10 Completely Random Pics For Some Good Laughs

1. I’m glad they’re not down with false advertising.

But dang, IKEA, how dumb do you think we are? Well, I guess it’s not dumb if it’s just a dream of ours.
Instagram | @bruhhhvideo

2. Here’s a good gift for that one hipster who’s always straining your friendship.

Or for that one time traveling friend who’s always looking to cook some peas on the go!
Reddit | [deleted]

3. I figured I’d throw in a cool DIY image for you guys to try at home sometime!

NOTE: do not try this at home unless you are a trained lobster handler.
Reddit | hacksaw_elusive

4. This ad was thrown around theaters at the time the new It movie was being screened.

Normally I don’t care about advertisements at all, but this wins points for creativity!
Reddit | cynical_sonofabitch

5. Man, there are few pictures that work better as a metaphor for my life after college.

But hey, look at me now! Writing about random crap I find on the internet… Yeah.
Reddit | professorsoundsilly

6. Before college, during college, and after college — this pretty much sums it up.

Yo, I didn’t choose the nug life, the nug life chose me. Mmm, chicken nug life.
Instagram | @nochill

7. Surely, this giant monster will devour us all!

To be fair, I think that every time I see a big ol’ bug. I’d rather see the real Godzilla than this.
Reddit | HooptyDooDooMeister

8. Here’s a great way to share and lose friends!

Because, if you’re like me, you probably have way too many friends anyway… Yes. I am so not alone, you guys…so not alone.
Imgur | TheProverbs31Woman

9. Pretty much me on any given day.

At this point, I’m a hollow, empty shell of my former self. Kinda like this goofy, spooky witch! Man, I sure love Halloween.
Twitter | @TweetLlkeAGirl

10. Wisdom teeth surgery is no joke! But, I mean, the aftermath definitely is.

If anyone asks, tell them you don’t give a Farquaad. That’s right, step up and get Shrek’d, ya donkey!
Instagram | @funnycahitstrue

10 Very Weird And Very Real Fetishes That Will Make You Say “WTF”

People are into a lot of strange stuff.

To each their own, I suppose, but I’m sure you’ll be very interested to know just how deep the rabbit hole goes. There are people who are attracted to sunlight. Like actual rays of sunlight. And balloons. Yeah, I’m not kidding.

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve come across stuff like that before. After all, that’s basically what half of the internet is used for.

VagaBomb compiled a list of different fetishes, and it’s just so fascinating seeing how some people’s minds work!

#1 Actirasty

#2 Agalmatophilia

#3 Anasteemaphilia.

#4 Chasmophilia

#5 Climacophilia

#6 Knismolagnia.

#7 Lithophilia.

#8 Mechanophilia.

#9 Melissaphilia.

Please share your thoughts in the comments!

30 Hilarious Offensive Cross Stitches That Are Much Better Than Cliche Quotes

The Following Cross Stitches Are Not Exactly Inspirational.

What comes to your mind when you think of cross stitches? Well, I’ll tell you what I think. I think of a Grandma thoughtfully stitching inspirational quotes on a pillow or displayed in a frame.

However, the following cross stitches are nothing like that. Don’t get what I mean? Don’t worry, you will understand soon enough.

#1 Where Are The Dinosaurs When You Need Them?

#2 That Seems Very Welcoming.

#3 I 100% Agree.

#4 This Should Be The True Saying.

#5 Aren’t We All?

#6 And Yet I Will Still Find You Cute.

#7 Thanks For That Fact.

#8 I See What You Did There.

#9 Why Did I Never Think About That?

#10 Yup, Look What You Made Me Do.

#11 My Life Motto.

#12 Very True.

#13 Okay…

#14 This Sounds Much More Like Reality.

#15 Would You Kindly?

#16 We Could Never Find Someone Like That.

#17 Don’t We All.

#18 So You Five No Fucks?

#19 Rainbows Are Of Course Associated With Gangster Life.

#20 Because I Am A Fucking Lady!

#21 Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

#22 Should We All Resort To Cannibalism Now?

#23 Can I Join You?

#24 Was It A Good Dream?

#25 Finally Someone Understands.

#26 Thanks For Making Me Realize That.

#27 I Feel Much Better Now.

#28 This Is Certainly Educational.

#29 Shall We Do It In The Living Room?

#30 Ending This With The Following Inspirational Quote.

10+ Stupidest Facebook Posts That Will Make You Facepalm After Facepalm

Yes, People Can Be Very Stupid.

The following posts are proof of people’s stupidity. Now, you might think that most of these are some kind of jokes. Sadly, they are not. However, these will definitely boost your morale and confidence.

So just sit back and enjoy these facebook posts as pure entertainment. Also, try to forget that real people wrote this and impending doom is reaching us.

#1 I Am Not Sure She Is Qualified.

Via lamebook

#2 I Am More Worried About The Person Who liked The Post.

Via runt-of-the-web

#3 Two Great Minds Finally Meet.

Via seenox

#4 That Might Be True.

Via funpic

#5 This Man Knows History.

Via zismile

#6 This Is Reassurance Right Here.

Via Lamebook

#7 Are We Talking About The Same Alaska Here?

Via yurock

#8 Ever Heard About A Little Thing Called Gravity?

Via Pinterest

#9 You Can Find The Best Advice On Facebook.

Via fukarf.com

#10 These Went On To Become The Best Selling Writers Of Our Generation.

Via funcage

#11 Nature Really Make That?

Via lolriot.com

#12 Well, Life Is Full Of Mistakes.

Via reddit

#13 I Think I Bruised My Forehead.

Via reddit

#14 No Way Really?

Via Fukarf

#15 Merry Christmas.

Via thefw

#16 I Think I Lost A Few Braincells.

Via Imgur

#17 Just Slowly Back Away.

Via reddit

#18 It Is Obvious She Meant An Escalator!

Via opposingviews

#19 I Don’t Think A Comma Could Ever Help Him.

Via izismile

#20 Not For You Atleast.

Via lolbrary