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Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Sends The Internet Into A Frenzy. Can You Solve It?


Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Sends The Internet Into A Frenzy. Can You Solve It?

Wheel of Fortune, a famous American television game show features a challenge where contestants solve word puzzles and win cash prizes by rotating the giant wheel.


Sometimes the puzzles get solved very easily and at times there are difficult ones also. Rarely, there are puzzles which are too frustrating.

There have been amazing responses by people for one of the puzzles being hosted on the show. Let’s browse through them in the next sections.

In one of the episodes of the show, the puzzle had only 5 letters missing which seemed to be easy to solve but came out to be a tricky one.

Many users over the internet gave shocking answers proving that the puzzle is rather frustrating.

The puzzle was filled with letters RSTLNE and then they chose a vowel and three consonants.

There were only 5 letters missing in the puzzle and the contestants had only ten seconds to solve that.While the contestant could figure out correct response, the users on twitter already posted the best possible answers.


Some of the responses that went viral were

“Heck It Bork!”,

“Pick At Pork!”.

One of the users even responded something logical like “Sick At Work!”.

There was one more hilarious answer given by one of the contestants which read “Suck It, Dork!”.

With several responses floating around, one of the users also clarified that “Suck It Dork” will not work as words RSTLNE have already been used on the board.

There was one person who tweeted that he would lose the game since he would be on the floor laughing at the puzzle.

Unfortunately, not every guess came out with a winner.

As the time was passing out and after the crowd collectively began losing out their minds, the show decided to come out with the correct answer.

The host wanted people to figure out but later revealed that the missing letters spelled out “Back At Work!”. The exact response seemed boring than other interesting ones posted over social media by the users.

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