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19 Slightly Odd Things All Dog Owners Have Done At Some Point


19 Slightly Odd Things All Dog Owners Have Done At Some Point

*Flops dogs ears back* “I love your new hairstyle!”

1. Used the front camera on your phone to show them what they look like.

Twitter: @MeghanBarrett4

2. Flopped their ears back a bit and called it their “new hairstyle”.

Twitter: @cameronfarris_

3. Congratulated your dog for doing their business outside, several years into them being housebroken.

Channel 4

“Good boy! Yeah, you piss on that tree!”

4. Come up with a name for your dog completely unrelated to its actual name.

Thinkstock / Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

5. And then changed the lyrics of a well-known song so that it’s about your dog.

Thinkstock / Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

6. Taken it personally when your dog sits next to someone other than you.


7. Watched your dog’s reaction when other dogs are on TV to see if they care.

Twitter: @kayliexx33

8. Covered your dog’s eyes when anything that might upset them comes on TV.

9. Exclaimed, “YOU’RE NUDE!” when you take your dog’s collar off.

10. Said “bless you” whenever your dog sneezes.

Universal Pictures

11. Given them a long speech before leaving the house.

12. Had slightly heated discussions when they misbehave.

Twitter: @EmmaHeston

13. Held your dog’s paw while relaxing on the sofa.

Twitter: @charliebr0

14. Winked back at them when they wink at you because it makes you feel like you’re both in on something.

Disney / Marvel

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