19 Traveling Expectations Vs Reality That Will Totally Ruin Your Next Vacation

11: Waiting for the sunset in Stonehenge, UK

Having hoards of people block your view

12: Visiting the marvelous pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Eygpt

Or just standing with a bunch of other people trying not to get mugged

13: How about climbing Mount Everest in Nepal

More like trying not to fall down from all the crowd

14: Ohhh the Spanish Steps in Rome, how romantic

Or just crowded? Let’s go with crowded

15: The beautiful Little Mermaid in copenhagen, Denmark

This is how it really looks like

16: Before entering the Basilica in Vatican City, enjoy the St. Peter’s square

Or just stand in line like the rest of the world and try not to sweat

17: Who doesn’t like to relax on Sheep Meadow, New York, USA

Apparently, everyone!

18: Visit the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

This looks like a totally different place

19: Walk on the great wall of China

Or stand, it’s an option