19 Hilarious Photos That Prove We Don’t Deserve Cats

1. OK, we need to talk about cats.


2. Because there’s no way that cats are real.


3. I mean, just look at this photo.


4. Or this morning tableau.

5. What are they even made out of??


6. There’s such diversity in facial expressions.


7. And in grumpiness.


8. I mean…


9. …come on.


10. They don’t do well with filters.


11. Or tinfoil.


12. Or tables, really.


13. They do things their own way.


14. And they have their own method of communication.

17 Pictures That Are Life When Your Upstairs Neighbors Are Monsters

1. You’re well familiar with their shoe of choice:


2. Way too familiar:


3. And you’re pretty sure this is their transportation method of choice:


4. You wonder if this is what they’re up there doing:

5. And if they have some kind of personal vendetta against you:

6. And you’re pretty sure this is how they get up and down the stairs:

19 Creepy Places In Australia That’ll Scare The Shit Out Of You

1. Quarantine Station, Manly, NSW


“Q Station near Manly, especially on the nighttime ghost tour with just lamps to light your way! We had a guy with an EMF meter that went ballistic by the dumbwaiter in the third class kitchen. Someone allegedly hanged themselves there.” —Jo Bunford, Facebook

“The shower block at North Head Quarantine Centre in Manly. My skin is crawling just thinking about it.” —Melissa Meulenberg, Facebook

2. St John’s Orphanage, Goulburn, NSW


“Fires have destroyed a lot of the Orphanage in Goulburn. But we managed to find a way down to underneath the house, which was like a bunker. Brick rooms, dirt floors, total darkness – it nearly felt like a prison or punishment room. I would hate to know what they were actually used for.” —Daniel Humphries, Instagram

3. Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Beechworth, VIC


“Beechworth Mental Asylum is creepy, and it’s in a tiny town as well.” —Hugh Loiterton, Facebook

At any one time the mental asylum was home to up to 1200 patients, and during it’s 128 years in operation it’s said that over 9,000 died there. As a result of this, it’s believed many spirits roam around the land still. People recount instances of seeing figures through the windows, and on the staircase. Also, sounds of laughter and children playing are often heard, despite there being no children around.

4. Helensburgh Old Railway Tunnel, Helensburgh, NSW


“The Helensburgh train tunnels.” —Reece Wilson, Facebook

Legend states the the ghost of coal miner Robert Hales haunts the Helensburgh train tunnel. Hales was walking through the tunnel when a steam train randomly appeared behind him, ripping him in two. People report seeing his ghost running from the darkness, as though he were running away from a train.

5. Old Queen Victoria Hospital, Wentworth Falls, NSW


“The Queen Victoria Sanatorium in Wentworth Falls, NSW. It’s a huge, abandoned mental hospital from the early 1900s and is surrounded by bushland. Creepy AF!” —rachelm4dfd5c94d

“The whole sanatorium is very eerie. It’s totally isolated in the middle of the bush, but there are a number of cars parked outside the fences with no one around. When I was there, I heard a faint clunking noise, kind of like walking. I hid and waited, assuming it was just other people on the site, but after 5-10 minutes of waiting and the sound growing, no one ever appeared. Safe to say I wrapped it up fairly quickly afterwards.” —Daniel Humphries, Instagram

6. Toowong Cemetery, Toowong, QLD


“I did a midnight tour of Toowong Cemetery. I could definitely feel some presence.” —Sarah Little, Facebook

Toowong Cemetery opened in 1866, and is believed to house many souls of the dead who have yet to pass to the afterlife. During the 150-odd years of operation, the grounds have seen many people buried there. One of particular importance was influential public figure, Patrick Mayne who was suspected of the gruesome murder of William Fyfe.

7. Gladesville Mental Hospital, Gladesville, NSW

source/Ella Arendelle / Facebook

“I’m quite partial to the abadoned asylum in Gladesville – the patients built the buildings and gardens by hand as part of their treatment.” —Ella Arendelle, Facebook

8. Mushroom Tunnel, Picton, NSW


“The tunnel at Picton is pretty spooky, especially after rain when you’re a quarter way through, then all of a sudden you’re knee-deep in water. But the scariest thing about Picton tunnel is the trespassing fine you get from the cops if the locals dob on you…” —Kimberlee Onorato, Facebook

9. Separate Prison at the Port Arthur Historic Sites, Port Arthur, TAS.


“The Separate Prison at Port Arthur is scary as F! Some weird stuff happened when we were down there.” —Gina Ramsay, Facebook

The Separate Prison had 80 cells and was used to psychologically punish prisoners through making them stay silent to reflect on their crimes. The prison is said to houses many souls of people who either killed themselves, or murdered others to escape the silent, solitary confines.

