89-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Discovers Photography, Can’t Stop Taking Hilarious Self-Portraits Now

Most people think that technology is for young people, but nobody told Kimiko Nishimoto that. She’s an 89-year-old Japanese grandma who’s been snapping and editing her own pictures for the last 17 years, and as you can see below, her style is certainly unique!
She didn’t get into photography until she was 72 years old. Her son was teaching a beginner’s course and so she decided to enroll, unaware that she was about to awake a passion and a talent she never even knew she had. She instantly fell in love with photography and set about snapping various quirky and comical self-portraits. She had her first solo exhibition ten years later, at a local museum in her home town of Kumamoto, and now she’s about to have her work exhibited at Tokyo’s Epson epsite imaging gallery. Titled “Asobokane” – meaning “let’s play” – the exhibition will feature previously unseen work from the octogenarian artist, so if you happen to be in Tokyo between December 15, 2017 and January 18, 2018 then be sure to check it out. Think you’re too old to try something new? Think again.














10 Times Amateur Chefs Showed Gordon Ramsay Their Kitchen Marvels, And Instantly Regretted It

It’s no secret that Gordon Ramsay knows how to roast a person about as well as a cut of meat, and no matter what, people love him for it. That’s why a few dozen brave Twitter users decided to put forth their finest efforts at culinary success for the king of Kitchen Nightmares to judge – and judge, he did. Though they knew what they were in for, we’re pretty sure they still regretted it almost immediately after getting burned, grilled, char-broiled, and served with a side of rice. Scroll down to see all the heat for yourself, and let us know what you think Ramsay would say about your cooking in the comments.










10+ People Got Roasted So Badly That They Can Replace The Turkey On Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving.

The day of the year where everyone celebrates genocide of the native Americans, in the same way they did. Deal with other people coming into your home, and criticising everything you do. But instead of Europeans, you get to deal with family. The common connection between all the Thanksgivings in the world is that you most likely get into an argument with your family members.

Mostly because someone feels insulted and the roasting session begins.

To sharpen your roasting skills, here’s some inspiration.

#1 Anatomy.

H_G_Bells / Via reddit.com

#2 SATs.

Abeer_Or_Two / Via reddit.com

#3 Gold bar.

candyman337 / Via reddit.com

#4 Sundick.

phoenixfire-thewizardgoddess / Tumblr / Via zackisontumblr.tumblr.com

#5 Gordon Ramsay is angry.

Bananakin_Skywalker / Via reddit.com

#6 Ego.

mrappbrain / Via reddit.com

#7 Cold af.

uglykido / Via reddit.com

#8 Inches.

linny93 / Via reddit.com

#9 Ouch.

layzworm / Via reddit.com

#10 James Blunt is relentless.

Twitter: @JamesBlunt

Artist Revamped Stranger Things Characters As Toys And Results Are Beautiful

They’ve never looked this derpy and cute before.

Who wouldn’t want a toy of these characters? As we all know season 3 isn’t coming anytime soon, why not do something else with our spare time other than mope around?

Venezuela-based illustrator, creative director, and character designer ChocoToy re-imagined our beloved characters from the hit Netflix show into whimsical cartoons.

Chocotoy also says that they were ‘born from the union of creativity, craziness, anger, talent, emotions, with a characteristic outline and colors that catch the attention of anyone.’

More info: Behance | Instagram | Facebook

#1 Just look at these faces!

Via ChocoToy

#2 Who wouldn’t want toys like these?

Via ChocoToy

#3 And you get waffles!

Via ChocoToy
Via ChocoToy

#4 Mike.

Via ChocoToy
Via ChocoToy

#5 Eleven.

Via ChocoToy

#6 The whole gang together.

Via ChocoToy

Passenger Asked For Vegetarian In Flight Meal And They Served Him Most Ridiculous Course Ever

Seems like people don’t understand what vegetarian means.

now. I’ve had many incidents where people were either very stupid or just didn’t care. I once ordered a ‘vegetarian’ pizza and they delivered a pizza with pepperoni on it. When asked apparently they didn’t know that pepperoni wasn’t vegetarian and just told me to pick it off.

There have been many more incidents that’ll take me days to write about so I’d rather not start my rant. However, what I am trying to say is I can totally relate to journalist James Hogarty who got one apple and a pear as a meal at flight. My bad! They were also wrapped in clingfilm.

Unsurprisingly, he was a bit pissed off,

And I would be too if I got served this as a ‘meal’. Avianca’s customer service, however, seems to be a bit better than their food standards.

As the airline responded on twitter. “Service is our priority, please let us know your flight date/number and also your contact information via DM. This is not our standard so we surely will investigate as soon as possible.”

Clingfilm makes everything better.

