The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing As This Teen Accidentally Scared The Shit Out Of Her Neighbor

Who Doesn’t Like Jensen Ackles From Supernatural?

Apparently, Kellie Burkhart, a high school student from Tennessee agrees with me. She is not an ordinary fan either. She actually has a cutout of Dean Winchester in her bedroom.

Via Kellie Burkhart

There Is Nothing Wrong With Having A Jensen Ackles Cutout In Your Bedroom.

Via Kellie Burkhart

However, He Might Not Look The Same From The Outside Of The Window.

Via Kellie Burkhart

So, I Don’t Blame The Neighbor.

Via Kellie Burkhart

I’m not sure how long it has been scaring the neighbor, but it must have been a long time because the cut out of Dean has been in my window for months. It was unintentional to scare the neighbor of course, it was just the best place to put it in my room

When he showed me we both laughed together and I started feeling a bit bad for the neighbor considering the cut-out does look really realistic.

-Kellie Burkhart

People Obviously Used Jensen Ackles Gifs To Respond To The Situation.

People Seemed To Get A Lot Of Glee From The Poor Neighbors Plight.

Some People, However, Could Understand The Neighbors.

That Includes Dogs.

Seems Like This Has Been Happening For A Long Time.

Sounds Like A Great Idea!

Wait, Let Me Write This Down.

“It is still in there, but for the sake of the neighbors I closed the blinds,” she Said.