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Ginormous HUNTSMAN Terrorises Melbourne Arachnophobic Family


Ginormous HUNTSMAN Terrorises Melbourne Arachnophobic Family

A huge huntsman spider which appears to be carrying a sack of eggs has terrified an arachnophobic Melbourne householder after it crawled into his bathroom.

Under the screen name EddieAteDynamite, the Mt Dandenong resident uploaded an image of the creepy critter to social sharing website Reddit on Monday.

The picture, posted under the title ‘huge huntsman in my bathroom’, shows the massive spider, with a heavyset abdomen, sprawled on his bathroom wall.

A huge huntsman (pictured) struck fear into an arachnophobic Melbourne householder

In the following five hours the photo attracted 60 comments from people who were quick to point out that the spider’s size and colour could mean it was a female was carrying babies.

‘You’re about to have A LOT more huntsmen by the looks of it. I’d move her,’ one site user wrote.

‘Damn that’s one bulky huntsman. almost looks tarantula like,’ another added, while one person got straight to the point citing: ‘She’s got an a** full of babies.’

The user who posted the photo responded to a few comments that the picture had accumulated, including to one which asked for a closer photo.

‘Like many people I have arachnophobia. If it was a snake I would have no problem getting a closer shot. That’s as close as I was gonna get,’ he replied.

The spider appears to be female and Reddit users believed the spider might be carrying a sack full of eggs

Commenters not only remarked at the size of the eight-legged beast but also the appearance of the man’s bathroom.

‘Don’t worry, your shower decor will soon kill it with despair,’ said one person.

Another wrote: ‘It’s going to hang itself by its own web,’ before being corrected that huntsman don’t actually spin webs.

In a previous post uploaded by the same person 12 days earlier, he said his property backs on to a national park so he gets a lot of wildlife.

The man said he moved the wayward huntsman to an abandoned shed on his property, a ‘fair hike’ from his house, where he hopes she will stay.


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