13 Ridiculous Wedding Photos That Should NOT Go in Their Album

A wedding is about two imperfect people who decide to share their rest of the life with each other after making huge announcements in the public. They always like to capture their grand beginning in the form of pictures so that they could recall those lovely moments in their future lives.

But there are some pictures which should definitely not to be a part of the wedding, take a look!

For sure, this type of picture should not be included in any wedding album. Look at their clothes choice, all are filled in with big holes, simply a bag choice!

The bride in the picture should be asked to pull up her dress before clicking the picture, because once she sees it, definitely she will want to delete it immediately.

Before taking this shot, the photographer should have tried different angles because after adding this picture to his portfolio, he must have to struggle to get more projects.

Setting her for comfort by fixing the girdle gave a shot that of course, the groom would not be happy to see.

The groom is wondering if he can have another bottle of wine. The bride will not allow adding this picture in their wedding album.

The Hulk bride has gained the complete focus here outshining the dashing groom.

You all love doing gymnastics, but how could a bride think of hanging on a swing on her wedding day? Delete it!

This is probably the most ingenious kind of creativity the photographer has imagined before clicking the picture.

Making your wedding pictures the most memorable and beautiful and if it is along the seaside. But the photographer should have taken this shot from the other side so as to save it from getting ruined by the drunk man.

It seems that the bride is trying to escape herself from doing the biggest mistake of her life but got stuck in between.

I am sure the groom would not be happy seeing this!

The photographer should have suggested the bride keep her mouth shut.

These guys are trying to save huge money on their wedding. Instead of purchasing heavy costumes, they decided to paint themselves. Good idea! But this picture should be avoided adding in their wedding album.


So, guys beware of each and every moment that is being captured!



Life hacks can be a real game changer because people think they have found the easiest way to do something.

These life hacks are some of the best that we have collected for you to go through and try yourself.

Padlocks can keep your things secure but can also be used for a bad purpose may be when someone is trying to stop you from entering your own property or put one on your bike as a joke.

Find two bolt wrenches and ensure that your wrench fits the lock. Apply pressure to the both sides of wrench such that one side of the lock gives out.

With sufficient pressure, the lock will break. If the lock is large then you may need to use a spacer.

Activate Siri by holding the Home button and ask for the current time. Then just tap on it.

Tap on the Add icon when the clock interface opens. Type any city you want to search and use Select all and then use Share option. Tap on the message icon from the options.

Draft a message and write something in ‘To’ field. Press return button and then tap on the Add option to create a new contact and simply add a photo from your device gallery. After some time, press the Home button and you will enter the Home screen of your iPhone without a passcode.

On the glass front of the vending machine put some change and then select your item. While the machine is selecting hold the glass mirror with your hand and continuing holding. The machine will not be able to deliver the item and will give you the change back. Now put 4 more dollars and pick another item but don’t hold the door. The machine will give the item selected before and then you press Coin Return button and you will start getting all your money in coins.

Sign up for an account and optimize your Amazon profile. Review products you already have purchased from Amazon. Then just go to the shopping area and apply to review free products which you are interested in and when it gets approved they will send it to you and then you just do a text review on Amazon.

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10 of the best shots of total solar eclipse 2017

21st August 2017 was a day when millions of people were trying to get a glimpse of the total solar eclipse that took place after 99 years. With their cameras ready, people from Oregon to South Carolina took every possible opportunity to capture this awe-inspiring moment. Here are the best shots of the total solar eclipse that will leave you awestruck.

This one is the most beautiful shot of an airplane crossing the solar eclipse on 21st August. The photographer said that it was an accidental shot. Whatever it might be, it is a great one.

This is the second shot which was clicked near the ends of the mountains. Ever witnessed a solar eclipse like this? Lucky is the one of who witnessed and captured it.


This photograph is of the total solar eclipse as seen from the Oregon. Millions of people gathered with their solar eclipse glasses to witness such a beautiful phenomena.


