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This Mom Farted In Yoga Class And Her Hilarious Story Is Getting Viral


This Mom Farted In Yoga Class And Her Hilarious Story Is Getting Viral

Post-pregnancy abdominal weight is one major concern for every new mommy. She works hard to get rid of it as fast as she can. She joins a gym, does yoga and controls diet. But there is one thing that haunts every mother, it is the fear of letting a fart slip while being in public as this becomes a natural condition for a mother during or after pregnancy.


The same thing happened with a mother recently while attending a yoga class in public. This embarrassing moment of farting in a yoga class soon gets viral as the mother decided to share her experience on the social media.

It is easy to put on some weight, but very difficult to get back in shape. Be it a man or a woman, everyone tries to limit their boundaries by joining gym sessions or attending yoga classes.

Some may even quit due to frustration, but this hilarious story is completely different.

A 31-year-old blogger, Laura Mazza, a mother of two from Australia was diagnosed with abdominal muscle separation while giving birth to her child.

She described it as her abdominal wall like “Moses parting the Red Sea”. To help strengthen her abdominal wall, her physiotherapist suggested her to do yoga. With great enthusiasm, she decided to try it.

This “Mum on The Run” blogger posted something hilarious on her Facebook post about her first day in the yoga class which with in a while got viral.

She got too much embarrassed by the situation that she decided to not to go to that class for ever.

She wrote:

“Somewhere between the dolphin position and the three legged dog, two of those burning garbage eggs slip out and I fart,” “I farted. I farted at yoga. I’m a walking cliche. My pelvic floor has failed me.”

Durig her post she even compared her dressing with other people there in the yoga class.

She wrote: “So I’m looking out at all these slender women with their nice tight yoga pants, and mine with the 80s flare at the bottom.”

“They all take off their socks to reveal manicured toes and here I am with my Frodo feet, trying to hide in the corner so I don’t have to talk about my personal life.”

Farting is not a big deal, but yeah, of course, you should be aware while out in the public. Laura felt lucky in herself that none could hear or smell that fart in the first go. But lately, it smelled like a mixture of rotten eggs and a deadly plant.

Although this was the first time Laura farted in public and the decision she made was probably not right. The above sequence of images was all that she posted on Facebook.




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