This Instagram Account Posts What It Is Like To Be A Modern Day Woman And It Gets Really Relatable

Instagram is full of attractive, beautiful people.

By being able to craft brief glimpses into each others lives, we can pretend that our best side is our normal side. The filters, the photoshop, the lightest touches make a world of difference, and it’s not always true. Or fair. Some even think it’s downright deceitful. But whatever’s the case, we can agree on one thing.

The internet is not to be trusted. Social media is not to be trusted.

So whenever someone comes along being brutally honest, no matter how ugly it is, you can’t help but appreciate it. Julie Houts is one such person. She started dabbling in doodles when she worked for J.Crew and now, she’s boasting about 200K followers on Instagram.

#1 There’s a reason why Vogue calls her “Instagram’s Favorite Illustrator”

#2 She’s brutal

#3 “I started posting drawings casually for my friends.”

#4 “I didn’t have much of a following at the time.”

#5 “It just grew in the space of a year”

#6 Her fans just adore her work

#7 It’s Buzzfeed Bot

#8 We’ve all been there

#9 Existential crisis

#10 Be insecure about being insecure

Its good 😬

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#11 When you’re trying to escape a conversation

#12 And just so many others









Essentially, she’s a vocal, take-no-crap kind of gal, and the internet loves her for it.