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There Are Bad Days, and Then There’s This


There Are Bad Days, and Then There’s This

1. Backlit Screen


We knew Macbook screens were backlit, but this is ridiculous! This is the worst day!

2. No Toilet Paper


We’d like to think that guy at the urinal would help in this situation. If he didn’t, this would be such a bad day at work.

3. Copy Machine Fail


Talk about your worst day ever! If this happened to my office copy machine, I would just walk out of the office and never come back.

4. Wet Paint


This lady knew that there was wet paint on this bench. She just saw that it matched her jacket and figured “eh, whatever.”

5. Car Face


This is either a bad day, or the cow version of Halloween. This cow is going as car face. A cow with a car for a face.

6. No Butts


Wow, looks like her subway ride has a great view! A great REAR view!


7. Capri Sun Fail


When I was nine, this was the worst possible thing that could happen to me. And then my parents divorced.

8. Weight Watchers


Signs you need to lose weight.

  1. You have high cholesterol.

9. Bridge Fail


In the great “humans versus bridges” war, this was the bridges’ Fort Sumter. The Boston Tea Party would have also been an appropriate reference.

10. Fire Truck


To call this a fire truck would be redundant.

…I’m just saying!

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