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20 Struggles Only People Growing Up In The 90s Remember


20 Struggles Only People Growing Up In The 90s Remember

Nostalgia… it’s a really funny thing. Times when we were growing up, may seem so beautiful in our minds today. The grass was greener, the sky was brighter and everything was just right, right? If you are a 90’s child you probably love Alanis Morissette or Nirvana, Forrest Gump is your favorite dude, Terminator is a masterpiece that can’t be beaten, and it’s impossible for the world to ever have an athlete like Michael Jordan.

We millennials, are a truly specific generation. For one thing, we’re great at troubleshooting our own technology — because lord knows that stuff never worked the first time when we were kids.”Give me a pen, I think I can fix it.” If this sentence rings a bell, you are a 90’s child that’s for sure. In this gallery, you can recall all the life hacks that made our lives easier and interesting growing up in 90s. kids today get everything served on a silver plate, don’t you think?

You know growing up in the 90s when…


3. This trick was the best thing to ever happen to you

4. A mouse with a ball, yes, it existed kid

5. Back in the day we needed to rewind tapes. YES we used VHS tapes!

6. Remember the color

7. Free floppy disk for all!! Wait…there’s no use for them now

8. Everyone growing up in the 90s knows this

9. Because Tamagotchi

10. Before there were cellphones we had this


12. Just put it on vibrate…oh, no

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