26 Year Old Man JAILED For Filming Gang Rape of 16yo Girl At Sydney House Party

Ayden Devereux, 26, operated the camera and could be heard encouraging the other offenders during a 17-minute recording of the incident at St Clair.

“More, next, next, next, next,” he said at one point.

The sentencing judge, Chris Hoy, described the offending as vile and revolting and said Devereux showed “no regard whatsoever” for the victim.

“It was gravely humiliating conduct,” he said.

The footage was uncovered when officers were investigating completely unrelated acts of graffiti two days later.

“These revolting acts may never have seen the light of day,” Judge Hoy said during sentencing.

‘She’ll do us one by one’

The court heard although Devereux did not touch the victim, his commentary suggested he was increasingly enthusiastic about what was happening.

“She’ll do us one by one,” Devereux said during the recording.

“The victim is motionless,” Judge Hoy said.

Two years after the gang rape and after seeing the video, apparently for the first time, Devereux decided to plead guilty.

He told a psychologist: “It’s shit. Wish I’d done something to stop it.”

The judge accepted there was no evidence Devereux knew of the victim’s intellectual impairment.

Devereux pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual intercourse without consent in company — an offence which carries a maximum term of 20 years.

He will spend at least five years in jail.

A juvenile was previously sentenced to at least three years in jail for his part in the gang rape, after himself pleading guilty.

17-Year-Old Disabled Boy Dies After ‘Unforeseen Circumstances’ at NSW Swimming Pool

A 17-year-old disabled boy who died in hospital after hitting a staff member at a swimming pool near Newcastle reportedly died of self-inflicted head injuries.

It’s understood the ‘stocky’ teenager, who was with his carer at the time, was pinned to the ground by up to eight grown men after he threw a punch at a lifeguard.

A 17-year-old disabled boy has died in hospital after hitting a staff member at Lambton Swimming Pool (pictured), near Newcastle, on Tuesday afternoon

One witness, a mother named Robyn, said the ‘distressed’ boy was growling and hissing on the ground before shouting: ‘You’re hurting me’.

‘They put him down on the ground with quite a bit of force. He was still trying to lift his head up, he kept shaking his head and hitting it on the ground,’ she said.

 It's understood the 'stocky' teenager, who was with a carer at the time, was pinned to the ground by up to eight grown men after he threw a punch at a lifeguard

Paramedics arrived at the busy public pool in Lambton just after 5pm on Tuesday and treated the boy, who had gone into cardiac arrest, at the scene.

He was rushed to John Hunter Hospital but was pronounced dead a short time later.

According to Robyn, who was watching on in horror from the stands as her daughter continued her swimming lesson, the entire incident lasted more than half an hour.

She said the disabled boy started throwing cones and signs into the pool after getting into an argument with a boy in the water.

When a male lifeguard, aged in his late 20s, ran across to intervene – things ‘started to get out of hand’.

‘The boy went into the disabled toilet and started banging at the door… then he came out and punched a glass window, cracking it all,’ Robyn said.

‘Then he threw punches at the lifeguard.’

Paramedics desperately tried to revive the boy at Lambton Pool after he suffered cardiac arrest

At that point up to eight parents who were watching the incident unfold jumped on top of the boy and brought him roughly to the concrete floor.

‘There were seven or eight big men, they grabbed him and got him down on the ground with quite a bit of force,’ Robyn said.

By the time emergency services arrived, the boy was reportedly ‘hyperventilating’ and continuing to ‘kick at’ the men restraining him.

‘The ambulance crew turned up, I saw the needle and they sedated him,’ Robyn said.

‘The next thing we saw him go still. That’s when they started resuscitating, and got everyone out of the pool and into the back.’

The swimming centre was placed in lockdown and close to 100 traumatised kids were taken out of the pool as paramedics desperately tried to resuscitate the boy.

‘They were working on that poor boy for 15 to 20 minutes trying to resuscitate him,’ Robyn said.

 The swimming centre was placed in lockdown and roughly 40 to 50 traumatised kids were whisked out of the pool as paramedics desperately tried to resuscitate the boy

Newcastle Council, which owns the pool but leases it out to private company Lane 4 Aquatics, released a statement on Wednesday.

