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These 11 Husbands Need Everything Spelled Out For Them


These 11 Husbands Need Everything Spelled Out For Them

1. His Wife Asked Him To Pack A Bag For The Baby


It was his first time packing a baby bag, and he thought he had crushed it…until his wife kindly let him know that the baby wasn’t supposed to be in the bag.

2. This Husband Is Very Precise


This wife handed her husband a shopping list that read:

1 Milk

2 Cucumbers

3 Butter

4 Quark

5 Tomatoes

6 Eggs

We can see how he would get confused by this ambiguous list format (kind of). If the wife had put a period after the numbers, maybe the husband wouldn’t have gotten three packs of butter and exactly five tomatoes.

3. He Learned The Hard Way That You Can’t Microwave-Dry Shirts


This poor husband thought that he could save some money on laundry by drying his shirt in the microwave. And now his favorite shirt is ruined.

4. This Dad Thinks This Is How You Dress Babies


Essentially, all he did was pull some shorts over her pajamas. Boom. Baby’s ready.

5. Her Husband Doesn’t Understand Overalls


There’s a reason why they’re named “overalls,” as in you put them over something, like a shirt. Fortunately, Olivia looks like she’s pretty happy with her newfound no-shirt freedom.

6. This Husband Got Crafty In The Kitchen


His wife asked him to whip the cream, but he felt like the regular blender just didn’t have enough torque so he got a bit creative.

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