With hours of great planning, this shot was all about perfect timing and quick action as the eclipse was about to get ruined by the dark clouds. It is so beautifully clicked.


Idaho had a perfect view of the total solar eclipse over the Snake River because of the great weather conditions. This is a snap of one of the beautiful total eclipse views.


This is also one of the best shots of 21st August total solar eclipse. The photographer had to chase it for a perfect click and it was actually worth chasing.

The totality of the solar eclipse lasted for a few minutes which was an opportunity to the photographers to capture this heavenly view.


This couple witnessing the solar eclipse is another picture going viral over the Internet.

This snap from New York is winning hearts. It is all because of the hope and desire to witness a solar eclipse.

Another shot from Oregon from its painted hills. This sight of a beautiful solar eclipse above one of the most beautiful places on Earth is just amazing.

10 Celebrities You Won’t Recognize Without Makeup

Female celebrities are all about glamour, style, sophistication, and beauty. But, not all the celebrities are exquisitely beautiful as they appear on red carpets and events. It is the trick of makeup which makes them look that stunning.

Here we have compiled a list of celebrities, who look no different than us without makeup.

This famous child actress looks like my next door neighbor, without her makeup. Maybe, being a mother to two toddlers has taken a toll on her.


This ex-wife of Tom Cruise always looks gorgeous while making public appearances. However, she looks much younger without her makeup.


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This 44-year-old actress looks stunning with makeup, but without she comes across as someone you will bump into on a train ride. She has aged beautifully though.



This personally troubled actress is known for her freckles, which is, even more, clearer without her usual makeup on.

We are used to seeing Lady Gaga experiment with her looks so frequently that, none of us would recognize her without makeup even if she walks right past us.

The Daenerys Targaryen of the small screen might have captured your hearts with her beauty but, she is quite unrecognizable without makeup.

This Isreal actress and model looks no closer to the “Wonder Woman” without her usual amount of makeup.

The only way you would recognize this super model without her makeup is her trademark eyebrows. With such distinctive features, who needs makeup?

Olivia Wilde without makeup looks like a hassled mother on a school day morning.

Salma Hayek looks almost the same without makeup, minus the glamour.

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Bannon: The Trump presidency is ‘over’

Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, declared that the Trump Presidency that he helped build is ‘over’. Ever since his news of exit came, it has become viral over the social media and fans of Bannon.

During an interview on Friday, Steve informed the media on his exit from Trump Presidency. He vowed to move forward with his nationalist movement, hours after he was fired from his position in the White House. He believes that a new era is going to begin – an era at odds with his brand of nationalist-populist exceptionalism.

Bannon told the Weekly Standard that “The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over”.

Hours after leaving the White House, Steve Bannon was back at Breitbart, a right wing website which he ran. In a press interview, he mentioned, “We still have a big movement and that Trump presidency is over. It will be something else now with all types of fights with good and bad days”.

Bannon claimed to be free now and he was not going quietly as he rounded on those he held responsible for his departure

“I am surely going to crush the opposition and there’s no doubt. I built a f–king machine at Breitbart and now I’m about to go back with what I know, and we’re about to rev that machine”.

Steve Bannon told the Weekly Standard that in future he would be working with his media apparatus to influence the president.

White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not explain the reasons for Bannon’s departure.

The White House then issued a press statement that the decision was agreed by Mr. Bannon and John Kelly, the chief of staff and the mutual agreement would avoid Mr. Trump put his name to the firing of the man who most connects him to his diehard supporters.

The Saturday Night Live depicted Barron as the grim reaper, playing Mr. Trump like a puppet – something which reportedly amused Mr. Bannon but enraged his boss.

Illustrator Imagines Fast Food Mascots As Animation Characters And Now Everyone Wants To Read Their Manga

You know that logo is a fundamental part of any brand, and companies spend millions on logos figuring out what will stick in the consumer’s minds when they see it. But we live in a world which tends to be crazy and seek fun by screwing up things we see daily.

