20 Struggles Only People Growing Up In The 90s Remember

Nostalgia… it’s a really funny thing. Times when we were growing up, may seem so beautiful in our minds today. The grass was greener, the sky was brighter and everything was just right, right? If you are a 90’s child you probably love Alanis Morissette or Nirvana, Forrest Gump is your favorite dude, Terminator is a masterpiece that can’t be beaten, and it’s impossible for the world to ever have an athlete like Michael Jordan.

We millennials, are a truly specific generation. For one thing, we’re great at troubleshooting our own technology — because lord knows that stuff never worked the first time when we were kids.”Give me a pen, I think I can fix it.” If this sentence rings a bell, you are a 90’s child that’s for sure. In this gallery, you can recall all the life hacks that made our lives easier and interesting growing up in 90s. kids today get everything served on a silver plate, don’t you think?

You know growing up in the 90s when…


3. This trick was the best thing to ever happen to you

4. A mouse with a ball, yes, it existed kid

5. Back in the day we needed to rewind tapes. YES we used VHS tapes!

6. Remember the color

7. Free floppy disk for all!! Wait…there’s no use for them now

8. Everyone growing up in the 90s knows this

9. Because Tamagotchi

10. Before there were cellphones we had this


12. Just put it on vibrate…oh, no

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IKEA Trolled Kanye West And Got The Internet Involved Too

Back in March, Kanye west showed a keen interest in collaborating with IKEA to help them design some new furniture. He tweeted the company offering to work with them and he’s finally gotten a response from them.

His initial tweet read “Super inspired by my visit to IKEA today, really amazing company… my mind is racing with the possibilities…” The company didn’t respond until an interview with BBC radio 1, where Kanye said “I have to work with IKEA — make furniture for interior design, for architecture.” All I can say about the response he finally got from the company is he walked right into this one.

IKEA Australia shared a photo on facebook of a Yeezy bed design based on the controversial bed with naked celebrity wax figures from Kanye’s latest music clip. That image sparked an outpour of similar design ideas by others on the internet.


In March Kanye tweeted that he’d love to work with IKEA

Then, a month later, he threw another hint on Twitter…

IKEA Australia’s response


Kanye Framye


Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All

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Hilarious Guy Placed Fake Animal Facts All Over Los Angeles Zoo

California comedian genius Obviousplant has done it again. He recently went to the L.A zoo and placed fake animal facts signs all over the animals cages. This idea was not only hilarious, but it also tried and educate the visitors on some very cool facts like why penguins wear tuxedos, or how owls are related to the TV show Friends. He definitely made the place a little bit more interesting to the visitors of that day. Check out some of his best fake animal facts signs below:

1: The southern crested screamer

2: Penguins

3: Meerkats

4: Barn Owls

5: Ducklings

6: Bears

7: Gibbons

8: Koalas

9: Flamingos

The Simpsons Election Clip Shows Who Marge And Homer Are Voting For

There is a seemingly never-ending outpour of news and parody about Donald Drumpf on the internet this year. I can’t wait for this election to be over and done with, and I’m sure most others feel that way too.

Everyone’s having a hard time deciding who to vote for. It seems like each candidate’s cons outweigh their pros. If only there was some way to see what life would be like with either Hillary or worse, Drumpf. Maybe we could flash forward in time and get it over with.

Well, the makers of The Simpsons have created a short parody clip to help you decide. Sure, it’s funny, but I think it depicts what we’re all afraid of more accurately than any other parody could.

In this clip, Marge and Homer are in bed discussing who they’d vote for. They watch a clip on TV where a speaker asks “It’s 3am and the phone is ringing in the White House. Who do you want to answer the call?” The way this clip plays out makes it pretty obvious who the show’s makers would certainly not vote for. Take a look and tell us what you think in the comments.


Male Model Friend Life vs My Own Average Looking Life

So a guy posted that his friend is a male model, and he’s a dork from brooklyn. And with that he may just strated what we feel could be an epic photo mashup complaining about your life battle! He could pass as a middle aged male model too no? He’s got a nice place in Brooklyn, nice car, life ain’t so bad man. Watch the hilarious pictures below

” My male model friend takes Instagram shots in the middle of the ocean – I stand on a wet board in my little garden with a broom ”

” Male model friend Driving along the coast line in a luxury sports car – Me by my TANK car that never fit in a parking spot “

” Male friend disappearing into the beautiful sunset on a tropical island – Me standing on my wet board looking at my 80 year-old asian neighbor that doesn’t speak a word in english and may be part of a secret Japanese gang. ”

” My model friend shows his core strength while the ocean drips by his feet – Me laying on my back in my Pjs lifting a trash can and can barely hold it for two seconds for the photo praying not to spill all the garbage on my face. “

22 Funny Back To School Pictures Every Parent Can Relate Too

Summer is almost over, and as for the kids, that is not particularly good news. That means no more careless, long, sunny days spent outdoors playing. Instead, school days are coming slowly but certainly bringing responsibilities, early waking, and few boring teachers. No kid can be especially happy about that switch. But you know who can? Parents! Mom and dads are finally able to find some time for themselves and they certainly deserved it by providing careless, happy summer for their kids. So, it’s something worth celebrating from their point of view, don’t you think?

