This Mom Farted In Yoga Class And Her Hilarious Story Is Getting Viral

Post-pregnancy abdominal weight is one major concern for every new mommy. She works hard to get rid of it as fast as she can. She joins a gym, does yoga and controls diet. But there is one thing that haunts every mother, it is the fear of letting a fart slip while being in public as this becomes a natural condition for a mother during or after pregnancy.


The same thing happened with a mother recently while attending a yoga class in public. This embarrassing moment of farting in a yoga class soon gets viral as the mother decided to share her experience on the social media.

It is easy to put on some weight, but very difficult to get back in shape. Be it a man or a woman, everyone tries to limit their boundaries by joining gym sessions or attending yoga classes.

Some may even quit due to frustration, but this hilarious story is completely different.

A 31-year-old blogger, Laura Mazza, a mother of two from Australia was diagnosed with abdominal muscle separation while giving birth to her child.

She described it as her abdominal wall like “Moses parting the Red Sea”. To help strengthen her abdominal wall, her physiotherapist suggested her to do yoga. With great enthusiasm, she decided to try it.

This “Mum on The Run” blogger posted something hilarious on her Facebook post about her first day in the yoga class which with in a while got viral.

She got too much embarrassed by the situation that she decided to not to go to that class for ever.

She wrote:

“Somewhere between the dolphin position and the three legged dog, two of those burning garbage eggs slip out and I fart,” “I farted. I farted at yoga. I’m a walking cliche. My pelvic floor has failed me.”

Durig her post she even compared her dressing with other people there in the yoga class.

She wrote: “So I’m looking out at all these slender women with their nice tight yoga pants, and mine with the 80s flare at the bottom.”

“They all take off their socks to reveal manicured toes and here I am with my Frodo feet, trying to hide in the corner so I don’t have to talk about my personal life.”

Farting is not a big deal, but yeah, of course, you should be aware while out in the public. Laura felt lucky in herself that none could hear or smell that fart in the first go. But lately, it smelled like a mixture of rotten eggs and a deadly plant.

Although this was the first time Laura farted in public and the decision she made was probably not right. The above sequence of images was all that she posted on Facebook.




This Is The Ultimate Guide to What Your Children may Look Like

Knowing about the future looks of your baby is always something that interests you with a deep thought. How would they look like? Do they inherit any physical traits of ours? What type of eye color will they have? And like this, many more questions usually hits every to-be future parent.

However, with this post, we will make you aware of some useful graphic info about the future looks of your kids.

Let’s start with a very simple strategy to predict how your kids will look like. Our modern science technology can eventually predict your child’s looks. Actually, the child’s traits are always encoded into its genes at the time of their birth itself.

There are two types of genes- strong and weak, normally recognized as dominant and recessive. You can clearly compare the general trait difference between the two types of genes. Like, if a mother has red hair and father has black hair, then their child would generally have black hair.

This picture demonstrates the simple way to find out what type of color wills your baby have when you mix the color of your eyes. The simple formula to predict this is:

dominant gene + dominant gene = dominant gene

dominant gene + recessive gene = dominant gene

recessive gene + recessive gene = recessive gene

But before going ahead, there arises a question that which genes are dominant and which are recessive. This informative chart below will answer all your questions. Take a look!

So looking at above picture, you can conclude that the dominant genes are twice in common than recessive genes.

Generally, most of the traits that a child inherits from their parents have complex and unpredictable patterns.

The critical point to understand here is that actually there is no universal mechanism by which dominant and recessive alleles act. Dominant alleles do not physically “dominate” or “repress” recessive alleles. Which type of genes allele have usually depends on the particulars of the proteins they code for.

So, all expecting parents can now find out the specific gene type of their baby, their eye color and more.

OHHH! A Very Simple Google Search Can Get You In Trouble With The FBI

In this modern technological world, anyone can access the Internet. Generally, we think that it is a safe place to search anything of our interest from a  simple product search to other useful information. But it can possibly be a safe place unless you decide to crawl into the dark side of the web. If you think it’s a joke, then just go through this article and decide on your own as to how to keep yourself in a safer zone while searching anything on Google.

If you think it’s a joke, then just go through this article and decide on your own as to how to keep yourself in a safer zone while searching anything on Google.

From buying simple everyday objects to visualizing study materials, we prefer hunting it on Google. Some people even buy toilet paper online. Well! You should always keep in mind that whatever you are searching on Google engine, it basically records what type of person you are, what are your shopping interests, your needs and insecurities, your living place and even your medical conditions.

In order to access the Internet most of us usually look for free or public internet access. Did you know that when you sign into any public or work internet network, all your online activities are under observation by the network provider? If you are looking for a party dress or any gaming station, better not to search this over your work place network. Although it might sound suspicious,  trust me it’s true because all Google searches are not legal.