‘Late yesterday afternoon a 17-year-old boy and his carer were visiting Lambton Pool. The boy began causing harm to himself and the surrounding property.’

‘His carer, with this assistance of passers-by, restrained the boy to prevent him doing further harm to himself.

‘During the incident the boy had a medical episode and subsequently required CPR.

The boy was rushed to hospital (pictured) where he was pronounced dead a short time after

‘Emergency services attended the scene however he was unable to be resuscitated.

‘We express our deepest sympathies to the family.’

More than one employee was injured during the assault and had to be treated by paramedics at the scene, according to reports.

A Lane 4 Aquatics Centre employee said the staff members were ‘all okay’ but refused to make any further comment.

NSW Police has launched a critical investigation into the circumstances around the death of the teenager.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Lambton Swimming Pool said they would re-open the pool at 9am on Wednesday after the ‘small disruption’.

‘Lambton Pool will reopen today (18th October) at 9:00am,’ the statement read.

NSW Police has launched a critical investigation into the circumstances around the death of the teenager. The swimming centre re-opened on Wednesday morning

‘We appreciate the patience and understanding for the small disruption.’

In an updated post, the pool described the incident as a ‘tragedy’.

‘Our condolences go out to the families involved. We appreciate there is a lot of speculation however it is important to remember it was a tragic day for all involved.’


Qantas Unveils New Planes That Will Fly Non-Stop From Australia To Europe and NY

Qantas has unveiled the first of its fleet to be capable of long-haul non-stop flights to Europe and beyond.

Airline chief executive Alan Joyce accepted delivery of the giant 236-seater Dreamliner 787-9 aircrafts in Seattle on Monday, ahead of its maiden departure to Perth.

Mr Joyce said the aircraft’s capabilities could extend to offering direct flights from Australia to Paris and Frankfurt, if initial long-haul journeys prove successful.

Perth was earmarked as a potential travel hub between Europe and Australia, with non-stop Qantas flights to Paris and Germany a very real future possibility, WA Today reports.

The airline's chief executive Alan Joyce (pictured) says there could soon be a direct non-stop link between Perth and Paris, Germany and New Zealand

Mr Joyce made the promising announcements on Monday, according to Australian Business Traveller Editor in Chief, David Flynn.

‘Qantas wants to get another flight out of its Perth hub, get it bedded in, and it makes sense… Qantas has been able to secure daily slots into Paris…,’ Mr Flynn said.

Mr Joyce made the promising announcements in Seattle as Qantas took its delivery of the first of its eight 236 seater Dreamliner 787-9s on Monday

With Paris now allowing for daily flights from Qantas, Mr Joyce said it would be looking to utilise its WA hub once more Dreamliners were ordered.

He said the new rights made for a complete change in economics for the airline.

Qantas is expected to announce next year whether long-haul flights to Paris will go ahead, based on how successful the current 787 fleet and their routes are.

A non-stop flight from Perth to Frankfurt was also discussed as a future option, providing another direct link from Australia to Europe.

Mr Joyce said it would be looking to utilise its WA hub once more Dreamliners were ordered

‘What it means that we could have Perth as this hub for Europe with daily non-stop flights to London, to Paris, to Frankfurt,’ Mr Flynn said.

Non-stop flights to distant destinations like New York, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town are set to become a reality for Australian flyers within a decade.

He said the new rights made for a complete change in economics for the airline

Mr Joyce has challenged Boeing and Airbus to produce long-haul aircraft capable of flying the distance.

The national carrier already has an order for eight new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, with the first due to arrive in Sydney from Seattle this Friday.

Qantas is expected to announce next year whether long-haul flights to Paris from Perth will go ahead, based on the success of the 787 fleet

Those planes will be put to use flying direct between Melbourne and Los Angeles, followed by Perth to London starting in March next year, The Daily Telegraph reports.

‘We want to fly direct into New York and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. We’d also love to be able to fly direct to Cape Town,’ said Mr Joyce at Boeing’s Seattle headquarters.

