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21 Awesomely Creative Foot Tattoos


21 Awesomely Creative Foot Tattoos

1. Super Marios Toes

Sure the left foot can jump higher, but the right foot is more charismatic.

2. Foot-u-rama


A Zoidberg foot tattoo?
“Why not?”

Nice Kicks


This is a great way to save money on a new pair of Jordan’s. And they last forever.

4. Silence of the Limbs


Her other foot features a tattoo of fava beans and a nice chianti.

5. Girl with a Balloon


Is she letting go of the heart-shaped balloon or did it escape her grasp? Does the balloon represent something lost or does it represent a gift being bestowed onto the world?
Am I reading too much into a foot tattoo?! Either way, it’s a very lovely piece!

6. Foot Map


Lady: “Excuse me? Can you tell me how to get downtown?”
Guy: (Takes off his shoe, shows her his foot).
Lady: I’ll call a cab. Thanks.

7. Pac-Man


How awesome would it be if Pac-Man could warp to the other foot?!

8. Dub Stubs


I can’t tell if she loves George W. Bush or if she just wanted a tattoo on a part of her body that reflects his approval rating.

9. Why So Severus?


Because this is an awesome Harry Potter reference, that’s why!

10. Urban Outfooters


You can tell this guy loves showing off his tattoo because his feet are so dirty. I can’t blame him. That’s a really nice tattoo!

11. Searching for Prints


This looks like the cover to a book called “Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Stubbed Toe.” So cool.

12. Mr. Potato Foot


This guy got a Mr. Potato Head tattoo to cover up a birthmark.
For his next tattoo, he’s going to incorporate that patch of hair into a treasure troll tattoo.

13. This Little Piggy

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