Right-Wing Milo Yiannopoulos Says Australians Should Vote ‘NO’ To Same Sex-Marriage

Highly controversial conservative activist and self-proclaimed ‘champion of free speech’ Milo Yiannopoulos married his boyfriend in Hawaii earlier this month.

But the right-wing firebrand has urged Australians to vote ‘No’ to same-sex marriage ahead of his first tour of the country.

‘My gut would be to vote against it,’ the openly gay 33-year-old said on Monday.

‘I’m gay and a Catholic. The highest priority for me is making sure no church, no believer anywhere, is required to violate their religious conscience.

Highly controversial conservative activist and self-proclaimed 'champion of free speech' Milo Yiannopoulos as urged Australians to vote 'No' to same-sex marriage

‘I think those things can co-exist perfectly peacefully. I think the state probably should recognise a gay couple who want to commit to one another.

‘But the paramount consideration is not those gay couples – it is religious freedoms.’

He said governments aren’t attempting to ‘make gay people’s live’s better’ by legalising same-sex unions.

‘It’s normally warfare via legislation designed to punish conservatives and people of faith,’ he said.

Yiannopoulos also revealed he held concerns that legalising same-sex marriage could have what he said was an unfavourable affect on ‘gay culture’.

From opposing gay rights, transgender issues and also the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, Yiannopolous' views are often divisive

‘One of the few advantages of being gay was that you could tumble out of a nightclub at 1am on a Tuesday and no one could have a go at you for it.

‘But if we’re buying into these institutions like marriage, I worry that there will be a deadening effect on gay culture.

‘So my instinct would be to vote against it and to look at some kind of proposed law that people could read and think about.’

From opposing gay rights, his controversial comments on transgender issues and the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, Yiannopolous’ views are often divisive.

The so-called ‘internet supervillain’ shot fame after he was banned from Twitter when he was blamed for a campaign of abuse directed at Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones.

He has likened feminism to cancer, Islam to AIDS and he was sacked as Tech Editor at Brietbart News after audio surfaced of him appearing to condone sexual relationships between teenage boys and older men.

The so-called 'internet supervillain' has previously likened feminism to cancer and Islam to AIDS

A petition demanding Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton deny Yiannopoulos a visa has attracted just over 1,000 as of Monday.

A counter-petition, set up by political commentator Mark Latham, has been signed well over 11,000 times.

It is understood that his visa will not be cancelled and his tour will go ahead.

‘Aren’t they sweet? The best they could do was marshal 900 people to sign that petition,’ Yiannopoulos said.

‘There was about 10,000 who signed the counter-petition to let me in.

‘I just find it sweet, adorable and charming when people get so upset about a gay man having the wrong opinions and telling the wrong jokes.’

Yiannopoulos (pictured) was banned from Twitter when he was blamed for a campaign of abuse directed at Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones

Yiannopolous bring his Troll Academy Tour to Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast from December 1.

‘The response had been absolutely amazing. We’ve just announced a second show in Sydney – the first one sold out in a couple of weeks,’ he said.

‘And then my book comes out in Australia in November. So it’s going to be a whole Christmas of Milo Down Under.’

Yiannopoulos is escorted from Sproul Plaza at the Berkley campus in California after a speech last month


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