Cards Against Humanity Just Bought A Piece Of US Border So Trump Can’t Build The Wall

Anyone got 15$?

Because if you do you might wanna give those to the Cards against humanity. Why you might ask? Well, they are trying to save America thats why! Because lets be nobody else is trying to.

So somebody has to step up and it seems like that ‘someone’ is cards against humanity. Let me elaborate. We are aware of the hatred that Donald Trump has towards the Mexicans. We also know he wants to spend millions of dollars on an unnecessary wall that separates America and Mexico.

Is it the best idea to annoy the President though?

Well at least they are not taking the nuclear approach just to annoy him. Surprisingly they are taking  quite a civil approach.

Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans. He is so afraid that he wants to build a $20 billion wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing.

So we’ve purchased a plot of vacant land on the border and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built.

They will also send you a special ‘surprise’ for your contribution.

They also don’t care what you think of them for doing this. Why? Well they can themselves answer that.

FAQ on their website:-

I don’t like that you’re getting political, why don’t you just stick to card games?

They replied perfectly:-

Why don’t you stick to seeing how many Hot Wheels cars you can fit up your asshole?

Celebs Read Mean Tweets About Jimmy Kimmel As Tribute For His 50th Birthday And It’s Hilarious

Insults are the best birthday gift anyone can ask for.

What do you mean it’s not? Because that is the best gift I could ask for. You see, Jimmy Kimmel’s birthday was yesterday. And his cast thought that rather than famous people reading mean tweets about themselves, they should read mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel.

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Kimmel indeed.

Via Youtube

Many famous people read horrible albeit stupid mean tweets including Tracy Morgan, Will Ferrell, Amy Schumer, Stephen Colbert, and Jennifer Lawrence. He really is a special birthday boy.

Via Youtube

Is it just me? Or are people getting creative with their insults?

Via Youtube

Neither or maybe both?

Via Youtube

He should definitely know.

Via Youtube

I mean, it is quite scary!

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To put the nail in the coffin, Even Kim Kardashian was there.

Via Youtube

Yes, she did read the ‘mean’ tweet her husband had written in 2013 when Jimmy and Kanye had an Internet feud.

Put yourself in my shoes…Oh no that means you would have gotten too much good pu**y in your life.


Now that must have hurt.

Jimmy Kimmel himself seems to be quite happy.

Following is the full video.

Tomi Lahren Is Getting Hilariously Trolled By Liberals On Twitter After This Poster Which Backfired Badly

So, Tomi Lahren’s in the news again.

I wonder what it could be this time. Some controversy? Some stunt? A meme, maybe? As it happens, it’s a mixture of all three. Now, if you don’t know who Tomi Lahren is, let me break it down for you.

Lahren’s a conservative host who’s entire argumentative philosophy relies on getting the other person offended. She’s constantly talking about “triggering” liberals, and goes out of her way to make sure everything she does is related to the triggering in some way or another.

Sounds like she’s pretty triggered to me.

Recently, she created an easily photoshopped ad that went viral. It went like this:

“Dear liberal snowflakes. Nothing is free; crying doesn’t solve problems; screaming doesn’t make you right; not everyone is a winner; there are no ‘safe spaces.’”

You can imagine how that went.

#1 It was almost a sin not to do this.

#2 About all those kriegers.

#3 Not everyone.

#4 Snowflake propaganda!1!1!1

#5 Selective outrage.

#6 Also, a Republican wore a diaper too.

#7 Apparently it was to show his stance against safe spaces.

#8 He didn’t realise who looked like the big baby though.

#9 Eventful political Monday.


10+ Times People Tried To Bullshit The Internet But Got Called The Fuck Out

Not everything you see on the Internet is true.

People seek attention, even if they have to lie for it. However, nothing can go unnoticed on the Internet, and you’ll have a lot of chances getting Sherlocked by people.

Here are 10+ times people tried to bullshit the Internet but got called the fuck out:

#1 Gotta give him credit for the effort.

Twitter: @unilad


#2 Sleeping is healthy too.


#3 Such a liar ugh

Twitter: @jallbate

#4 Its funny because the fan has the Mcdonalds logo in their display picture.

Twitter: @Wendys


#5 “Bitch that’s the tubby custard machine.”


#6 So generous.

#7 Get a grip, Carmen.


#8 Make sure your own fingers are clean.


#9 His eyes are just sensitive, that’s all.


#10 FRAUD.

10+ Times Students Were Damn Hilarious That It’ll Make Your Sides Hurt

Students usually have a good sense of humour.

That’s probably because our lives are jokes. Also because we prefer to joke about our problems rather than dealing with them. If you’re a student, you would understand.

Here are 10+ times students were so hilarious they made your sides hurt:

#1 Finding loopholes.

#2 I am worried too, though.

#3 He’s not very smart, is he?

#4 Talent.

#5 At least they’re creative.

#6 Studenthood.

#7 It’s okay, you helped a man in need.