Alan Joyce celebrates the new Dreamliner at its delivery on Monday alongside Icehouse frontman, Iva Davies (second from right), and Qantas team members

‘This challenge is feasible and will allow us to get aircraft in the next decade to do something that we have dreamt about, and it will change the game, economically, for Qantas and for Australians.’

The US aircraft manufacturing giant is working on a new carrier, the 777X, which can fly from Sydney to New York without stopping – but without cargo or passengers.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce has challenged Boeing and Airbus to produce a long-haul aircraft capable of flying the distance (pictured is the new Dreamliner)

Airbus has its own A350 in development, and Mr Joyce likens the competition between Airbus and Boeing to the space race.

Mr Joyce wants the east coast of Australia to be linked to Europe with direct flights by 2022, and said an airliner capable of doing that direct would be revolutionary.

Boeing’s massive Seattle factory – the largest building in the world by volume – pumps out planes at the rate of one every 15 days.

The national carrier already has an order of eight brand new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners (pictured), with the first due to arrive in Sydney from Seattle this Friday

Operating 24 hours a day, the 40 hectare warehouse has 35,000 employees putting Boeing’s aircraft together.

Mr Joyce has previously said ultra long-haul flights are a long-term goal for Australia’s national carrier.

‘This is the last frontier in global aviation, this is the antidote to the tyranny of distance and a revolution for air travel in Australia,’ he said in August.


Brisbane Grandmother CHARGED With Attempted Murder of Her Four-Month-Old Grandson

A four-month-old baby allegedly slashed in the face by his grandmother is no longer in a critical condition.

The baby boy was underwent surgery on Tuesday and his condition was serious but stable on Wednesday morning, a hospital spokesman said.

The grandmother has been charged with attempted murder and will face Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning

Multiple reports said he may be ‘scarred for life’ after the incident at a home in Brisbane’s north-west on Tuesday morning.

Neighbours said the baby and his mother were visiting the boy’s grandmother, who lives alone in the quiet and leafy suburb of The Gap.

The child’s mother, from Sydney, woke to the sound of her child screaming after 6am, police said.

She discovered her severely injured son in a ‘distressed state’ and the grandmother, and a knife, nearby.

Police were pictured inspecting a stainless steel meat cleaver outside the home on Tuesday

‘(The mother’s) clearly distraught over what’s occurred. She’s provided police with all the assistance she could,’ said Inspector Daniel Bragg.

The boy was rushed to hospital and with wounds to his face, cheek and neck, Seven News reported.

Police and paramedics who rushed to the horrific scene were left 'distressed', said police Inspector Daniel Bragg

The baby needed blood transfusions to keep him alive in the ambulance.

Inspector Bragg said both paramedics and police who rushed to the scene were ‘visibly distressed by what they were dealing with’.

Forensics police pored over the property at The Gap on Tuesday after the alleged attack

Forensics police pored over the house and photographed a stainless steel meat cleaver in the driveway.

The retired teacher, 64, was charged with attempted murder late on Tuesday.

A shocked neighbour, who woke to the sound of sirens, said: ‘The baby and the daughter arrived about two days ago, they’re from down south.

‘She (the grandmother) lives at the house. It’s just her. She’s very quiet and keeps to herself.

‘We all get together at Christmas time and have a big street party but she, the grandmother, never wants to come.’

The grandmother faced Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning but had her matter adjourned so she could undergo a medical assessment.

She did not apply for bail.


Twitter Is Going All Crazy As They Can’t Figure Out How Ariana Grande Is Sitting On That Stool

Ariana Grande – American dream girl and pop sensation, has boggled Twitter.

The sitcom turned pop music sensation is famous for her tracks “Dangerous Woman”, “Bang Bang”, “Problem” and many others on the list!


A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

However, this time, she’s not just trending because of her music.

Ariana Grande’s My Everything’s album art has become the biggest pop mystery of the year. The album came out in 2014. But, three years after its release. Twitter is going all crazy as they can’t figure out how Ariana Grande is sitting on that stool.

Take her album cover.

The discovery was made by Jesse McLaren, who noticed that Grande is quite uncertainly curled up on the stool in her signature ponytail.