The digital artist, Ozumii Wizard from the Philippines has reimagined different fast food mascots and creatively turned them into awesome anime characters.

Is he that fit? Mr. Sanders can easily give several men who dream of a body shape like that, a run for their money.

Who would not love to have coffee made by this beautiful mermaid? Guess, one sip of coffee can take you to the top of the world.


You can get irritated or just pretend, but if you love your partner truly then just pamper them and show your love.

HA HA! At times you can be too naughty to be handled. But yes it is good to tease your friend or partner at some occasions just to check how much they like you.


This world is too crazy and would turn you from a good looking person into a threatening joker.


Won’t you love dining with a King? Of Course, Yes. Just hop on to your nearest Burger King outlet.


This queen is so kind hearted to provide you with all sorts of tastes you have desired for. Catch her before your favorite fruit ice cream is finished.

He seems to be coming straight from his office as his tie is still hanging around his neck.

Looking at the small logo and you can imagine a monk offering a cup of tea. Chat and relax with every sip. But, what if it is a cute girl? Then, just flirt your way in.

Jack looks to be hacked with a nice cap on his head.

Denny dreams and dreams a lot. He should wake up now and see what’s inside.


A nice peacock in the center but imagine if it turns out to be the beautiful girl in the picture.

Who needs hideous hat and goggles which don’t match your personality.

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World’s 5 Greatest Magic tricks Revealed!

Magic has always surprised us and has left us amazed. The cutting of a person in half and then the body getting all glued up or the rabbit from a hat, everything leaves us wondering. So, now only for you, we are going to reveal the reality between these magic tricks. Read on.

The reality behind the walking on water magic trick is no supernatural power thing or a superhuman thing but the using of plexiglass under the water surface before the coming of the audience. It is such arranged such that one cannot see the glass with a naked eye until you are a very keen observer.


The secret behind it is in the box. There are actually three people involved in this trick and the box is actually a two chambered box, both very much deeper to hold a whole person where one box has a person revealing his face and other has a person revealing his feet. As soon as the magician tricks that he has cut the person in half, the other person’s feet wriggles, making you feel that it is one person who was cut and again glued.


This trick is actually a dangerous one. The secret behind it is the stocks where the feet are locked, that opens once pushed. The container with heated water is also not air tight. All what the person needs to do is hold the breath under water for three minutes and excel the trick of rolling upside down and getting on the box all smiling.

For this trick all you need is a quick and clear action done exactly within nano seconds. Just hang a pouch with rabbit under the table cloth or take a table with hidden drawers and hide it there. The magician just tricks the audience with the empty hat and then suddenly put the rabbit inside, leaving people amazed.


This is also one trick that magicians are yet trying to excel. It is all about a hidden hole and perfect timing. The box in which the guy is kept has no lock and when the melodrama goes on, the guy takes his time to come out of it. And, when the guy is holding the long magic cloth, the girl takes a lot if time to unlock the box and change clothes. And within a few seconds of perfect timing, the guy tricks you and you think there is a change.

5 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

The world is full of mysteries which are still unsolved and such unsolved mysteries often lead to curiosity and ruin our beliefs, forcing us to consider that there is something supernatural about them. Here, we have made a list of five mysterious creatures ever caught on the camera whose existence is yet a matter of question.

The Japan’s disastrous tsunami was caught on camera by thousands but there were some videos which had caught something very much different and creepy. It appeared all of a sudden from water, shape lifted and then suddenly climbed up the wall and disappeared. No scientific explanation has been given in the creature’s matter yet.


A mystical giant worm like creature was captured by Hjortur Kjerulf, making its way upriver against the currents of a glacial river that feeds Lagarfljot, a freshwater lake in east Iceland. It was compared to the Giant worm seen for the first time in 1345.


