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32 Funny Chalkboard Signs From Bars That Will Totally Get You Inside


32 Funny Chalkboard Signs From Bars That Will Totally Get You Inside

When you own a bar in an area where there are a lot of bars, advertising is important. Even more important is advertising right outside your doors. Drunk people are everywhere, stumbling around downtown. They just want to go where the fun and alcohol is and these funny chalkboard signs are a perfect way of tempting the people inside.

If you’re moonlighting as a bartender but you’re secretly a writer or a comedian, you have an advantage. Writing something clever or hilarious on a chalkboard sign outside your doors is a really effective way to bring in business.

Take a look at these funny chalkboard signs, for example. If your sign is funny or clever enough to be spread all over the internet, surely it’s good enough to draw in some customers.

Are you looking to make some more money off of the drunks in your town? Take a page out of the chalkboard advertising book. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

1: No hipsters please!

2: Funny chalkboard sign outside a wine bar in Napa

3: Trust me, you dance fine

4: It’s much better believe me

5: Standard UK bar signs

6: It’s funny because it’s the same face but with coffee

7: Funny chalkboard sign

8: You little cheeky bar sign

9: You had me at free beer

10: It’s the best kind of soup

11: Fish can’t remember their own thoughts

12: Every Valentine’s it’s the same deal

13: An irish bar sign, they have your back don’t worry

14: Because bacon

15: Awesome bar sign

16: Clever chalkboard sign, perfect example

17: Lol bar sign in Edinburgh

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