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This Is The Ultimate Guide to What Your Children may Look Like


This Is The Ultimate Guide to What Your Children may Look Like

Knowing about the future looks of your baby is always something that interests you with a deep thought. How would they look like? Do they inherit any physical traits of ours? What type of eye color will they have? And like this, many more questions usually hits every to-be future parent.

However, with this post, we will make you aware of some useful graphic info about the future looks of your kids.

Let’s start with a very simple strategy to predict how your kids will look like. Our modern science technology can eventually predict your child’s looks. Actually, the child’s traits are always encoded into its genes at the time of their birth itself.

There are two types of genes- strong and weak, normally recognized as dominant and recessive. You can clearly compare the general trait difference between the two types of genes. Like, if a mother has red hair and father has black hair, then their child would generally have black hair.

This picture demonstrates the simple way to find out what type of color wills your baby have when you mix the color of your eyes. The simple formula to predict this is:

dominant gene + dominant gene = dominant gene

dominant gene + recessive gene = dominant gene

recessive gene + recessive gene = recessive gene

But before going ahead, there arises a question that which genes are dominant and which are recessive. This informative chart below will answer all your questions. Take a look!

So looking at above picture, you can conclude that the dominant genes are twice in common than recessive genes.

Generally, most of the traits that a child inherits from their parents have complex and unpredictable patterns.

The critical point to understand here is that actually there is no universal mechanism by which dominant and recessive alleles act. Dominant alleles do not physically “dominate” or “repress” recessive alleles. Which type of genes allele have usually depends on the particulars of the proteins they code for.

So, all expecting parents can now find out the specific gene type of their baby, their eye color and more.

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