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Aussie Bloke Befriends Boy With Down Syndrome Who ‘Tried To Steal His Truck’


Aussie Bloke Befriends Boy With Down Syndrome Who ‘Tried To Steal His Truck’

Most people would be furious if they thought they saw their car getting stolen.

So credit to inspirational Australian legend Jimbo, whose reaction to finding a man with Down Syndrome sitting in his parked truck will warm your heart.

Jimbo, who runs the Gary the Goat YouTube page, is famous for travelling around Australia doing comedy shows and live-streaming video with his 7-year-old pet goat.

‘I was just in the shop and I found some guy trying to steal me car,’ Jimbo explained. Understandably, he rushed into the car park and approached his truck.

YouTube sensation Jimbo explains to the camera that he saw someone trying to 'steal' his car

Ryan climbed into the driver's seat of Jimbo's truck, even though he doesn't know how to drive

‘How you goin’ mate, you alright?’ he asks Ryan, who is sitting in the driver’s seat. ‘What are you doing?’

Jimbo soon establishes that Ryan wasn’t actually trying to make off with his truck – he simply wanted to go for a drive around Noosa.

‘Well mate, if you can work out how to start this car, you can drive it, okay?’ Jim said kindly. Ryan’s face immediately lights up with excitement as he smiles and nods.

But when he asks if Ryan has ever actually driven a car before, Ryan admits he hasn’t.

‘Well, would you like to drive this one?’ Jim asked, before opening the truck door and handing over the keys.

Jim gives Ryan the keys and explains how to put them in the ignition and start up thetruck

Ryan's face lights up as he puts the keys in he ignition and fires up Jim's car

Jim then teaches Ryan how to drive the car, including releasing the handbrake and explaining how to put the keys in the ignition and fire up the engine.

Making hearts melt, Ryan’s face reflects pure joy as the car starts, and Jim congratulates him, saying, ‘Mate, you are cruisin’! Well done Ryan!’

The video, which was viewed almost 300,000 times in just one day, has attracted hundreds of positive comments from viewers who were touched by Jim’s kindness.

Jimbo's sidekick Gary the Goat seems unconcerned that Ryan is trying to drive the car away

Commenters wrote the video was 'the sweetest thing ever' and praised Jimbo for his actions

‘You’re a real inspiration, Jimbo,’ wrote one impressed fan, while another commented, ‘Well that’s just f*ckin’ heartwarming.’

One viewer even left a lengthy note under the video: ‘You are a true gent my friend. Legendary status, gold card level of awesomeness. You handle sh*t like a boss. You’ve educated me today about how I should live my life. Thank you.’

Plenty of others chimed in, too, calling Jimbo, ‘f*cking awesome’, ‘pure gold’, ‘top legend’, ‘bloody beautiful’ and ‘a f*cking national treasure’.

Comments have called Jimbo 'sweet', a 'f*cking national treasure' and a 'top bloke'

‘This actually made me tear up a bit,’ a Noose local wrote on Gary The Goat’sfanpage. ‘Most people wouldn’t give a disabled kid the time of day. Cops should take a leaf out of your book, mate.’

Jimbo and Gary were in Noosa to perform ‘The Jimbo and Gary the Goat Comedy Show’ at the Villa Noosa Hotel on Tuesday night.

The pair have been touring Australia since 2014, and post a new video to their YouTube channel and Facebook page every day.

JoJo Binks wrote on YouTube, 'You're a real inspiration, Jimbo' after watching the sweet video

YouTubers have commented on the video, with one saying that Jimbo 'melted my f*cking heart'


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