You won’t believe what type of weird searches people are capable of doing online. Recently a man named Gilberto Valle was convicted searching some weird things like “Where to buy the world’s largest baking dish? How to properly tie a woman to a rotating life-size barbecue spit? How to chloroform a girl”?

This example teaches you two lessons: one, don’t ever try to eat humans, second, if anyhow you are trying to commit a crime, do not search it on Google.

If you make any searches related to murder or kidnapping on the Internet, it is possible that you may get into trouble. Can you imagine that a pressure cooker and a backpack can be suspected as a source of the terrorist search made on Google?

A blogger Michele Catalano was convicted for searching a pressure cooker for making quinoa, while her husband was looking for a backpack. But this combined search from the same house turned out to be a suspective search for Boston bombing. Immediately after getting trapped, a joint police force surprised the couple. But luckily nothing strange was found at their place.

So, beware all your Google searches are tracked. Better think twice before searching anything strange next time.

Think Very Well Before Lying To A Smart Woman

It is always said that you should marry a smart man or the one who could match the level of your smartness. Ha! Ha! But, if you marry someone who is more clever than you, trouble starts to brew from there.

Today, I will tell you a short story about a couple that should serve a lesson to all men, “NEVER LIE TO A WOMAN”.

And in case you do try to lie, she will find a way to catch you red handed.

One fine day, a husband calls his wife over the phone and announced that he has been asked to go to fishing in China with his boss for a week. He informs his wife that this is a good opportunity for him to get the promotion. And finally, the husband asked her to pack enough clothes for a week, his rod & of course the fishing box.

He said they will leave directly from office & will only stop by the house to pick luggage.

He then added, “Oh! Yes, one thing more, please pack my new blue silk pajamas also!”

After putting down her husband’s call, wife got puzzled as to why he had asked to pack his blue silk pajamas.

She thought something was fishy, but being a good wife she packed all the items that her husband asked her to do. She packs his fishing box, rod and especially his blue silk pajamas.

The following weekend the husband came back home. Though little tired, he was looking good.

Wife welcomed him home and asked, “How many fishes have you caught?”

The husband replied, “I caught lots of Salmon, Bluegill & a few Swordfish.”

The husband finally asked his wife why was his blue silk pajamas not packed.

Seriously, you’ll love what the lady replied to his question…..

She said, “I did pack your pajamas. They were in your fishing box!!!”

At this point, the man realized that now this game was over for him!

This is why you should never lie to a smart woman!

All The Stars Of The iconic Movie Home Alone 25 Years Later…

Eight-year-old Kevin is accidentally left behind when his family leaves for France. At first, he’s happy to be in charge; but when thieves try to break into his home, he puts up a fight like no other. Does this plot ring a bell? Off course it would!!!

Home Alone was a phenomenal movie which was a wholesome family entertainer. It was one of those rare movies that could be watched and enjoyed by all age groups.

So let us check what those stars look like now.

Macaulay played the central role of the eight-year-old Kevin McCallister. He was the blued eyed child star of America. Unfortunately,  Macaulay got caught in various controversies growing up.And his substance abuse was one among the major reasons for his career to come to a halting end.


Joe Pesci played the antagonist Harry Lime in the movie Home Alone. He was last seen in the movie Love Ranch.


Stern was one of the main antagonists Marvin Merchants in the movie. Currently, he is working on a TV series called Love.


Can you believe it is the same Catherine who played Kevin’s mom Kate McCallister? She currently working on a television series called A Series Of Unfortunate Events.



And here we have Heard who played Peter McCallister, Kevin’s dad in the movie. He starred recently in Living Among Us.


Check out Buzz McCallister played by Devin. He was the mean big brother to Kevin McCallister.


Wolf played  Megan McCallister, the protective big sister to Kevin.


He was Jeff McCallister, the second older brother to Kevin.


Bamman was the Uncle Frank in Home Alone.


Rob played the part of Cedric in Home Alone 2. He was last seen in Sandy Wexler.

6 Unexpected Signs That You Have A Unique Body…

Human body is a work of art. The turns and twists with which our body is made is a work of perfection. We often say that irrespective of your caste, color or weight, learn to cherish your body and live comfortably in your skin because every body is unique! Yes, it is!

According to a study, 22% of people on the planet are capable of wiggling one ear, while no more than 18% can do it with both ears. Scientists believe that the muscle that is primarily responsible for the movement of our ear was once well developed in humans but become less and less active with the process of evolution.

If you have this ability, consider yourself really lucky because only 1% people in the world are capable to do this. For a change, this activity is as tedious as it looks to be. There are certain criteria’s that you need to satisfy in order to successfully touch your elbow with your tongue. For starters, you need to have a particularly short forearm and a long tongue.

This activity totally depends on how well you control your facial muscles. It is believed that people with this ability are also born with the ability to move their ears.

The projecting segment on the inside or outside of the ear is called the Darwin’s Tubercle. Only 10% of the world’s population posses this distinction and are apparently amazing at sensing voice tonality.

