Hilarious And Legit Things God Actually Thought While Making The World

The idea of God is different for different people.

Some believe science is their God, others believe it’s a sentient deity, or some believe that God is beyond the scope of understanding of simple humans. Either way, it’s a thing that has a lot of controversy and conflicted feelings around it. People don’t know how much they don’t know, and that’s problematic.

However, people can’t help but create ideas of what they think the Biblical God is like, and they took to Twitter to make light of the difference a Creator entity and a Created entity.

#1 Jellyfish.


#2 Females.


#3 Elbows.


#4 Miracle maker.


#5 John gone Donne it.


#6 Man and God.


#7 Finally, right?


#8 Leviticus micromanaging.


#9 Horus is back.


#10 We don’t really know what God looks like.


#11 Church hack.


10+ Real AF Posts Hilariously Show Your Different Personalities On Different Social Media Platforms

What’s that one privilege of the Internet? You get to be a million different people behind the screen. Okay, a million may sound like an unrealistic number, I admit.


Everyone will agree with the fact that they’re definitely not the same people on Twitter and Facebook at least.

Here are 10+ real AF posts that hilariously show your different personalities on different social media platforms:

1. You got that right Michelle Lee.

2. You will never see them together in the same room.

3. Very relate-able.

4. 1, 2, 3…

5. Accuracy level: 100 percent.

6. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

7. Treacherous.

8. The accuracy of this post is uncanny.

9. They’re both cute though.

10. Bitchin’.

11. There are two sides to every person.

12. Literally.

13. Facebook vs Twitter.

14. It started when I joined the Internet.

15. The Internet can be a crazy place.


11 Pictures That Are Going To Make You Look Twice And Totally Screw Your Brain Up

Ever come across something on the internet that was just too strange to be real?

I don’t mean stories. People can make that up, and they don’t really stick. We just shrug them off with a “Pfft. As if.” and move on to the next meme. What really messes with your mind isn’t the text, it’s the images. Worse, the videos and gifs, that just have to be doctored yet aren’t.

We’ve got quite a few of these here. My personal favourite is the very last one, and trust me, it’s worth the journey to get there.

#1 They stare.


#2 This is not an actual sphere.


#3 Perfect painting.


#4 That is not a hole, that’s a rug.


#5 This X-Ray makeup.


#6 Trippiest tattoo.


#7 This isn’t a rave or a concert. It’s cotton being picked at night.


#8 You’re not looking at rectangles, you’re looking at sixteen circles.


#9 These aren’t four different images, this is one image taken from one camera at one time.


#10 The floater.


#11 Don’t blink near the end.


Twitter Is Going Crazy After This Professor Shows Up ‘Dead’ In A Coffin To Class For A Hilarious Reason

How awesome is your professor?

On a scale of one to ten? Maybe you’re not in university yet, so you have a teacher, and everyone’s got a cool teacher. Well, pull up your sleeves, because there’s competition. See, after grading the results of his class, Professor Awesome here got the bright idea to make the dad joke to end all dad jokes.

What did he do?

Well, he brought a coffin to class because their results had him ‘dead’.

Twitter lost their collective minds.

He’s a hero.

But there’s so many unanswered questions.

Buy? Rent? Are they cheap?

Why does Costco have coffins?!!!

Preparation of the plan is the best part.

Even other professors are upping their game.

The game’s afoot!


10+ Absolutely Savage Thanksgiving Clap-Backs For The Annoying Family Aunts & Uncles

Ah, Thanksgiving.

The day of remembrance of one thing or another, which gives families an excuse to get together and eat until you’re bursting at the seams. Basically an average Saturday night, minus the family.

Here’s the thing, though.

Getting the family together is rarely a great idea. You don’t see eye to eye with everyone, and all the aunts and uncles feel like they’re obligated to remind you that you aren’t doing as well as you can.

So why not ask everyone to share the shots they fired back whenever a relative touched topics they shouldn’t?

#1 Parties.

#2 Children or plates?

#3 Served.

