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Puppy Swallows Tube Of Glue Creating A Perfect Mold Of Its Stomach


Puppy Swallows Tube Of Glue Creating A Perfect Mold Of Its Stomach

A puppy narrowly avoided a very sticky situation after ingesting a large gulp of Gorilla Glue and was left with a stomach-shaped mold as a memento. 

Lake, a six-month-old Weimaraner, swallowed half a bottle of polyurethane-based glue that was left in the trash, CNN reports. Lake’s owner, Krystal Wilson, was lucky she noticed something was wrong before it was too late.

Lake started vomiting during the night. This prompted Wilson to inspect her dog’s stomach, where she felt an unusually solid growth inside her body.

She rushed her dog over to Midtown Vets in Oklahoma, where she was quickly seen by vet Dr Leonardo Baez.

“I could feel a mass about the size of a grapefruit,” Dr Baez told CNN. “If you don’t get in there quickly, the organ could tear,” he said. “It’s truly an emergency.”

“The glue, once it gets to the stomach, it slowly starts expanding. You can see here, it’s the perfect shape of a stomach, so you get a mold,” Baez told KFOR Oklahoma News. “This thing is rock hard.”

The mold also featured pieces of the bottle and pieces of grass. So, although it may sound cool, it won’t be on show at a science museum or on a mantle anytime soon.

Baez said this is not as uncommon as you might think because dogs actually enjoy the very sweet taste of the glue. He also advised all households to keep the glue well out of reach in a high cupboard, as kids can also enjoy the taste.

Lake is one lucky dog, as just a few hours more could have been too late for her. Fortunately, the operation was a complete success and she returned home within a few hours. “We’re very lucky that she’s here with us, back to her crazy self,” Wilson said.

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