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Everyone in the Netherlands opens the door this odd way – when the reason is revealed you’ll want to do the same


Everyone in the Netherlands opens the door this odd way – when the reason is revealed you’ll want to do the same

Whenever you are cycling around, you need to be very careful that you don’t get hit by someone opening the car door. Nearly every cyclist has to, at times, quickly change the direction to avoid getting hit by the car door.

But rarely would you be knowing of the amazing technique that is followed in countries like Netherlands to ensure no cyclist gets hurt while on road.

Let us know more details on this amazing idea called Dutch Reach

This technique, which originated 50 years ago in the Netherlands, is normally used to avoid accidents when it comes to opening car doors. Though it sounds something very complicated we can’t deny that it has saved several lives in the country.

And trust us, the method is very simple to be followed.

According to the League of the American Bicyclists, dooring or getting doored is a commonly used term when a cyclist gets struck by someone opening a car door.

These campaigning for the technique aims to reduce the number of cyclists injured through dooring which has caused 600 accidents in the UK nearly every year.

The idea of promoting the Dutch Reach technique has been backed by the local Police and MPs.


By now, you would be eager to know the important fact about Dutch Reach. This method involves opening the door with your opposite hand and avoids car doors being swung into passing cyclists.

This means you should open the door with your left hand when on the driver’s side and with your right hand while seated on the passenger side.

When you use your other hand your body will turn around to face any traffic coming from behind.


In Netherlands, children learn this habit from their teachers and parents and this is also included in their driving tests.

The practice is catching up, thanks to Michael Charney, a doctor from Cambridge who created a website which provides resources about cycling safety, and also suggests ways to promote this technique.

You don’ need to go anywhere, for we have brought a nice video tutorial to learn the Dutch Reach method.

Share with your friends and let us know what do you feel about this technique.

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