10. Sarah’s Grave in the Castlereagh Cemetery, Castlereagh, NSW


“Sarah’s grave in Cranebrook.” —Jaryd Zucco, Facebook

Sarah Marshall arrived in Australia as a convict in the 1800s and after serving her sentence, met a man by the name of John Simpson. They ended up having eight children out of wedlock before she was brutally murdered by a group of men one night. She was buried as Sarah Simpson, as it’s believed John married her at her grave so she could pass without sin. It’s said that her ghost haunts young men, and women see her ghost around the site.

11. Belanglo State Forest, Belanglo, NSW


“Belanglo State Forest in NSW – aka the place where Ivan Milat buried all those bodies. I was camping there a couple of years ago, and it was pitch dark and silent in the middle of the night. Suddenly, out of nowhere, we could hear what sounded like someone coming closer and closer. It probably was a wild animal, but I didn’t get any sleep that night. We decided to go home the next day.” —Bron Lovejoy, Facebook

Two Burly Australian Miners Lip Sync To Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’

Working in mines is not a job that most people would easily understand. Sitting underground for hours at a time with no natural sunlight could drive anyone mad, but for miners, it’s all in a day’s work!

In fact, for a lot of people, the thought of being hundreds of feet under the earth’s surface is their very definition of a nightmare. Not to mention the dangers of a potential cave-in, these guys need to be cool-headed and brave beyond measure.

Having such a high-stress job takes a particular kind of personality. And oftentimes, the men you find who are able to work in the dark depths of the Earth always happen to have a pretty silly sense of humor!

So when they’re not busy digging for the world’s benefit, these guys don’t mind catching a few rays of sunshine when they get their lunch break. But it comes as no surprise when they decided to film themselves lip synching and dancing to the famous Whitney Houston song, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody!”

In their hilarious video, the two burly miners show off their skills at lip synching. Perfectly moving to the beat, and even showing off their skillful choreography, these two guys decided to send a love letter to the women of their lives back home.

Since they released their video, it’s gone wildly viral, and when you watch their antics, you’ll easily see why!

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Why Your 30s Are Better Than 20s In 8 Simple Illustrations

How many times did you hear the phrase – 30’s is the new 20’s? I don’t know about you, but I never really embraced that claim. Why? Because 30s are better than 20s! Simple as that. It has to do with figuring a lot about yourself, about relationships, romance and friendships, about the importance of boundaries and letting things go. In other words, you know more about yourself and the world around you, what you are and what you want to be, and you are aware at the same time that there is a lot of things yet to learn, and all that makes you more confident, open and relaxed.

But all of these things are not easy to notice at all! Maybe the best way to compare these two decades of life is to make comparative illustrations which clearly show why 30s are better than 20s well and clear. Well that’s exactly what the people from Lifehack did and you can check out in the gallery below eight insightful illustrations that put 20’s and 30’s side by side. It all seems so clear when put that way, don’t you think? Don’t forget to share these quirky illustrations with your friends, especially the ones reaching 30’s!

Why 30s are better than 20s #1 You have your own style

2: You love yourself and accept the real you

3: You take good care of your body and make far better use of your time

4: You know who your real friends are, this is one of the most important reasons why 30s are better than 20s

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32 Funny Chalkboard Signs From Bars That Will Totally Get You Inside

When you own a bar in an area where there are a lot of bars, advertising is important. Even more important is advertising right outside your doors. Drunk people are everywhere, stumbling around downtown. They just want to go where the fun and alcohol is and these funny chalkboard signs are a perfect way of tempting the people inside.

If you’re moonlighting as a bartender but you’re secretly a writer or a comedian, you have an advantage. Writing something clever or hilarious on a chalkboard sign outside your doors is a really effective way to bring in business.

Take a look at these funny chalkboard signs, for example. If your sign is funny or clever enough to be spread all over the internet, surely it’s good enough to draw in some customers.

Are you looking to make some more money off of the drunks in your town? Take a page out of the chalkboard advertising book. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

1: No hipsters please!

2: Funny chalkboard sign outside a wine bar in Napa

3: Trust me, you dance fine

4: It’s much better believe me

5: Standard UK bar signs

6: It’s funny because it’s the same face but with coffee

7: Funny chalkboard sign

8: You little cheeky bar sign

9: You had me at free beer

10: It’s the best kind of soup

11: Fish can’t remember their own thoughts

12: Every Valentine’s it’s the same deal

13: An irish bar sign, they have your back don’t worry

14: Because bacon

15: Awesome bar sign

16: Clever chalkboard sign, perfect example

17: Lol bar sign in Edinburgh

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17 Australian Slang Terms That Need To Make A Comeback


Meaning: Things will be alright.
Usage: “My mate Daveo said he wanted to have a barbie tomorrow, think it’ll rain tho?”
“Nah, she’ll be apples.”


Meaning: Brushing flies away.
Usage: “Oi, is that dickhead waving at us?”
“Nah, he’s giving you the Aussie salute.”