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The Winner of Pokémon Go Has Been Found


The Winner of Pokémon Go Has Been Found

The super popular Nintendo Game, Pokémon Go, has only been out for a few weeks, but it appears that this New York man has finished – yes – finished the game!

Self proclaimed as the first U.S. winner of the game, Nick Johnson (also known as ftb_hodor on Reddit) used his faith, brains and super duper strong legs to achieve this outstanding achievement and recognition.

Gaining popularity on Reddit, Nick Johnson posted a bunch of helpful advice to help others with capturing their Pokémon.


Nick traveled around his home town in New York which meant walking for a total 153.2km (which is approximately 95 miles!)

Surely this will be a phenomenal way for America to get rid of their obesity epidemic, right?

We did the math and if you were to play Pokémon Go for 14 days straight, you’d have to walk 2.5 hours a day to achieve the same walking goal! There’s no guarantee that you’d find all Pokémon, though. Sorry guys!


Here is a list of the friendly advice Nick so helpfully published:

1. To level quickly, focus your attention on common Pokémon like Pidgey and Weedle. They don’t require much candies to evolve and will help to level you up

2. Use a second phone. This will be your ‘radar’. If you’re busy on another app using maps (ie Google maps) or at a Poké-Gym participating in a battle, this back up phone will help to locate any Pokémon around you

3. “There aren’t many social features built in, but its a very social game. If you don’t know where to find a specific Pokémon, ask your fellow trainers! They’re usually happy to help out.”


It’s important to note that due to the success, Nintendo has transformed almost overnight, adding a whopping $7.5 BILLION to its worth, and increasing their stock shares by 25%. 

What level are you?!

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