In the gallery below you can check out a bunch of hilarious “Funny Back To School” pictures. Don’t judge and note how the whole family worked together in portraying the atmosphere at the school start day. All of them did great and made us laugh out loud. Lady at photo number 4, just nailed it! Check them all out for some laugh and share with us if you have some similar photos.

1. Buy, Buy!

2. And now daddy’s gonna play!

3. No kids, no worry!

4. Mommy is so happy she could fly!

5. Six reasons to celebrate!

Funny back to school pictures #6 I’m freeeeeee!

7. Yea! Kidssss are going back to schoollllll!!!!

8. Finally, thank you, God!

9. Counting is over! Until next year

10. Jump, jump jumping around …

11. Felicia is not happy. But look at the mom

12. (spoiler: I think she used the wall for the jump)

13. Get in! This is my time to be happy!

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21 Humans That Look Like Dogs And Don’t Even Care

I firmly believe that there’s a dog out there that looks like you if you were a dog. In fact, a lot of dog owners look suspiciously like their canine companions. If you don’t have a dog of your own, there is a way to find out what your “doggleganger” is.

If you follow You Are Dog Now on Twitter and send a picture of yourself, they will show you a picture of a dog that looks just like you. If this seems unbelievable to you, just take a look at these photos. This is proof that everybody has a dog version of themselves.

There’s even a picture of President Obama and an adorable puppy making the same serious face that he always makes. I’m actually seriously considering getting on Twitter and finding my doggy look alike. I think you should too.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section and tell us if you have found your canine double yet.

1: President Obama and a dog that looks just like him

2: Justin Timberlake and some dog

3: Cool hair bro

4: That smile, she wins this post

5: Donald Trump nailed this dog hair…or the other way around

6: Hey Bernie, looking sharp my man

7: she looks shocked

8: OMG the dog has better hair than she does

9: This counts. Snoop dog is just a dog as a dog

10: Beautiful

11: Love this sweet kiss

12: Trying to lick the bottom, what a total dog move

13: It’s in the eyes

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British Olympic Athletes Had a Difficult Time Locating Their Bags At The Airport Because They All Have Exactly The Same Bag

Have you ever gone to pick up your bags at the airport baggage claim and someone else had the exact same bag as you? No big deal, just look at the tags and you’ll see which one is yours. This proved more difficult for these British Olympic athletes. Some genius gave them all the same red bags.

These athletes seemed pretty relaxed about this, though. There were many sarcastic photos and jokes shared on social media. British Gymnast, Becky Downie said “Having lots of fun” in a video she posted on Twitter. Rower Alex Gregory tweeted “Anyone seen my red bag?”

Who’s idea was it to provide all of these people with the same luggage? I can’t find the logic in this.

The Olympic aren’t over yet. The British Athletes have one final trial…

Spot your bag!

Most seem to be amused, while others have a look that simply says “are you kidding me?”

He found his bags! Gold medal!

I wonder, was this before or after they had to play find the red bag in the red bag stack?

19 Awesome Teachers Who Won Students By Being Super Cool

Being a teacher is not easy. You must have at least two things to be a solid teacher – great knowledge in your field of expertise and great pedagogical skills. If you are like the above or even super cool, that makes you an excellent teacher! Let’s see some examples of awesome teachers.

1. Having all of these names straight.

2. Finds the time to moonlight.

3. Excellent biology teacher finds a perfect way to teach anatomy.

4. Learning is easier and fun when you have a  teacher like this.

5. As a teacher, you deserve some fun, too.

6. Finals at 7am?! I protest! By coming to school in pajamas.

7. Wu Tang Klan and Dora the Explorer can teach you economics and geography if you have a teacher like this.

8. I bet kids will remember this lecture thanks to the teacher.

9. Excellent teacher gives a special equation for a special day.

10. Makes the awesome classroom door.

11. Is patient and supportive.

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23 Childhood Ruined Picture Facts You Definitely Don’t Want To See

There’s this thing that people are doing on the internet these days. That thing is destroying your childhood and everything you thought you knew. My life is a lie. That’s what I said to myself when I found out that the Berenstein Bears were, in fact, the Berenstain Bears. I’m still not over that whole thing. It’s not just a name, it’s my entire childhood. My life was going fine without having to know that Air Bud, the dogs from Homeward Bound, Babe, and Free Willy were dead! What are we going to do with our lives now?

I guess the only option now is to pass the trauma onto our children. I can’t wait for the day when my kid comes home from college and tells me Doc McStuffins was dead the whole time. These kinds of discoveries really make you think about reality.

Take a look at some of these weird discoveries and tell us what you think.

1: All fighting scenes are shot by stunt doubles

2: No No No No – doesn’t make sense

3: Whoa!

4: Thanks for ruining my childhood

5: This lady is everything!

6: Nice

7: Sounds delicious!

8: Yes, the same Fergie from Black Eyed Peas

9: Batman was a player

10: That is so sad

11: Stop that! My life is destroyed

12: OK *vomits uncontrollably

13: I loved that movie

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