#8 Please stop decorating.

#9 I feel guilty.

#10 Accurate.

Artist Hilariously Depicted ‘Celebs 2016 vs 2017’ In One Comic And It’s Way Too Real

Things escalated quickly this year.

We actually had respect for some celebs back in 2016. For example, Kevin Spacey. But I guess we see everyone’s reality sooner or later. So regarding celebrities, 2016 and 2017 have been really different.

Artist Jacob Andrews summed it up pretty well with this comic. It’s way too real. Scroll below to see:


2016 vs 2017 in a Nutshell.

This Guy Is Breaking Up With Random People On Text And Reactions Are Fucking Gold

I’m not really sure if there’s a more pleasant way to break someone’s heart, but, it’s certainly not pleasant to break up with someone via a text message. For the most part, breaking up over a text message is a bad idea. Without a doubt, it’s one of the worst moves you can make. In short, it’s outrageous!

However, apparently, comedian Mike Primavera has an entirely different perspective on it. The funniest part, he didn’t use the tactic to break up with his girlfriend. But instead, used this method to break up with random people with the simple trick of typing in random numbers.

The moment he pressed send – that’s when it got really funny.

It didn’t take much long for it to transition as a new hobby.

All hail the king of comedy!

To be honest – people live for this kind of drama!

10+ Absolutely Ridiculous WikiHow Questions That Were Answered Even When We Didn’t Need Them To Be

WikiHow has answers for everything.

And when I say everything, I mean everything. I never knew I wanted to find out how to be a Civil War Corpse, but now I do. If you love wasting your time on dumb things, WikiHow is perfect for you.

Here are 10+ absolutely ridiculous WikiHow questions that were actually answered:

#1 How to Descend a Staircase with Elegance.

#2 How To Create a Love Altar

#3 How To Survive a Super Comet Hitting Earth

#4 How to Act like a Mermaid at School.

#5 How to Pee Yourself as a Woman.

#6 How To Act Like a Robot

#7 How to Spot a Spy

#8 How to Trust a Wife

#9 How to Become a Civil War Corpse

#10 How to Make People Think You Have Ice Powers (for Girls)

#11 How to Get Your Mom to Stop Blogging About Your Life

#12 How to Be Okay with Having a Communist Friends

#13 How to Impress Middle School Boys with Your Knowledge of “Family Guy.”

#14 How to Live It Up Before You’re Twelve

#15 How to Get Your Family to Be Naked

#16 How To Wake Up From The American Dream

Bryan Cranston Was Asked If Hollywood Sexual Predators Should Be Given Another Chance & His Response’s Beyond Disturbing

So, Bryan Cranston might have messed up big time.

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Vittorio/Getty Images

With all the sexual abuse allegations from the echelons of Hollywood, there are many that claim that it was an open secret. We don’t know the truth, but various people have come forward and talked about it. Some were interviewed. Bryan Cranston was put on the pedestal when an interviewer from the BBC asked him a question:

“Is there a way back for them, Bryan? Is there a way back for the Weinsteins and Spaceys of this world?”

His response got a lot of anger.

“It would take time. It would take a society to forgive them. And it would take tremendous contrition on their part. And a knowingness that they have a deeply rooted psychological, emotional problem and it takes years to mend that.”

He didn’t stop there either.

“If they were to show us that they put the work in and are truly sorry and making amends, and not defending their actions but asking for forgiveness, then maybe down the road there is room for that, maybe so.”

“And then it would be up to us to determine case by case whether or not this person deserves a second chance.”

As you can imagine, a lot of people were absolutely livid with his response.

“I think in the face of it, we should let that open. We shouldn’t close it off and say: ‘To hell with him, rot and go away from us for the rest of your life.’ Let’s not do that, let’s be bigger than that.”

“Let’s leave it open for the few who can make it through that gauntlet of trouble and who have reclaimed their… respect for others. Maybe it’s possible.”

Twitter was furious.

Evidently, they took his statements as excusing or lessening the gravity of the predators.

Not what they wanted from someone who played such an iconic character for so long.

End of an era for Walter White.

What do you guys think? Does he make sense or is he excusing evil?

People Share Hilarious Ways To Fuck With Your BFFs And You Should Try Them All

Friendship is all about being crazy and doing stupid things. Although, it’s a real “shut the fuck up” moment when your BFF starts telling your crush that you like them. And an even more fucked up thing to do would be to duct tape a harmonica on your ex’s car. Because instead of stopping you, they just had to tag along with your stupid revenge plot. But, are you really best friends if you don’t joke around on a daily basis?

We’ve lined up some hilarious ways to fuck with your BFF, and you should try them all:

1. If you can’t fuck with your BFF, who can you fuck with?


2. Fake a smile and walk away!


3. #No-homo


4. Throwing that subtle shade.




6. If you’re into that sort of thing.


7. Totally worth it.


8. The walls have ears.


9. Mission aborted.


10. He was not alone in this.