10+ Amazing Illustrations That Shows The Bold And Stronger Side Of Modern Millennial Women

Women of this generation believe in fighting for their rights.

They are not afraid of anything and believe they have the right to live as freely and boldly as men, which is only fair. They cannot be boxed up and put to a side anymore.

Millennial women are strong, and they prove that through their actions.  Artist Cecily Furlong explained the behaviour of modern millennial women through her illustrations. Scroll down to see her colourful art:

#1 Sinking in self-love.


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#2 When she loves, she loves passionately.

#3 Honestly, it is not pretty or little for the one going through it.

#4 Enough said.

#5 “The female equivalent of rolling up your sleeves.”

#6 She needs double vision. For society and herself.


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#7 “..set out runnin’, but I take my time; a friend of the Devil is a friend of mine..”

#8 Speak no evil.

#9 She believes in the awakening of the third eye.


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#10 Literal heart eyes.

#11 Society can’t choke her down anymore.


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#12 Storms in her head.