19 People Who Are Moving To Australia Now That Britain Is Leaving Europe

Look out Bondi.

1. This guy who was ready before the votes were even counted.

2. And this guy who had it all planned out.


3. This lady who likes to have some choices.

4. This dude who is even prepared to deal with the wildlife.

5. This lass who was fucking angry.


6. And this woman who went from fear to anger in four tweets.

7. This person who will have some explaining to do to her mum.

Fuck it, sorry mum I’m moving to Australia.

— cc (@cmch04)

8. This guy who kept it minimalist.

9. This person who was so prepared to move to Australia that they already did it.

10. This person who, rightfully, chooses Australia.

When we leave the eu I’m moving to Australia if we can’t be in Europe 💯

— ㅤstevo (@TLOStevo)

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