Sometimes we possess everything within our reach, yet we always find a reason to complain and regret through the course of our lives. But there are few amazing people out there, that in spite of hindrances, they face and overcome their challenges, charging through their life head on. They not only are astoundingly brave but also a source of inspiration to many.

Here we bring to you teenagers from around the world who would inspire you like no other.

Hannah is a teenager experiencing primordial dwarfism (exceptionally uncommon kind). There are just 100 human births with this sort of defect on the planet. She is 39 inches tall weighing less than 30 pounds.

She is a very positive person in spite of being aware that this order doesn’t allow anyone to survive beyond the age of 30.She is currently pursuing singing, dancing, and acting.


Fu Wengui

Unlike the normal human Beings who have 7 vertebrates, Fu has 10. The additional vertebrates put Fu to endure constant pain restricting his movements and earning him the nickname ‘Giraffe’.


She suffers from Parkes Weber Syndrome (PWS) where her right leg tends to weigh 40 pounds more than double her left leg.This is due to the abnormal blood vessels in her right leg. Isa-Bella goes about her normal life and is not scared to flaunt her leg as she is proud to be born like this.




Haley was diagnosed with Cutters Syndrome as her parents divorced when she was 14 years and this led her to get obsessive with horror movies and graveyard which eventually led her to perceive herself as a walking corpse. Thankfully she was treated soon enough.


This boy can survive  11,000 volts of energy which can power up to 500 houses. He can put a live wire on his tongue and can sit inside a bucket full of electricity wires floating all around.


Jonathan was born with Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) syndrome.simple human touch on his skin makes the 16-year-old bleed while his skin starts to crack. The tissues needed to hold the skin together are absent. Moreover, drinking leads to intestinal pain.


Nicknamed as the ‘Muscle Barbie’ she could lift 400 pounds of dead weight as a teenage girl. At present, she is 21 years old.


Nihal also is a patient of progeria which makes him age 8 times faster than a normal human being. With the mind of a child but looks of an old man, his younger days were the only time when he looked normal. In 2015 tragically, Bitla passed away.

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