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These 11 Husbands Need Everything Spelled Out For Them


These 11 Husbands Need Everything Spelled Out For Them

7. He Got Six Potatoes, Just Like She Asked


She needed six potatoes for the recipe, so he picked up six potatoes. Guess who’s not allowed to get seconds of potatoes?

8. She Asked Her Tall Husband To Hang The Mirror


When you’re barely more than 5 feet tall and you ask your husband, who’s well over 6 feet, to hang your bathroom mirror, it might be a good idea to oversee the project.

9. He Thought His Wife Liked Fancy Foods


This wife asked her husband to pack her lunch, and this is what he gave her. Clearly, he doesn’t help take care of the cat.

10. He Did As He Was Told And Put Spaghetti On The Stove


She asked him to start dinner by putting spaghetti on the stove, and that’s exactly what he did.

11. This Is How He ‘Plays’ With The Baby


That baby will never play with Legos or toy trucks because he’s already experienced the thrills of the gamer life.


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