This is a weird phenomenon where the upper phalanx of the thumb can bend 90 degrees in the direction opposite to the palm. Approximately 25% people in the world are capable of achieving this.

Undoubtedly, dimples look really cute but this cuteness is possessed by only 25% of the world’s population. These Dimples are particularly noticeable with chubby cheeks.

There are more such weird but completely unique things that our bodies can do. Checkout the video below to see the complete list!

18+ Tweets That Really Take A Hilariously Sharp Turn And Will Surprise The Hell Out Of You

The best kind of jokes are the ones with unexpected punchlines. You know, those that go from 0 to 100 real quick.

Twitter never lacked in humour.

You never regret spending hours on Twitter. How do people come up with this stuff? Some of it is so lame; it makes me laugh till my sides hurt.

Humour is a blessing we can’t keep to ourselves. So, here are some hilariously awkward tweets that might not end as you expected them to:


#1 Be who you are, man.



#2 Pretty sure morgues don’t take walk-ins…



#3 A place to crash. Literally.



#4 Not very useful, is it?






#6 Not very romantic, are you?


#7 Dat boii.



#8 And I’ll have divorce for dessert.



#9 Be more clear, John Lennon.



#10 Time to move out.



#11 That proves it.



#12 What


#13 Wifi>Wife



#14 Why did it take two horns for them to realise that?



#15 No, David. There won’t be any sausage rolls at the funeral.



#16 The most metal way to describe a piñata.



#17 Poor Life Hack.



#18 He’s got this.



#19 Buddy you’re a dead man.


This Girl Live Tweeted Her Entire Relationship And Twitter Can’t Get Over How Cute It Is

We all grew up watching and reading Disney fairy tales

So we all grew up wanting a happily ever after. But the reality is, that’s not really how life works. People don’t randomly meet the right person and fall in love, that’s something that belongs in fiction. But there are some people, who get lucky. This one girl, Zoe Prina (She’s no longer a Prina, but you’ll get what I mean later) met someone and got tacos at 1am.

They went from a meet to introducing each other to their parents

It’s so heartwarming to see what a taco at 1am can do

And it’s not just dating that they do, no sir.

She goes from Zoe Prina to Zoe Calcote.

And they got married. Because of a taco at 1AM.

And Twitter lost its collective mind

It may have given her hope, but it made me lose mine

Me too, Rina. Me too.

It was so cute

And then there’s me going

Besides! This isn’t the first time someone’s fallen in love online.

This Instagram Account Posts What It Is Like To Be A Modern Day Woman And It Gets Really Relatable

Instagram is full of attractive, beautiful people.

By being able to craft brief glimpses into each others lives, we can pretend that our best side is our normal side. The filters, the photoshop, the lightest touches make a world of difference, and it’s not always true. Or fair. Some even think it’s downright deceitful. But whatever’s the case, we can agree on one thing.

The internet is not to be trusted. Social media is not to be trusted.

So whenever someone comes along being brutally honest, no matter how ugly it is, you can’t help but appreciate it. Julie Houts is one such person. She started dabbling in doodles when she worked for J.Crew and now, she’s boasting about 200K followers on Instagram.

#1 There’s a reason why Vogue calls her “Instagram’s Favorite Illustrator”

#2 She’s brutal

#3 “I started posting drawings casually for my friends.”

#4 “I didn’t have much of a following at the time.”

#5 “It just grew in the space of a year”

#6 Her fans just adore her work

#7 It’s Buzzfeed Bot

#8 We’ve all been there

#9 Existential crisis

#10 Be insecure about being insecure

Its good 😬

A post shared by jooleeloren (@jooleeloren) on

#11 When you’re trying to escape a conversation

#12 And just so many others









Essentially, she’s a vocal, take-no-crap kind of gal, and the internet loves her for it.

Cat Rescued Hours Before Death Row, Can’t Stop Thanking His Rescuer On Their Way Home

With mere hours left on death row, this adorable kitty, whose name is Henry, was saved and the way he thanked his rescuer is just too adorable for words!

“One of our dedicated foster carers (Adelle) rescued this gorgeous boy today from the pound,” Cat Rescue Newcastle stated. “He had a matter of hours before his time was up but we swooped in and did what we do best; saved a life.” Henry was so completely grateful that he couldn’t stop cuddling and kissing his rescuer. Adelle even managed to find him a forever home and Henry just couldn’t be happier. “These are the days we live for,” Cat Rescue Newcastle added.

More info: Cat Rescue Newcastle

This adorable cat named Henry had mere hours left on death row


Until a dedicated foster carer named Adelle stepped up to save him from the pound


This is how sweet Henry thanked her


Adelle found a forever home for him


And Henry just couldn’t be happier


Watch this inspiring video for an absolute cuteness overload

h/t: lovemeow