name ‘Bigi’. The name was given to him by his father and it must be hard for him to escape from the shadow of his father. According to Radar Online, ‘Growing up, his school mates have always been slightly mean to him because of their jealousy over who he is, and going by Blanket made him a much easier target for ridicule.’

But Bigi looks much like his father, he’s got similar big round eyes and sweet hair. His family says that the little boy is interested in music and the performing arts and he’ll more likely follow in his father’s footsteps in the future.

It’d be great to see him follow in his father’s footsteps in the future.

These 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women On Earth

Sure, we have all these beauty pageants in place to decide who is the most beautiful women on earth.But if you were a keen observer you would have witnessed a regular pattern from specific countries.

So here we bring you a list of 10 countries with the most beautiful Women.

Girls who are sweet natured and pretty are from this country. The raven beauties from here almost always rank second during the beauty pageants.Another reason to get your bags packing to this country.


The place which produces the highest number of models and celebrities. Here the women are not only beautiful, they  are also smart, highly qualified and possess good fashion etiquette.The country is a diverse mix of colors and appearances.


The land of ravishing blonde and brunette beauties. Their attraction lies in the fact that they are free spirited, fun and sociable.


The women here ooze out self-confidence which adds to their appeal. With America being one of the most powerful countries it comes as no surprise that women here are not just naturally gorgeous but they take control of their life and are self-sufficient.



The Women here are beautiful as they are fun and educated. They keep themselves fit and coming from a land of multiple cultures only adds to their beauty.


The women here are mostly beautiful tall blondes who are agile and graceful.


A country filled with Women with gorgeous brown eyes, beauty, and confidence. The ladies from this country are termed’ classy’ because of their amazing sense of fashion.


This country is filled with amazing women with long dark hair, gorgeous face and striking features. Venezuela is, in fact, the country which boasts the highest number of beauty pageant crowns.



The Country which has blondes with stunning figures, distinctive features, and piercing blue eyes. They possess a deadly combination of being both clever and confident making them all the more intriguing.


Home of goddesses with fair skin, tall, sleek and pretty blue eyes. They boast high intelligence and independence. A fine combination of good looks and attractive personalities.