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If You Think This Woman Is The Subject Of These Photos, Look Again, Look Past Her And A Terrible Truth Will Unfold Before Your Eyes


If You Think This Woman Is The Subject Of These Photos, Look Again, Look Past Her And A Terrible Truth Will Unfold Before Your Eyes

Photographers are amazing beings. With their skills they capture things that sometimes amaze us, shock us or leave us with queries of our own society and culture.
Read below about a unique project by Haley Morris Caffiero, which is becoming viral all over the Internet.

Haley is an American photographer from Memphis. She is an Associate Professor of Photography and Acting Vice President at Memphis College of Arts. She is now viral over the Internet because of her project, that she started six years ago.


Haley started a project named ‘Wait Watchers’ back in 2010. It was a self-portrait project where she poses in areas with a crowd with the help of an assistant or tripod. She would actually capture the fat shaming stares of the onlookers and the look of disgust they carried because of Haley’s weight.


Haley has been working on her project since 2010. She had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism while in college. She has secretly captured the photographs where she would casually pose in a public place. The pictures would always contain a person or two giving Haley a strange look or would be laughing at her for her weight.


There are many pictures of Haley related with her project but one picture that really caught our attention was one where a guy posing for his picture gave a look of a smirk while staring at Haley. Then there are pictures taken at the beach, at a public market where you can see people actually staring at her body.


Haley says she admits that the weight is a struggle but she is happy with her look. She had people who motivated her and said she was an inspiration while there were others who asked her to dress well in order to look good so that society accepted her. Haley also says she has never been hurt after going through the disgusting looks and stares but it made her smile.

Yes, Haley, we should be ashamed of ourselves because of the stupid mentality we carry. You rock!


Haley has now done a big job. She has turned her six-year long project pictures into a book called ‘ The Watchers’. She has included all those comments she received when her pictures went viral, both good and bad. Haley has just shown us a picture of a society that even after progressing so much, still judges people on their looks and weight and color.

Haley is Braveheart! And she has another fan now!

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