A video of a creature was captured in China’s Sand Bay by Shenzhen Reservoir in 2015. It had large claws and had no fur making it look creepy. It was then kept in a steel cage which the animal was aggressively trying to come out of by trying to cut it leading to a bleeding mouth. Many people said it to be a Chinese mythical creature while others said it was a Malaysian bear cub with a skin disease.


A mysterious creature was caught on camera in 2015, near the seabed off the coast in Angola, residing at the depth of 1325 meters. It was captured by BP team, who were there in the ocean with their Remotely Operated Vehicle, where they captured this creature. It is said that this is a creature with a colony of other sea creatures that will grow out to be the world’s largest animal as they grow as much as 65 feet long. They live through cloning.


This one is the creepiest. A Ningen is a Japanese word meaning Human. A humanoid type of creature was seen by the Pacific fishermen who claimed to spot the creature in 1990’s. It is said that it is 60 to 90 feet long with a blubbery whale like body but head, torso, and appendages of a human.

12 Badass Trees That Just Refuse To Die

Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven. Although, if trees gave off wifi signals, then this generation would end up planting so many trees that might end up saving our planet.

But, in spite of various forms of destruction, some trees seem to stand the test of time. Check out few trees which never give up.


Although the image looks like something out of a canvas, this tree found its way to survive.


When this tree fell to the ground, it found a way to continue growing by curving right back up.


The Tsunami tragedy claimed about 70,000 trees in Japan. Among them, only this tree survived, which was restored and is being protected till date.


When this tree fell off, it just ended up growing four more trees out of it.


This tree from Olympic National Park, Washington has managed to grow between by two boulders by spreading its roots over them.


This tree looks like a piece of art with its roots spilling over the sidewalk.


The determination to grow did not stop this tree from cutting through the rock to reach the skies.


This tree did not even let a Speed Limit Sign from getting it its way.


When you cut one head off, two more sprouts from its place.

Give me light and I will find a to grow more leaves and not shed them in autumn.


Swapping nutrients and love, this tree grows over another one.


Is it what they mean when they say you have a beautiful view out your window?


What do you think of this nature’s amazing gift? Feel free to share your views with us.




Being a celebrity is not only about style, fame, glamour, money, red carpets and events. They like all of us have relationships, breakups, weddings, babies etc. But when you are a celebrity it gets tough to manage and maintain a relationship and thus the divorce rate among them is pretty high.

So most of the celebrities enter a prenup in order to protect themselves. Let us check out some crazy prenups of Hollywood.


The power couple has no dearth of money. As per the prenup, Beyonce gets $5 million for every child she gives birth. And in case of a divorce, she would receive $1 million for every year they were married.


The prenup was the sole reason why the wedding was called off. Ben did not want a no-cheating clause in the prenup as Jen would have ended up with half his earnings in case he cheated. Ben also went on to demand that a clause of having sex 4 times week be added in the contract. He also demanded $5 million for marrying her.


Any gift above $7,000 was to come with a legal document saying who will own it if they divorce. Also, Kevin would receive only $1 million if divorced.


As per their prenup, Katie received $3 million for every year they have married, which amounts to $15 million and $400,000 a year in child support.


In case Justin cheats, Jessica would end up getting $500,000 from him as per their signed prenup. Jessica surely knows how to strike a deal.


Since they both have enough money, their prenup revolves around their kids. Brad would have no custody of their kids in case of a divorce.


With a net worth of over $220 million, George Clooney is liable to pay $20 million to Amal in case of a divorce as per the prenup.


Guess what Crystal gets in case of a divorce. Nothing!!!His fortune gets split up among his children, the University of Southern California film school and various charities.Maybe true love does exist.


They never went through with this wedding because, Tony wanted a clause that said if Jessica weighed more than 135 pounds, he would get $500,000. Talk about vanity!


Know any other crazy prenups from Hollywood? Please share them in the comments section.