Wait, what?

Curled up? On a Stool?

“I’ve done the research and there’s no way her ass is sitting on that stool,” McLaren wrote.

But, nothing quite got this one across the line….

How is she though?

That’s obviously not how she’s sitting.

And Twitter finally got Grande’s attention.

“next week on myth busters,” she wrote.


Maisie Williams Reaction To BFF Sophie Turner’s Engagement Will Make You Cry In The Club

In case you haven’t heard, Sophie Turner’s getting married!

She recently unveiled on Instagram that she was getting engaged to her boyfriend, Joe Jonas. That’s right. Sansa Stark is getting married to one of the Jonas brothers!

People are losing their minds. After all, they watched her grow from when she was just 15 years old in Game of Thrones. But be that as it may, none of her fans are as happy for her as her best friend in the whole wide world.

@sophiet / Instagram / Via instagram.com

I’m talking, of course, about Maisie Williams!

@sophiet / Instagram / Via instagram.com

The two have been starring together since 2011.

@sophiet / Instagram / Via instagram.com

She even wrote a heartfelt post on Instagram about the engagement.

Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend on her engagement. This is just one of MANY life milestones we’ll share. Love you both.

@maisie_williams / Instagram / Via instagram.com

She’s even bestowed the iconic “mophie” (which is a mash-up of Maisie and Sophie) to the engaged couple.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / @maisie_williams / Via instagram.com

Their friendship and sisterhood will make anyone’s heart melt!

@sophiet / Instagram / Via instagram.com

Seeing friends hold each other up in such a simple and sweet way is just… SIGH.

gameofthronesaddicted / Tumblr / Via gameofthronesaddicted.tumblr.com

Maisie loves her bestie, and she hopes for the very best upon her engagement.

HBO / Via prettycelebsandcosplayers.tumblr.com

Even her comment was nothing but sincerity.

Bill O’Reilly Dragged His Corgi Into The NFL Kneeling Debate But Then Twitter Brutally Dragged Him To His Place

Things have been pretty quiet on the Bill O’Reilly front ever since he was fired from Fox.

It happened around the time there were sexual abuse allegations against him, including some that were settled. Mind you, settled doesn’t mean he was guilty, but a number of accusations against him were damning enough that Fox decided to step back.

On his Instagram, however, he shares pictures of Holly, his pet corgi.

In fact, his instagram is filled with pictures of nothing but Holly!

She’s such a cute little pup.

On Monday, however, he decided to get political.

These days, there’s been a controversy around NFL players and their decision to kneel during the anthem. One side says that it’s disrespectful to the American flag, disrespectful to the country, and disrespectful to what it means to be American. The other side disagrees and says that the ability to disagree with the status-quo is the most American thing you can do.

Holly would never take a knee during the National Anthem even if she had knees.

So, obviously, the response was quick and brutal.

They weren’t happy with using Holly as a way to make a point.

Others didn’t understand why Holly would do anything. She’s a dog, and the problem is human.

There were quite a few comments that reeked of sass as well.

But mostly, people were concerned about O’Reilly thinking Corgis don’t have knees.

Because they do.

It’s not #FakeNews this time.

There were also a few weird responses.

But overall, we’re yelling at an ex-Fox News host for using his corgi to make political statements about the NFL. Welcome to 2017.


10+ Hilarious AF Tweets About ‘The Friend Zone’ That’ll Make Every Woman Laugh & Then Sigh

You think getting friend zoned is bad? And being in the friend zone is the worst place to be? Don’t forget; it took Peta a war and two hunger games to escape the ‘deplorable’ friend zone.

Here is a rebuttal to all friend zone complainers which will make every woman laugh and then sigh uncontrollably:

1. That must really hurt.

Twitter: @meladoodle

2. In the end, it’s all about getting laid.

Twitter: @MillennialOfMNL

3. Ugh God, not this dude again!


4. Friend-zoned or worse?


5. Creep alert!

Twitter: @solomongeorgio

6. Son, what is the meaning of this?

Twitter: @anjapatel

7. Friendship is a very serious commitment.

Twitter: @8_Sisha

8. Roasted.

Twitter: @nedostup

This Artist Revamped ‘Teen Titans’ With A Modern Touch & The Results Are Too Perfect

You’ve probably watched Teen Titans.

