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30 Pics That Prove Cats Can Sleep Purrretty Much Anywhere


30 Pics That Prove Cats Can Sleep Purrretty Much Anywhere

Cats need somewhere between 12 and 16 hours of sleep per day, so with all that practice it’s no great mystery at all why cats are experts in the sleep department. Just take a look at this terrific list which was compiled by Bored Panda for example. As you can clearly see, there is literally no place and no position in which a cat cannot sleep. Sink? No problem. Shoe? You got it. Inside a box? Bring it on! In a wine glass? Sure!

Do the kitties in these pics below remind you of any of your own fur-babies?

#1 These Kittens Sleeping

#2 My Friend Cat Is So Sleepy It Fall Asleep Halfway

#3 Just Chillin’ On A Saturday

#4 Walked Outside And Saw The Cat Sleeping Like This

#5 Of All The Places A Cat Could Choose To Get Some Sleep

#6 Pals

#7 Sleeping Beauty

#8 Sweet Dreams

#9 Omar Asleep In A Tissue Box

#10 Cat.rar

#11 Sleeping Cat

#12 Thanks, No More Vine Today

#13 Nap Time

#14 Napping In Fresh Air

#15 Sleeping Cat

#16 Cat? What Cat?

#17 Sleeping Buddies

#18 Sharing The Warm Spot

#19 Sleeping Cat

#20 Happy Sleeping Yoga Kitten

#21 Gravity Can Wait, I Will Take My Nap Now

#22 Chillin’ In The Sun

#23 Could It Get Any Warmer?

#24 Luna Kept Sleeping In Her Cat Grass, So We Put It In A Smaller Container

#25 This Is How My Friend’s Cat Warms Her Feet

#26 The Most Cutest Picture Of Millenium: A Momma Cat Sleeping With Her Two Kitties

#27 When The Sleeping Surface Adapts To Your Body Fully

#28 Warm Spot… I Finds It

#29 Cat Loves Sleeping On Its Hammock

#30 Zappa In The Bowl


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