#4 Wig.

#5 Fifth?

#6 Why haven’t you graduated?

#7 Mic drops.

#8 Ouch!

#9 I’d never live that down.

#10 I think I’d just move to Mexico and change my name to Juan.

Bank Denied Girl’s Card Request With Terry Crews On It, She Tweeted It To Him & His Response Is Winning The Internet

Do any of you have a spending problem?

I know I do. Even when I’m broke, I decide to spend money on useless crap all the time. If you suffer the same way I do, fear no more. There is a solution for your overspending problem!

Twitter user Darrel Kennedy thought there would be only one solution to her problems; Terry Crews. Imagine looking at the disapproving face of Terry Crews as you take out your card to spend money on stupid things. Genius!

Source: Twitter

This is Darrel.

And this is the card she ordered:

However, Wells Fargo couldn’t allow her to use the photo without permission from the star.

That’s when Terry Crews jumped in to save the day.

Kennedy got the idea from Crews himself who used this technique to save money.

Everyone anxiously waited for Wells Fargo to respond.

Even Terry Crews.

And we got the update!


The Internet couldn’t believe what just happened.

Everyone wants the card now.

He deserves the appreciation.

You Will Go To Hell For Laughing At These Hilariously Offensive Memes

We all like a bit of inappropriate humor, don’t we?

It’s immature, it’s a little crass, and definitely isn’t something you can discuss with your parents. And the internet is full of jokes like that, it’s the second most prominent thing online, right behind a whole lotta memes. So if you’re bored of seeing Trump and Prime Minister Abe throw food at Koi fish, and need a bit of a sin streak, you’re in the right place.

#1 Over?

#2 Crap, me too.

#3 Competitive only.

#4 Pull the lever, Kronk.

#5 Exactly.

#6 Safe hunting!

#7 Wrong meme tag.

#8 Ultimate.

#9 Pretending.

#10 Please, grandma.

#11 Hakuna Clitada.

#12 Sounds like a lawyer.

Woman Overheard Two Women Flying Cross-Country To Catch Cheating Husbands & Live Tweets Whole Drama

Brittney-Jade Colangelo just overheard the most juiciest story this side of the pacific ocean.

What started as accidental overhearing in an airport bar in Ohio turned into a slick adventure of twists and turns involving Gum Lady and Shot Lady. They’re a pair of scorned women who believe that their husbands are out cheating on them.

With each other.

The best part is that she tweeted the entire thing. And it’s absolutely hilarious. I mean, what else did you expect when BJ tells you a story?

Source: Twitter

Like most great things, the beginnings are humble.

And then comes the quotes.

Someone Was Trying To Sell Sia’s Nude Photos On Twitter, She Responded & Won The Internet

Sia is the lovable Australian singer and songwriter, and recently she just earned everyone’s respect.

Being a celebrity means that a lot of your private information gets out very quickly. But Sia has shown the world that your private information can only be used as a weapon against you if you let it.

See, some random person tried to sell her nudes. So she posted them for free.

Everyone loved her for it.

She had an army of supporters.

After all, what did you think was going to happen?

You don’t mess with the Aussie!

Twitter Is Freaking Out Over This Dog’s Ear Which Looks Uncannily Like Donald Trump

If it weren’t for the word “uncanny” in the English dictionary, a lot of things would be…



Like this uncanny resemblance of a dog’s ear with President Donald Trump.

Whether or not you believe it, the number of weird events the world has seen are countless. From claiming to see Jesus’ face on toast to many other odd things. Does this make the dog a Trump supporter? Or does it just make him plain evil? Or will this dog be the savior taking Trump down after all?

However, there’s no denying that the dog’s ear resembles President Donald Trump. Right?

Correct Donald Trump GIF by Election 2016 - Find & Share on GIPHY

The resemblance is striking but weird. And Twitter just had to freak out!

Oh, honey, trust me on this – it’s freaking us all out!

10/10 for this fellow tweeter right here!

Yes. Unless he’s a Trump supporter.