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Tom Brady says playoffs are about execution, not experience


Tom Brady says playoffs are about execution, not experience

With the NFL Playoffs in full swing, each team enters each game with their own unique edge over the competition. Among the most notable qualities that are often discussed is which contender has the most big-game experience.

However, New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady is not sold on having experience as an advantage. According to Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk, Brady feels playoff success all comes down to a matter of execution:

“I think it just comes down to how well you play,” Brady said. “At the end of the day, it’s not about old guys are going to win or young guys are going to win, the home team, the road team. It’s really going to come down to execution. No one’s going to be able to do it for you.

“You’re out there, you’re in the position to succeed. Your coaches have put a lot on you. The team’s really relying on you. You’ve got to go out there and make the plays. You’ve got to make the tackles, you’ve got to make the throws, the catches, the blocks, the runs, whatever it takes.

“Whoever does that better is going to win the game over the course of 60 minutes. Again, all these plays matter, so we’ve got to go out there and make sure every one counts.”

Among the intriguing storylines going into their matchup with the Tennessee Titans is the historic age gap between Brady and quarterback Marcus Mariota. Fans were banking on the team’s championship pedigree as one of the reasons they are so heavily favored over the Titans.

However, it seems Brady will be relying on the team’s studious habits to carry them during their run at a second straight Super Bowl. However, it’s not hard to see the Patriots’ massive experience advantage over the Titans likely playing at least some part during the game.

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