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Illustrator Imagines Fast Food Mascots As Animation Characters And Now Everyone Wants To Read Their Manga


Illustrator Imagines Fast Food Mascots As Animation Characters And Now Everyone Wants To Read Their Manga

You know that logo is a fundamental part of any brand, and companies spend millions on logos figuring out what will stick in the consumer’s minds when they see it. But we live in a world which tends to be crazy and seek fun by screwing up things we see daily.

The digital artist, Ozumii Wizard from the Philippines has reimagined different fast food mascots and creatively turned them into awesome anime characters.

Is he that fit? Mr. Sanders can easily give several men who dream of a body shape like that, a run for their money.

Who would not love to have coffee made by this beautiful mermaid? Guess, one sip of coffee can take you to the top of the world.


You can get irritated or just pretend, but if you love your partner truly then just pamper them and show your love.

HA HA! At times you can be too naughty to be handled. But yes it is good to tease your friend or partner at some occasions just to check how much they like you.


This world is too crazy and would turn you from a good looking person into a threatening joker.


Won’t you love dining with a King? Of Course, Yes. Just hop on to your nearest Burger King outlet.


This queen is so kind hearted to provide you with all sorts of tastes you have desired for. Catch her before your favorite fruit ice cream is finished.

He seems to be coming straight from his office as his tie is still hanging around his neck.

Looking at the small logo and you can imagine a monk offering a cup of tea. Chat and relax with every sip. But, what if it is a cute girl? Then, just flirt your way in.

Jack looks to be hacked with a nice cap on his head.

Denny dreams and dreams a lot. He should wake up now and see what’s inside.


A nice peacock in the center but imagine if it turns out to be the beautiful girl in the picture.

Who needs hideous hat and goggles which don’t match your personality.

Do you think you can do better than above? Share your views with us in the comments.

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