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19 Creepy Places In Australia That’ll Scare The Shit Out Of You


19 Creepy Places In Australia That’ll Scare The Shit Out Of You

12. Sandy Gallop Asylum, Ipswich, QLD


“The old building is heritage-listed and I won’t go near it at night. The rest of the site used to be a hospital facility but is now home to University of Southern Queensland Ipswich campus. The original bars on some buildings from the early 1930s are still present to maintain heritage laws. All the new buildings are fine, but the old patient buildings are a bit creepy when you have classes. Definitely won’t go at night. Creepy as fark!” —Caitlin Fabish-Wood, Facebook

13. Windy Gully, NSW


“A haunted dirt road, handprints covering the car, and a freezing cold breeze through the air con which was off.” —Alex Squirtles Hardy, Facebook

Windy Gully Cemetery, and the roads that lead there are said to be hubs for paranormal activity. Feelings of people watching you, cars not starting, and other unexplainable activities are common occurrences near the cemetery.

14. Fremantle Prison, Fremantle, WA


“Fremantle Prison at night… creepy as fuck.”—Jessica Lynch, Facebook

Fremantle Prison was in operation for almost 150 years, and saw many people jailed, tortured, and executed. A total of 44 people were hanged on the grounds, which may explain why people often smell, see, and hear an array of strange unexplainable things.

15. Jenny Dixon Beach, Norah Head, NSW


“Jenny Dixon Beach on the Central Coast. It’s only scary when you’re down there at midnight, and scared that the Jenny Dixon ghost will come out – especially when you’re driving away. I used to be petrified driving down there at night time, worried I would see Jenny Dixon’s ghost on the side of the road, or in the back of my car.” —Kaitlin Walker, Facebook.

Jenny Dixon was said to be a woman who was picked up by a group of men while hitchhiking one night. The men, against her wishes, took her to the local beach where they raped, beat, and left her for dead. Before she died she said she would get them back, and the men responsible for her death all ended up dying in mysterious ways. Since then, people have reported seeing a girl on the side of the road who always ends up disappearing when you go to offer her a ride.

16. Maitland Gaol, Maitland, NSW


“Maitland Gaol. Specifically the solitary isolation unit.” —Kimberley Denham, Facebook

In operation for over 150 years, Maitland Gaol was home to 16 executions and countless other non-legal deaths. There have been a number of reports of paranormal sighting. People often see figures of mist in photos, hear sounds in their recordings, and speak of seeing ghosts while there. To add to the creepiness of it all, Ivan Milat even stayed at this prison while serving his sentence.

17. Spencer Street Power Station, Docklands, VIC


“The old abandoned Melbourne power station’s administration block. With all its showers and the like, I got some seriously bad vibes from that place in one visit. The worst vibes were in the basement carpark. Only went in there two, maybe three times, but stuff would always move around, and lights would be turned on and off.” —Rohan Yates, Facebook

18. Larundel Mental Asylum, Bundoora, VIC

“Larundel Asylum, there’s a concrete bed and horrifies me to think what one would’ve endured restrained on that concrete slab.” —hotghostgirl, Instagram

19. Monte Cristo Homestead, Junee, NSW


“Monte Cristo homestead in Junee, NSW. I took my daughter with me and she freaked out upstairs, and went racing down a steep staircase, scaring me to death. She then refused to go back in and we missed the tour. I took a selfie at the front of the house and it looks like a couple is kissing in the doorway. Freaky AF.” —Liz Bainbridge, Facebook

Monte Cristo is believed to be Australia’s most haunted house. An array of strange deaths occurred on the property, including a pregnant maid being thrown off a balcony, a child being burned to death, and a baby being thrown down the stairs. The spirits of these people are said to still haunt the grounds.

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