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World’s 5 Greatest Magic tricks Revealed!


World’s 5 Greatest Magic tricks Revealed!

Magic has always surprised us and has left us amazed. The cutting of a person in half and then the body getting all glued up or the rabbit from a hat, everything leaves us wondering. So, now only for you, we are going to reveal the reality between these magic tricks. Read on.

The reality behind the walking on water magic trick is no supernatural power thing or a superhuman thing but the using of plexiglass under the water surface before the coming of the audience. It is such arranged such that one cannot see the glass with a naked eye until you are a very keen observer.


The secret behind it is in the box. There are actually three people involved in this trick and the box is actually a two chambered box, both very much deeper to hold a whole person where one box has a person revealing his face and other has a person revealing his feet. As soon as the magician tricks that he has cut the person in half, the other person’s feet wriggles, making you feel that it is one person who was cut and again glued.


This trick is actually a dangerous one. The secret behind it is the stocks where the feet are locked, that opens once pushed. The container with heated water is also not air tight. All what the person needs to do is hold the breath under water for three minutes and excel the trick of rolling upside down and getting on the box all smiling.

For this trick all you need is a quick and clear action done exactly within nano seconds. Just hang a pouch with rabbit under the table cloth or take a table with hidden drawers and hide it there. The magician just tricks the audience with the empty hat and then suddenly put the rabbit inside, leaving people amazed.


This is also one trick that magicians are yet trying to excel. It is all about a hidden hole and perfect timing. The box in which the guy is kept has no lock and when the melodrama goes on, the guy takes his time to come out of it. And, when the guy is holding the long magic cloth, the girl takes a lot if time to unlock the box and change clothes. And within a few seconds of perfect timing, the guy tricks you and you think there is a change.

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