Everybody loves these guys. They are always there to help the good against the evil. They were so cool back in the day, but since 2013, they’ve not been so cool.

But what if Teen Titans existed in 2017?

Well, Gabriel Picolo has just the right answer for you! This guy has brought about a modern sense in the super cool action series stars.

Introducing… Teen Titans. Re-imagined!

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]  

Face it; the artist has put some effort to produce this beautiful artwork for teens. Let us walk through all characters one by one.

1. Robin

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]  

Picolo’s Robin is a much conservative figure. From the trademark domino mask to the “R” patch on his letterman jacket, to the Red X mask poking out of his backpack, everything seems to be according to the 2003 edition.

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]  

Every bit of the artwork is modernized. From the first picture, Robin seems to be receiving a message on his cell phone from Batman, adopting the modern theme.

2. Cyborg

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram] 

Cyborg, being a PlayStation fan, wears a PlayStation themed jacket, showing his love for it. This dude just loved it.

“KNACK 2 BABYYYY!”Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram] 


3. Starfire

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]

Starfire always struggles to understand the culture of Earth. But in the re-created version of her, she seems to pull it off pretty well. Every image of Picolos’ version has a reference to space, likewise in the space patrol art.

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]  

The artist, like every Teen Titans fan, understands the vibes between Starfire and Robin.

4. Beast Boy

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram] 

Beast Boy may be a stupid person, but the Nike kicks sure suit the green theme.

5. Raven

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram] 

Raven in modern life would be perfect for a modern-styled witch. She looks perfect with all the jewellery, candles and the Ravens.


There is more to this…

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]

Gabriel teams up two of the Titans and tries to put forward the friendship of the characters, making the show feel more human.

Enter the Beast Boy- Raven duo!

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram] 

This was never made official on the show, but real fans always knew what was happening.  Picolo’s work seems to take place in a universe where Beast Boy and Raven are a stable couple.


In the end, let’s give it up for Gabriel Picolo!

Cairns Teenager Jailed For Just TWO WEEKS

A young woman has been sentenced to just two weeks behind bars for her part in a violent home invasion last year because she has ‘her whole life ahead of her’.

Kerazahn Elizabeth Fourmile was just 17 when she and four others kidnapped the housemate of one of her co-accused, The Cairns Post reported.

The woman, 32, was tied up with cable, tape and glue on March 3 last year and stuffed into a vehicle.

 Kerazahn Elizabeth Fourmile (pictured) was only 17 when she took part in a violent home invasion

She had been hit and kicked in the attack, and was forced to speak to a camera phone about owing money.

‘Sorry for being a… sorry for owing money,’ she said on the clip, before she was dumped out of the vehicle.

Now 19, she has been sentenced to just two weeks behind bars after pleading guilty to deprivation of liberty, assault, armed assault in company and burglary

Fourmile, now 19, pleaded guilty to deprivation of liberty, assault, armed assault in company and burglary.

While on bail for her crime, Fourmile breached her bail 17 times, was arrested for driving unlicensed and allegedly stole a motorbike worth more than $11,000.

The female housemate was tied up with cable, rope and glue and forced to say sorry for owing money on camera before she was dumped out of a vehicle

Judge Terry Martin SC said he was reluctant to be harsh in his sentencing because he believed Fourmile had time to rehabilitate herself.

‘You’re just so young,’ he said.

‘You’ve got your whole life ahead of you… You can make something of your life.’

Judge Terry Martin SC said Fourmile's offending showed she was 'capable of committing any offence' but chose not to jail her for long in the hopes she would 'make something' of herself

However, he did note Fourmile appeared ‘capable of committing any offence’ and that the impact on her victim had been ‘enormous’.

The teenager, who had been in custody for 234 days, was sentenced to three years behind bars.

But because of what Judge Martin referred to as her ‘extreme youthfulness’, she is eligible for parole in just two weeks.

Fourmile was sentenced to three years behind bars but is eligible for parole in just two weeks