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23 Childhood Ruined Picture Facts You Definitely Don’t Want To See


23 Childhood Ruined Picture Facts You Definitely Don’t Want To See

There’s this thing that people are doing on the internet these days. That thing is destroying your childhood and everything you thought you knew. My life is a lie. That’s what I said to myself when I found out that the Berenstein Bears were, in fact, the Berenstain Bears. I’m still not over that whole thing. It’s not just a name, it’s my entire childhood. My life was going fine without having to know that Air Bud, the dogs from Homeward Bound, Babe, and Free Willy were dead! What are we going to do with our lives now?

I guess the only option now is to pass the trauma onto our children. I can’t wait for the day when my kid comes home from college and tells me Doc McStuffins was dead the whole time. These kinds of discoveries really make you think about reality.

Take a look at some of these weird discoveries and tell us what you think.

1: All fighting scenes are shot by stunt doubles

2: No No No No – doesn’t make sense

3: Whoa!

4: Thanks for ruining my childhood

5: This lady is everything!

6: Nice

7: Sounds delicious!

8: Yes, the same Fergie from Black Eyed Peas

9: Batman was a player

10: That is so sad

11: Stop that! My life is destroyed

12: OK *vomits uncontrollably

13: I loved that movie

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