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I Know Exactly What It’s Like To Be A Parent Because I Have A Puppy.


I Know Exactly What It’s Like To Be A Parent Because I Have A Puppy.

You don’t have to tell me having kids is hard work. I have a puppy named Biscuit. She sure is a handful! In the morning I have to walk her, then feed her. Later, my dog walker Orson comes and walks her and feeds her, and that night I have to feed her AGAIN. You’re right, having a kid is hard work. But it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

It’s not easy having it all. I don’t know how I do it. I have a full-time job, but I’m also the full-time dad of an adorable puppy. Luckily, I have help, like my dog walker Orson. He makes his own organic, gluten-free doggie treats. What would I do without him? Right?

Raising a puppy isn’t the cakewalk I thought it would be. There is so much catch and tug of war and snuggles and naps and tug of war. It’s exhausting. Sometimes I get frustrated with her because all she does is bark and roll on her back and beg for belly rubs. Yesterday I had to sternly say “NO” because she wanted to jump into my lap while I was on the computer. But then I looked into her deep brown puppy eyes and it’s all worth it.

I’m proud of my puppy. She sits. She doesn’t poop in the house anymore, much. If I say “roll over” in a soft, high-pitched voice two dozen times she’ll roll over. Hard work pays off is the lesson here. What have you trained your toddler to do? Anything? It’s okay if you haven’t. I understand. You just need patience. We need to support each other.

Whenever you tell me about your newborn it reminds me about all the challenges I face with Biscuit. Sometimes she pukes on the floor and then eats her puke! Ha, ha, ha. But, seriously, do you ever ask yourself why you chose to bring a new life into this world? I worry about Biscuit. I’m glad I surgically removed her ovaries because all male dogs want to do these days is sniff butts and you know where butt sniffing leads. Humping. I want to protect her, but she’s going to grow up from a puppy to a dog.

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