Brisbane Mother Shares Confronting Photo of Her Stillborn Son As a Warning To Other Women

A 27-year-old mother has opened up about her anguish after giving birth to her baby son at 36 weeks knowing he was going to be stillborn.

Brooke Campbell, from Brisbane, nearly died after she lost more than 1.7 litres of blood when she suffered a severe haemorrhage in the early hours of August 28.

But after she was taken to hospital, the young woman completely broke down when her obstetrician found baby Darcy no longer had a heartbeat.

Young mother Brooke Campbell, from Brisbane, has shared a heartbreaking photograph of herself, cradling her stillborn son Darcy in hospital on August 28

The mother (pictured with her husband Elliott, 34, and their son Noah, aged two) suffered a tragic stillbirth at 36 weeks