Zookeeper Finally Gives In To Pokémon Go Craze With Stat Cards Next To Live Animals

With Pokémon Go on the rise quite literally all over the world, resisting the trend of the 90’s kids childhood phenomenon is pretty silly of you at this point. As much as you try to resist, you know it’s just not possible to do so for long. I know people of older generations that are even playing it now and using it as a way to stay in shape. It’s amazing! That being said, it’s recently taken over a zoo in Birmingham, Alabama, where thanks to one zookeeper, the craze will continue! How, exactly? 

She replaced the zoo’s exhibit signs with stats on real life animals that are present in the zoo! Upon discovering that people were visiting the zoo simply to chase Pokémon, she gave in to the craze as a way to get them all to actually look at the exhibits. It’s amazing what this game can and has done for millions so far.

“Decided to jump on the Pokémon Go hype train at the zoo!”

She wrote this on a Tumblr page called zookeeperproblems!






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