That is so funny. I can hardly keep myself from laughing uncontrollably.

Or maybe a lemon?

This is probably going to steer people away who want to be vegetarians.

Barack Obama Wished Biden Happy Birthday Using A Meme And We Are Living Our Dream Again

He really understands the power of memes.

Yesterday was Bidens birthday, the former vice-presidents 75th birthday.

While Barack Obama could have wished him a Happy Birthday the normal way, you know how we all wish each other happy birthday, he opted out of that boring wish and did something we never thought he would.

Via Craig Barritt

Do you remember the classic Obama-Biden meme format? Let me give you some examples.

Never do that

Via SimonNRicketts

Ice-Cream makes everyone’s problems go away.

Via scriptdave


Via queerstewart

Yes, he used this meme format masterfully.

Yes, yes he did.

Via YOlivia28

I thought I was too but I double-checked.

Via DougSchoeller

He knows.

Via lizabeth_kiefer

These guys are truly friendship goals!

Via instagram

Do you think It was done perfectly or does he need some practice? Share our thoughts in the comments below!

Twitter Tears Into Paris Hilton With Receipts After She Claimed That She Invented The ‘Selfie’

Who knew Paris Hilton invented the selfie?

Apparently, no one. Not until she celebrated an anniversary of a very important milestone. Back in 2006, Brittney and Paris took these pictures, and she had something to say about them.

Some people were totally on board with the idea.

Via Noddy_Taylor

I have to agree, They do look beautiful.

Via punyaoffline

If they say it, it obviously happened right!?

Via dizzyhxrricane

There were, however, some people who were not feeling the whole thing.

Via christine_says_

Wait! She didn’t!? Nothing makes sense anymore.

Via LeefroMilch


Via kim_li

Maybe she forgot that people had ‘invented’ it before?

Via mixer1av

Don’t think she will be able to.

Via shmicholas

10+ Tweets That Are So Ridiculously Confusing That Mess Up Your Mind Every Time You Read Them

Twitter can be a great place.

Information spreads around fast, and all it takes is one person to know before their entire following knows. There are also chances of something you post being funny and likeable enough that people start sharing it and sharing it, and suddenly, overnight, it’s got over 100,000 shares.

It sounds unrealistic, but trust me, it’s happened.

But just as how useful Twitter can be, it’s equally confusing. Sometimes there are posts that don’t register, and kind of register a few minutes later, so you’re scrolling back to see wtf was that.

These are those tweets.

#1 Duck.

#2 Decisions.

#3 Snapchat.

#4 Clown.

#5 Cube.

#6 Bathroom.

#7 Casper physics.

#8 Oreos.

#9 The reflection.

#10 Cats.

#11 Cinnabon.

#12 Random message.

#13 Hamster.

#14 Kim Jong Un, capitalism, and rompers.

#15 Tucking them in.

#16 Uhhhh.

Twitter Is Adding Turkey Puns To Movie Titles & It’s Freaking Hilarious

Thanksgiving is almost here!

And everyone on Twitter is readying their holiday hats. This year, the Twitterverse has started making turkey puns by replacing something in famous movie’s titles with something seasonal. Festive. Hilarious.

If you’re feeling the holidays, but don’t know how to quite get in the mood, then jump on the bandwagon.

#1 Potter.

#2 What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

#3 Wedding.

#4 Benjamin Button.

#5 Get Rich or Die Trying.

#6 I like this one.

#7 Thighs save lives.

#8 Bitesized.

#9 Wattlewattle.

#10 Wait for it…

This Guy Pranked His Wife Using Car’s Backup Camera But She’s Having None Of It

What’s marriage?

Is it spending the rest of your life with someone you love and care about, possibly raise a family with? Is it something deeper that transcends time?

As married couples know, it’s actually nothing like that.

It is, in fact, seeing how long it takes for your significant other to recover after you drive them bark-raving mad. And then do it all over again.

Bobby Wesson is one of these husbands. He placed a picture on the rearview camera of her car, so everytime she reversed, she got an eyeful of things like this:

His wife was less than enthused.

All these clever ideas.

And his wife is mortified.


It’s harder than it looks.

The backup camera has a super wide angle fish eye lens so you’ve got to have the pictures right on top of it and angled just right or it won’t work so I built this little frame out popsicle sticks that worked great but every picture is different.

Never too busy to prank his wife.

This was her rearview mirror at random times.

At least he was clever about it.

He even left her little love notes.

You can check out the entire post here:

My wife’s car has this neat little backup camera that shows what is behind you when you put it in reverse – and I had some tape and some pictures. Always check your surroundings for safety😉👍🏼

Posted by Bobby Wesson on Sunday, November 12, 2017